There can be something enjoyable about meandering through furniture shops, but online furniture stores do offer some benefits that walking through physical stores can lack. A wide range of pricing, countless style options, and the convenience of home delivery, to name a few, can take designing your space to another level. However, with the number of online furniture retailers these days, the choices can seem overwhelming for sure. Want to make your online furniture shopping journey a breeze? Read on to see the best online furniture stores and furniture buying tips from top online interior designers who are in the know!

Online Furniture Shopping Tips: Your Expert Guideline

Best online furniture stores for online furniture shopping
Living room with pieces from online furniture stores by Decorilla designer, Mariko K.

Before diving into the best online furniture stores and picking your favorite pieces, get helpful designer tips to make sure you have the best shopping experience and results.

Buying Dining Room Furniture Online: Plan for Style

Best online furniture stores for a dining room
Dining furniture from modern online furniture stores by Decorilla designer, Meric S.

One of the best tips for shopping from online furniture stores for your dining room is to focus first on the table. Deciding on the shape of your dining table will help with the measurements needed. Begin with measuring the room. Often people buy tables that are too large for their space so this is key. With this in hand, you can consider the shape that would be most suitable. An oval table works well in a smaller room making the space feel less crowded. Although round tables are best for accommodating the most people, they are not ideal for small spaces since they limit the traffic flow around them. Square tables work best in narrow spaces and rectangular tables are perfect in long rooms.

Tip: It’s important to know your own personal style before choosing the best furniture stores and buying furniture online. Taking interior design style quizzes like this can help you pinpoint your aesthetic and make the right choices. 

Best modern online furniture stores for contemporary online dining room furniture
Contemporary dining room with modern online furniture by Decorilla

Whichever shape you choose, remember to keep about a 50″ space between the edges of the table and the walls all around. Make sure to examine the photos when you buy new furniture online. Most online furniture companies have multiple photos for each piece including full room shots. This way you can see the dining table to scale with other pieces in the room and make a proportion-based decision.

Buying Living Room Furniture Online: Think of Comfort

Best online furniture stores with vintage furniture online
Modern living room with vintage online furniture by Decorilla

While testing out furniture is not an option when doing online furniture shopping, many retailers offer free returns and swatches. There are a number of tips that help and there are online interior designers that can help to advise on the fit and comfort level. Reading customer reviews, taking note of guarantees and returns, and ordering samples of upholstery fabric for custom orders are good practices to keep in mind. Before adding that sofa to your cart, it is also important to measure, measure, measure. To better visualize the dimensions, use a tape measure and painter’s tape to outline the placement in the living room. The last thing you want is a sofa that is either too large or too small for your space.

Modern furniture online for online furniture shopping
Modern online furniture for transitional lounge by Decorilla designer, Brooke S.

When selecting the shape of your sofa also consider how you like to lounge. While the average sofa has 60 cm of seat depth, these can vary. Decide how you are most comfortable sitting. Do you have longer legs and like a lounge component to the sofa? Do you prefer taller seat heights for comfort watching TV? This type of preplanning according to needs and preferences will save you money in return costs and the tiresome experience of starting over.

Home Office Online Furniture Shopping: Be Practical

Best online furniture stores for a home office - how to buy furniture online
Modern online furniture in a home office by Decorilla designer, Dina H.

If you’re spending a lot of time working from home, it’s vital to buy quality or high-end furniture online for your home office. Spend time looking at reviews for things like desk chairs which will directly impact comfort. With filters available, you can sort through options that are highly rated and fit within your budget. Comfortable home office furniture should look good but also make you feel good. Personalize pieces according to your height. Using the measurement filters online is key to ensuring desk and chair heights are adequate.

Modern online furniture shopping with affordable furniture online
Best online furniture stores for a home office by Decorilla designer, Annie L.

Another thing that is helpful is to assess how much room you have. Determine which chair and table surface you want and measure it out in your office space. You’d be surprised how quickly a room fills up. If you’re able to design in phases, start with the essential pieces first and then gauge how much room you have for other items.

Buying Bedroom Furniture Online: Focus on Your Theme

Online furniture shopping for affordable vintage furniture online
Best online furniture in a bedroom by Decorilla

Online furniture shopping for bedrooms can be simplified by shopping established collections created by certain brands. If you want matching furniture sets this is a great way to approach your design. Whether you’d like your dresser and nightstands to have the same look or prefer mismatched pieces, determining your style is important. Contemporary furniture tends to have clean lines and a minimal look while a traditional style is more classic and at times ornate.

Modern furniture from the best online furniture stores and companies
The best modern furniture online in a boho bedroom by Decorilla

If you’re unsure how to best mix interior design styles or make sure a new item from your online shopping works well with an existing piece, visualizing the room significantly helps. An Online Interior Design Service can offer professional guidance and even deliver photorealistic 3D renderings. These give you the most accurate peek at what your future bedroom could be.

Patio Online Furniture Shopping: Opt for Durability 

buy patio furniture online decorilla
Modern patio with online furniture by Decorilla designer, Stella P.

Having an outdoor space that is livable adds to the value of being at home. When you buy patio furniture online, there are a few things to remember:

  • Pay attention to what is in stock. There are many online furniture companies that are great about sharing the availability of items and lead time right on their product page. This is helpful when you’re timing out when you receive items.
  • Go for outdoor-friendly finishes. Teak and aluminum are weather durable when it comes to furniture frames. Sunbrella is known for its high-quality outdoor upholstery options.
  • Consider storage. Make the most of your outdoor space by selecting dual-purpose pieces or those with storage capabilities. Outdoor ottomans, for example, can be used as both footrests or side tables when needed.

Now that you have guiding tips on how to successfully do online furniture shopping, here is a list of the top 25 best online furniture stores to visit.

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Best Online Furniture Stores

1. Pottery Barn

best online furniture stores

A long-time favorite, Pottery Barn brings us the best of transitional furniture. It blends old with new, masculine with feminine, contemporary with traditional. Their affordable online furniture store has a wide array of high-quality options to add to a home design.

What we love: Pottery Barn’s timeless style and quality. Products displayed on their online furniture store are also true to the images.

Possible drawbacks: There can be delivery delays, so be sure to be in touch with their customer service team for a speedy resolution.

2. CB2

With a little glam and flair, CB2 offers modern touches for your interior space. Their online catalog is eye candy of clean lines and unique designs. The vintage online furniture collection, Ferrer, is an exciting new addition for those loving a little splash of antique.

What we love: A go-to for contemporary pieces at affordable prices.

Possible drawbacks: Returning products can be a mixed experience, but these niggles can be overcome with improvements to their returns policy.

3. Lulu & Georgia

best online furniture stores

With styles represented across the board, Lulu & Georgia has something for everyone. Their furniture and decor options are both high quality and affordable – a winning combination. For the most cohesive design plan, shop by rooms online.

Best modern online furniture stores with affordable furniture online
Cozy minimalist living room with modern online furniture by Decorilla

What we love: Featured products of beloved designers. Their rug selection is also exceptional.

Possible drawbacks: Shipment times can vary from surprisingly speedy to somewhat slow.

4. Bungalow 5

best online furniture stores Bungalow 5

One of the most eclectic online furniture companies, Bungalow 5 curates gorgeous craftwork that exudes artistry and luxury. With a handful of brick-and-mortar stores, the online furniture shopping experience is a dream to experience from home.

What we love: Unique pieces that offer the wow factor in any room.

Possible drawbacks: Quality can be inconsistent at times. Read product descriptions carefully and look into product images to ensure the product aligns with your needs.

5. Rejuvenation

best online furniture stores

Rooted in timeless design, Rejuvenation prides itself on its journey of restoring vintage and antique pieces while designing new high-quality items. This is perfect for high-budget shopping. The online furniture store boasts of stylish hardware, ceiling fans, lighting, and more.

What we love: Classic pieces with vintage flair.

Possible drawbacks: Customer service varies and may require some patience if you have returns or queries.

Online furniture stores discounts from Decorilla

6. Crate and Barrel

best online furniture stores

Tried and true, Crate and Barrel is known for its high-quality, long-lasting furniture. Peruse through pages of online classic and gorgeous options suitable for mid-range budgets.

What we love: Consistent beautiful staple pieces and a revolving flow of new inventory in their online furniture catalog as well.

Possible drawbacks: Shipping costs can be on the higher end.

7. Birch Lane

best online furniture stores

Birch Lane is the go-to option for those embracing farmhouse and traditional styles. If looking to add a rustic of coastal touches to your space, you will find it here with a price point for everyone.

What we love: Accessible and affordable online furniture and decor with a high-end look.

Possible drawbacks: Replacements and returns can come with delays.

8. McGee & Co.

best online furniture stores

With a natural and organic appeal, McGee & Co. offers everything from outdoor furniture to wall decor. Their designer upholstery adds more options to furniture finishes. Perfect for the mid to high-range budget.

What we love: Clean, natural look with  California zest.

Possible drawbacks: Lead times can be long, so be sure to read the product’s projected lead time for an accurate delivery date expectation.

9. Ikea

best online furniture stores ikea

Large online shopping store, Ikea, has served everyone from dorm-living students to a family of four. Inspired by Scandinavian design, this store makes clean lines and simple silhouettes mainstream.

What we love: Great options of core pieces and modern furniture online that easily fit into any budget.

Possible drawbacks: Instructions for furniture assembly can be confusing.

10. One Kings Lane

best furniture stores online one kings lane

Furniture, mirrors, rugs, kids decor – One Kings Lane does it all. With an impressive inventory of classic and modern pieces, you are likely to find what you want at the price you want. For customized options, the online OKL Palette gives you the chance to customize your own furniture.

What we love: Their vintage online furniture category holds beautiful options to sprinkle designs with some eclectic styles.

Possible drawbacks: Customer support can feel somewhat absent after your online furniture shopping is done.

11. West Elm

west elm dining room furniture

Home to the midcentury modern style, West Elm has long been a household favorite. The best deals happen through online shopping offers.

What we love: Variety of beautiful lighting options and wall art to accentuate interiors.

Possible drawbacks: Depending on the dispatch company, products may arrive faulty or damaged on rare occasions.

12. World Market

top furniture stores online world market

If global style catches your eye, World Market has you covered. An extensive catalog of multicultural pieces will draw you in with their craftsmanship and charm. From large furniture pieces to small gift ideas, this home decor store is a popular option for international designs.

What we love: Global styles to add charm and interest into spaces.

Possible drawbacks: Out-of-stock products are not always reflected which can lead to canceled orders.

13. AllModern

allmodern living room furniture ideas

AllModern takes all the best aspects of a variety of styles to offer clean lines and cool designs into your space. Accommodating a large range of budget needs, this shop has modern, contemporary, mid-century, and Scandinavian pieces in one place.

What we love: Convenience: easy shipping and returns if needed.

Possible drawbacks: Customer service replies can have long wait times.

14. Anthropologie

anthropologie top online furniture store

Anthropologie stands out for its distinctly curated style. A little boho, a dash of glam, and a bit of eclectic are what make it irresistible. While the pricing may be on the high end, there often are great deals to be when you order furniture online.

What we love: Boho chic pieces that add warmth and texture. Anthropologie’s online furniture catalog holds memorable pieces across the board.

Possible drawbacks: Quality is generally high, but there have been instances of damaged products.

15. Perigold

perigold furniture store online

As one of the biggest online luxury furniture retailers, Perigold gives us access to luxury brands such as Arteriors, Schumacher, Brownstone, and Sferra. This curated collection is nothing short of swoon-worthy.

Online furniture shopping - modern online furniture stores
Bedroom with affordable online furniture by Decorilla

What we love: Classy pieces that add sophistication to any room.

Possible drawbacks: Refunds can be time-consuming.

16. Hayneedle

Hayneedle online furniture store

Mega online furniture store, Hayneedle contains a large directory of home furniture and decor options for every room available for all types of budgets.

What we love: A wide variety of styles and prices makes this site perfect for one-stop shopping.

Possible drawbacks: Product durability is not always reliable.

17. Amazon

amazon furniture online shopping

As the mecca for options, Amazon is the online furniture store go-to. Search lighting, art, decor, outdoor seating…you name it, there are a number of selections available at the price range you seek.

What we love: Incredible selection and of course, fast and inexpensive delivery.

Possible drawbacks: Quality varies and depends on the brands you shop from Amazon’s online furniture store.

18. Blu Dot

blue dot online furniture store

Blu Dot makes modern and contemporary furniture accessible and budget-friendly for design lovers. Check out their affordable furniture online outlet for extensive deals.

What we love: The minimalist that embraces both form and function.

Possible drawbacks: Customer support and delivery efficiency can vary.

19. Ballard Designs

ballard bedroom furniture inspiration

With a European flair, Ballard Designs uses classic styles and gives them a fresh approach. There is a focus on fabric and upholstery with custom options available. This online furniture store accommodates the mid to high budget.

What we love: Options for rustic and classic additions to any room.

Possible drawbacks: At times there are issues with the perceived quality.

20. Serena & Lily

serena and lilly dining room furniture store

For anyone looking to infuse some coastal style into their space, Serena & Lily is the gold mine of a relaxed California look. Their high-end prices reflect their exclusive designs and superb quality.

What we love: Interesting designs that add texture and pattern with beach style influence.

Possible drawbacks: Prices and quality don’t always align.

21. Wayfair

wayfair living room furniture online

Wayfair is an online furniture shopper favorite making it one of the best places to buy furniture online. Spanning across styles and budgets, its platform makes online shopping easy.

What we love: One-stop shopping with amazing options offered in style and furniture for every room.

Possible drawbacks: Quality and durability can vary. Stay on the safe side and pick top-rated products.

22. Target

target online furniture store living room

One of the largest retailers, Target has become a designer favorite for home decor as well. Interior design gurus like Studio McGee and Magnolia are just a few whose lines have become readily accessible.

What we love: Accents like throw pillows, decorative items, and art that complete the look of any design.

Possible drawbacks: The shipping company can lead to delays in deliveries.

23. Mitchell Gold + Bob Williams

mitchell gold bob williams top online furniture store

Chic and unique, Mitchell Gold + Bob Williams is one of the top online furniture sellers of American-made pieces that are both timeless and sophisticated. Here you will find that focal piece or stunning staple to lift your home design to the next level.

What we love: Stand-out pieces that give spaces an air of luxury and style.

Possible drawbacks: Customer support can be nonresponsive at times.

24. Design Within Reach

dwr best online furniture store

Design Within Reach has a collection of modern furniture that is both iconic and innovative. This is for the lover of contemporary style who appreciates design expressed with authenticity.

What we love: Authentic modern pieces that marry the essence of contemporary style with creativity.

Possible drawbacks: Customer service varies from exceptional to resistant.

25. Joybird

joybird bedroom furiture online

With a focus on quality, the goal of Joybird is to offer designs that are handcrafted, fairly priced, and durable. Inspired by mid-century modern style, the furniture is clean-lined and simply stunning.

What we love: The ability to customize pieces with varied upholstery and finish options.

26. 1st Dibbs 

Vintage online furniture stores and decor

Collectors’ antiques and mid-century furniture gems line the catalog of 1st Dibbs. On this online vintage furniture store, you’ll find unique and iconic pieces that make a design statement. The collection also includes a wide range of décor, artwork, fashion, and even jewelry.

What we love: Statement pieces from iconic design eras.

Possible drawbacks: Quality can depend on the seller. So be sure to use the “Ask The Seller” feature to learn more about the item you want to purchase. 

27. Apt 2B

Affordable online furniture stores for sofas

If you’re looking for style on a budget, Apt2B makes it easy to buy beautiful and affordable furniture online. Here, you’ll find an array of furniture for every room, but its biggest selling point is its sectional builder option. You can customize your favorite sofa in your pick of more than 50 fabrics and specify the size and configuration.

What we love: Custom sofas at an affordable rate.

Possible drawbacks: Although most items in its catalog are affordable, some may lean to the higher end, especially with extensive customization. 

28. Chairish 

Best vintage online furniture stores with antiques

Similar to 1st Dibbs, Chairish curates a selection of vintage and mid-century modern furniture. The difference comes in with costs as this online vendor is more affordable. Its comprehensive collection of furniture, décor, art, and jewelry ensures there’s something for everyone.

What we love: Buying statement pieces is convenient, and easy returns are also possible.

Possible drawbacks: Quality also depends on the seller. You can also use the “Ask The Seller” option to find out more about the item before purchasing.  

29. William Sonoma 

One of the best luxury online furniture stores

All things kitchen used to be William Sonoma’s forte, but the online retailer has expanded its collection to furniture, décor, food, and garden. Now, the extensive catalog can cater to every room of the house. The brand is synonymous with high quality and tasteful style.  

What we love: You can fully kit your home and fill your kitchen pantry at the same time.

Possible drawbacks: The price point of products is on the higher end.

30. MoMA Design Store

Best online furniture stores for contemporary decor and furniture

If you’re looking for awe-inspiring design and iconic contemporary designs, MoMA Design Store is the place to be! This is one of the best online furniture stores, with its furniture section a small but distinct gem among its selection of gifts, designer tech, prints, and books.

What we love: Shopping at MoMA feels like taking your favorite items directly from a contemporary museum.

Possible drawbacks: Navigating the website to find your preferred items can be cumbersome and come at a designer-level price.

31. AptDeco

Affordable and budget friendly online furniture stores

AptDeco is a one-stop for buyers and sellers alike. Here, you’ll find high-quality items from brands like West Elm and Herman Miller at a significant discount. Plus, you also have access to vintage and designer brands when available.

What we love: You can return your item if it doesn’t suit your space.

Possible drawbacks: Limited availability of items may put pressure on purchasing.

32. Albany Park

Best online furniture store for sofas and chairs

Seating is where it’s at with Albany Park. This robust online furniture store specializes in sofas, chairs, sleepers, armchairs, and ottomans. So, if you’re looking for the perfect seat, you can’t go wrong with the brand’s high-quality pieces.

What we love: The “Compare Collections” feature that lets you in on summaries of each collection, making it easier to pick your favorite.

Possible drawbacks: The catalog is limited to seating only.

33. Article

Top online furniture stores with furniture sets

It’s easy to fall in love with Article’s modern and modular furniture. Its great selection of products caters to the living room, bedroom, dining room, home office, and patio. Pieces feature high-performance materials and a minimal modern style. 

What we love: Article’s bundles that pair furniture sets simplify matching items, cutting decision time.

Possible drawbacks: Style is limited to modern and contemporary furniture and a neutral color palette.

34. RH (Restoration Hardware)

One of the best high end furniture stores and catalogs

Restoration Hardware, now RH, makes buying furniture online feel like shopping from an editorial. Its visually impressive website shows off luxurious pieces, transporting you to a dream world. Here, you can dip into an interior design fantasy world and make it a reality at home.

What we love: RH’s premium catalog also extends to Baby and Teen furniture.

Possible drawbacks: High-end items can come at a substantial price point.

35. Finnish Design Shop

Best online furniture store for minimalist scandinavian furniture

If you love clean lines and minimal tones, Finnish Design Shop is sure to delight. This Nordic-focused online furniture store sourced Scandi-style designs from iconic designers and small makers. These unique pieces are hard to come by anywhere else. 

What we love: Its huge catalog that holds 100s of Scandinavian-made and inspired products.

Possible drawbacks: The website could be more user-friendly.

36. Maiden Home

High end online furniture stores with luxurious handmade furniture

Finding luxurious handcrafted furniture couldn’t be easier than with Maiden Home. The purveyor of top-notch handmade products boasts a memorable collection of standout US designs. Its website is also a dream to navigate, keeping you glued to see the whole catalog. 

What we love: Made-to-order heritage sofas that deliver luxury at a lower cost than other luxe online stores.

Possible drawbacks: Bespoke furniture can mean longer lead times.

Online Furniture Shopping FAQs

Is it good to buy furniture online and what are the benefits?

Online furniture shopping can be a safe, fun, and convenient experience. It offers convenience, a wide variety, and often competitive prices. That said, you must research the online furniture stores you’re interested in before placing an order. Consider their reputation, customer service, return policy, and reviews. Also, remember to carefully check product details to make sure you get the quality you expect.

Luxury modern furniture online from the best online furniture stores
Modern online furniture store pieces in a living room by Decorilla

How can I find the best online furniture deals and discounts?

With online furniture shopping, there’s always a chance of amazing discounts! So, to find the best deals, take the first step and sign up for newsletters. Next, keep an eye on promotions, clearances, holiday sales, and bundle deals. Comparison tools are also very useful to compare prices from different retailers. Exploring secondhand marketplaces is also a great option for budget-friendly shopping.  

What are the top eCommerce furniture companies?

Pinpointing the best online furniture stores and companies can be subjective and depends on your needs. However, some brands are known for quality and reliable customer service. These include popular brands like Wayfair, Ikea, Crate & Barrel, West Elm, and many more! 

How can I ensure the quality of furniture when shopping online?

You can ensure your new furniture matches your expectations by following a few steps. Firstly, read customer reviews and ratings to gauge the experiences of others. Carefully review product descriptions for material information and specifications. Next, research the retailer‘s reputation and customer service track record. And finally, check the return policy in case the product doesn’t meet your expectations.

Best furniture companies and stores in a living room
Modern online furniture in a living room by Decorilla designer, Lane B.

Is Amazon furniture good quality?

Amazon offers a wide range of modern furniture online, and the quality can vary depending on the seller and the specific product. Amazon doesn’t manufacture furniture; instead, it serves as a marketplace for various sellers. So, determine the quality of Amazon furniture before your purchase. Read the product’s customer reviews, pay attention to product descriptions, and buy from reputable sellers or well-known furniture brands on the website.

Want Professional Interior Design Advice Before Buying Furniture Online?

With tips on how to go online furniture shopping and a healthy list of the best online furniture stores, you are well equipped to design your home. Needing a little more guidance to get started? Schedule a Free Online Interior Design Consultation and get help from a Decorilla design pro from the comfort of your home!

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