It’s no secret that luxury pieces can elevate an interior – but which are best? Although we all have favorite luxe homeware retailers, a select few stand out. Not only do they stock divine décor and furniture, but these high-end furniture stores are trendsetting too! Read on to discover the best of the best for chic home interiors.

What to Know Before Shopping at High-End Furniture Stores

High end brands furniture - Amelia R
Decorilla contemporary living room featuring furnishings from high-end furniture stores

Before exploring your luxury interior design options, there are a few things you’ll want to keep in mind. After all – since most high-end furnishings come with price tags to match, you want to ensure you make a wise investment.

Luxury Furniture Brands’ Product & Reputation

Best high end furniture companies in a contemporary dining room - Katerina P
Contemporary dining room by Decorilla – decorated using high-end brands’ furniture

It’s important to realize that not all deluxe brand names are equally good. When shopping for high-end brands’ furniture or luxury home décor, opt for those with an established reputation for excellence. As much as some names are desirable, others may offer better value for money and quality. So, if you research before shopping, you’ll certainly find a happy outcome.

Comfort & Practicality

High end brands furniture - Meral Y
High-end designer furniture in a room by Decorilla designer, Meral Y.

The best high-end furniture should be comfy and practical. These factors are frequently overlooked, with the focus often falling solely on style. And although looks are important, you ultimately want furnishings with substance – ones you can actually use and enjoy. Only invest in premium pieces that meet all your lifestyle needs.

Pro Tip: Knowing your interior design style can help determine which high-end furniture stores are right for you! Take our Free Interior Design Style Quiz to discover your perfect style today!

Top High-End Furniture Companies & Stores

High end furniture websites - Dina H
Decorilla contemporary living room with pieces from high-end furniture companies

Today, the top high-end retailers have brick-and-mortar locations as well as online stores. Since they make accessing chic, high-quality, and practical pieces a breeze, shopping with them is a joy. All in all, there’s certainly a perfect match for every luxury home enthusiast’s tastes and needs.

1. Horchow

High end furniture shops - Horchow

Active since 1973, Horchow is among the most well-established high-end furniture retailers. Making distinct, top-quality pieces accessible to the public has been their passion for decades. And although they’re serious about interior design, they ensure their products are fun and whimsical too.

High end furniture retailers - Sonia C
Decorilla glamorous kitchen featuring pieces from high-end furniture stores near me

WHAT WE LOVE: Horchow also stocks pieces by up-and-coming artisans. As a matter of fact, the quality of these items is on par with their well-known, premium brands.

2. Kelly Wearstler

High end furniture stores near me - Kelly Wearstler

There are many LA-based high-end furniture companies, but Kelly Wearstler enchants unlike any other. Of course, the inspiring spaces by the unforgettable Kelly lure clients worldwide. But the store’s acclaim also comes from its extensive range of premium furniture and décor. When admiring each piece, the amount of detail and care that went into its creation is abundantly clear.

High end furniture outlet - Nathalie I
Decorilla dining room with pieces from the best high-end furniture stores

WHAT WE LOVE: Spaces featuring Kelly Wearstler furnishings are a feast for the senses. It’s no wonder as the head behind the brand is known for creating interiors that stimulate a sensory experience.

3. TOV Furniture

Best high end furniture stores - Tov Furniture

Bold and anything but boring summarizes TOV Furniture’s pieces. What sets this high-end brand’s furniture and décor apart is its affordability. And best of all – its furnishings are just as chic and high-quality as other premium retailers.

Best high end furniture - Erin R
High-end designer furniture in a room by Decorilla designer, Erin R.

WHAT WE LOVE: TOV’s modern, feminine design stands out among other high-end brands’ furniture. They feature many scalloped shapes and curved furniture that’s currently bang on-trend. 

4. Natuzzi

High end furniture retailers - Natuzzi

Few high-end furniture companies are as committed to harmonious design as Natuzzi. Its pieces are distinctly Italian and blend cosmopolitan flair with organic materials like marble and wood. The result is casual-modern yet inspirational furnishings that delight from every angle.

High end furniture stores near me - Arlen A
Decorilla contemporary master bedroom featuring high-end designer furniture

WHAT WE LOVE: Natuzzi loves and respects nature. In fact, they focus on sustainability throughout the production process.

5. Vitra

Best high end furniture stores - Vitra

Creating bespoke interiors with high-end designer furniture is a breeze with Vitra. What makes them unique is that they rely on independent designers for designs instead of full-time employees. They do this to ensure a wide range of distinct furniture and décor.

High end designer furniture - Jasmine U
Pieces from high-end furniture retailers in a contemporary Decorilla-designed office

WHAT WE LOVE: That Vitra has a premium, one-of-a-kind piece to suit every taste and style.

6. Michael Dawkins Home

High end brands furniture - Michael Dawkins Home

Tasteful and refined designs are a staple of the most versatile high-end brands’ furniture and décor. For this reason, Michael Dawkins Home is popular among those who admire understated elegance. Overall, its pieces’ widespread appeal makes them suitable for nearly any interior style.

High end designer furniture - Emina A
Pieces from high-end furniture shops in a Decorilla-designed living room

WHAT WE LOVE: How Michael Dawkins Home’s furnishings fills a space with life and class.

7. Boca do Lobo

High end furniture websites - Boca do Lobo

Striking designs have secured Boca do Lobo’s place among the top high-end furniture companies. Their skilled designers combine traditional and current-day influences to produce timeless furnishings. Investing in a statement piece or two is a must for those who love a cosmopolitan interior.

High end designer furniture - Nathalie
Decorilla living room with elements from high-end furniture websites

WHAT WE LOVE: Each collection is not only handmade in Portugal but also inspired by the stunning country.

8. Ebanista

High end furniture companies - Ebanista

Ebanista, one of the most-loved high-end brands, features extraordinary classic furniture. As a matter of fact, the finish and personality of each furnishing are entirely unique. The novel aesthetic is due to the design team mixing different style eras and heritages to create new, blended looks.

High end furniture retailers - Amelia R
Best high-end furniture and décor in a glamorous Decorilla living room

WHAT WE LOVE: Ebanista’s dedication to perfection. Each handmade furnishing only joins the collection after countless concept and prototype revisions.

9. Knoll

High end furniture outlet - Knoll

Knoll is one of the best high-end furniture websites and retailers for Scandi-style interiors. The company creates sleek furniture and décor for homes and the workplace. Knoll certainly has pieces for any space – from living room to an office and everything in between.

Organic living room decorated by High end furniture stores - Anna Y
Decorilla luxe bedroom with elements from high-end furniture stores

WHAT WE LOVE: The adaptability of Knoll’s furniture and décor. They work equally well in residential and corporate spaces. 

10. Arteriors

High end furniture companies - Arteriors Home

What started as one of many high-end furniture companies soon became a celebrated international brand. Nowadays, Arteriors is widely known for its high-quality and artistic home décor. Their designers tirelessly search the globe for fresh inspiration to create authentic items.

High end furniture stores near me - Sierra G
Decorilla combined dining room and office with high-end brands’ furniture

WHAT WE LOVE: Arteriors adds almost 600 new products to its catalog yearly.

11. Villa & House (Formerly Bungalow 5)

High end furniture outlet - Bungalow

Even before Bungalow 5 became Villa & House, the high-end furniture outlet was putting modern twists on classic luxury items. Handpicked artisans design the intricate pieces, with some collections taking years to complete. They’re just that committed to delivering the finest furniture and décor.

High end furniture retailers - Courtney B
Decorilla modern bedroom with pieces from high-end furniture companies

WHAT WE LOVE: Apart from being timeless, Villa & House furnishings are exceptionally durable.

12. Arhaus

Best high end furniture companies - Arhaus

In a word, Arhaus’ furniture and décor are made sustainably and with love. It’s one of the best high-end furniture stores because its long-lasting pieces make perfect (and stylish) family heirlooms.

Best high end furniture - Aimee M
Decorilla spaces decorated with pieces from high-end furniture stores near me

WHAT WE LOVE: Arhaus uses reclaimed, recycled, and responsibly sourced materials as far as possible.


High end furniture shops - Brabbu

Only the top craftspeople produce pieces for BRABBU’s luxury furniture brand. They also use the best materials and most innovative methods to create furniture and décor. So, whether you’re creating a hospitality or residential interior, BRABBU has just the right luxury solution.

Best high end furniture - Iulia B
Decorilla bathroom featuring elements from the best luxury furniture stores

WHAT WE LOVE: The vast customization options clients have when ordering BRABBU pieces.

14. RH (Formerly Restoration Hardware)


Search ‘high-end furniture stores near me’ and RH is bound to pop up. After all, its striking, fresh, and versatile furnishings are always in demand. What makes the retailer even better is its extensive range that caters to all ages – from teen bedrooms to nurseries to upscale home bars.

High end designer furniture - Wanda P
High-end furniture outlet elements used in a Decorilla-designed master bedroom

WHAT WE LOVE: As one of the best online furniture stores, RH has several subcategories that make browsing by taste and need a breeze.

15. Jonathan Adler


What began as a humble pottery line soon became the Jonathan Adler design company. Today, its luxury furniture stores stock furniture and décor ideal for luxe yet livable spaces. Both commercial and residential interiors can benefit from these glamorous, modern American pieces.

High end furniture websites - Wanda P
Decorilla luxe living room with high-end designer furniture

WHAT WE LOVE: Jonathan Adler’s unique, luxury furniture consistently enjoys rave reviews.

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