summer interior design trends white and bright

Welcome sweet summertime! Sunshine, outdoors, family, and friends. While ideas for outdoor summer décor are a must have, the change of seasons is a great time to spruce up your interior  as well and give it a little love. Design trends are constantly changing and adapting as the years pass, which can be difficult to keep up with. Here is our list of top 10 summer interior design trends of 2017. This could be the best summer yet!

1) Bringing in the tropics

summer interior design trends tropical decor
Tropical Palm Springs bedroom design by Decorilla designer Michelle B.

Who doesn’t love the tropics? What better time to incorporate a touch of tropics into the home than sweet summertime. This summer interior design design trend has been increasing in popularity quickly and boldly. While before you’d find tropical accents in accessories, throw pillows, etc. and now bold wallpaper is increasing in popularity.

summer interior design trends botanical wallpaper
Tropical bedroom design by Decorilla designer, Tiara M.

It’s common to see these bold touches of the tropics in homes located on the coast year round. Don’t live near the water or don’t want to commit to that much pattern? Switch your pillows and blankets out seasonally. That way you can have your touch of tropics for the summer months.

2) Light + Bright + White

summer interior design trends bright and airy space

White out! So many rooms these days are going with a white on white look. White furniture paired with a white rug, with white walls, etc. Although this may seem unpractical to some, don’t fear white! There are so many great cleanable fabrics and finishes out there. Take Crypton for example. (No, this has nothing to do with superman.) Crypton is a stain, moisture, and odor resistant formula. Sounds magical right? As it grows in popularity Crypton is becoming available from more and more vendors and vendors are also coming up with great versions of their own “super” fabric.

summer interior design trends bright and light living room

There is something about summertime and sunshine. A timeless summer interior design trend that still stands strong is keeping the space very light and bright. The key when designing a very light space is making sure there are a few items that will contrast from the white to help ground the room. Here, you’ll notice a few distinct wood pieces are added to help ground the space. Add personality to an all-white space by bringing in some plants, cozy textures, and large patterned prints to break it up. Sunshine = happiness. Let it in!

3) California Boho Chic

summer interior design trends boho style

Boho is back, with a focus on the Golden State. A common term heard in the design industry is “California boho chic”. Does this mean this design trend only works when you live in California? Absolutely not! Think of it as bringing back vintage styles and mixing it into the modern era. Eclectic design at it’s minimum.

summer interior design trends boho chic

Here are some key items to make sure your home is California boho ready. 1) plants, plants, plants. A design trend all in its own however almost always integrated with boho design styles. 2) Woven textiles. Weather this be baskets on the ground, woven furniture, or maybe a woven wall art. 3) Color pop. It works to keep the space mostly neutral, but don’t forget to pick 1-3 colors to pop casually in the room to help give the “collected” look this design trend is known for.

4) Bringing the outdoors in: plants

summer interior design trends indoor plants

When I think about summer I think about being outside. Which makes this design trend perfect. It’s time to bring the outside in and never have to stop enjoying it. House plants make our top 10 summer design trends list for a few reasons. First, they purify the air. The plants can absorb VOC’s from inside your home into their leaves leaving you with better air quality. Of course, it works best when there are multiple plants in a room.

summer interior design trends plants in living room

Plants are also one of the top 10 summer design trends because of the softness and fullness they bring into a room. What was once an empty corner now becomes a visual oasis and welcomes you right in with open arms.

5) Brass hardware is back!

summer interior design trends metal finishes
Modern kitchen design by Decorilla designer, Mary L.

Brass is back and it’s definitely staying a while. While brass has been back in trend for a while when it comes to furniture and accessories. This summer we will be seeing a lot more brass hardware in kitchen and bath design. The great thing about brass hardware is the interest it brings into the room. If either one of these photos had stainless hardware we typically wouldn’t notice the cabinet. With the cabinet doors having brass hardware they become interesting and exciting, so our eye is immediately drawn there.

summer interior design trends brass
summer interior design trends brass hardware

Don’t be afraid to mix metals. Brass can be paired with stainless or oil rubbed bronze beautifully.

6) Buffalo check pattern

summer interior design trends buffalo check pattern

Buffalo check, also known as buffalo plaid is popping up everywhere this summer. From tiles, to textiles, to wall coverings it’s becoming as common as the stripe. While black and white buffalo check is a great, traditional option, there are so many colorful alternatives that give this timeless pattern new life. The pattern itself is so versatile, it’s easily blended with nearly any design style. From contemporary to rustic, this pattern works across the board.

7) Hanging chair

summer interior design trends hanging chair

Let your inner child rejoice! Hanging chairs are easily the most fun summer design trend on the list. Adding a hanging chair to the space instantly makes it feel relaxed and inviting. Spruce up a dull room in a heartbeat. With the wide variety of hanging chairs on the market these days it can blend with nearly any design style.

summer interior design trends hanging chairs in room

Adding pillows and blankets on the hanging chair give it more texture and warmth, making it a cozy place to spend time. It’s also a great idea to place an ottoman below the chair that way you have the option to let your feet dangle.

8) Neutral & Natural

summer interior design trends natural style

Sophisticated, clean, and welcoming. This summer design trend uses natural materials to draw interest in unique ways. The natural wood beams, live edge stools, and stone fireplace contrast beautifully from the white cabinets. The color palette in the room stays very natural but far from boring. Layer the accessories with greenery, natural accessories, and cozy textiles and the whole space will tie together beautifully. When no ‘color’ is being used in the space, contrast is your best friend. Dark + light is a never fail combo to live by.

9) Rustic touch

summer interior design trends rustic beach decor

When the term “Rustic” design is used people tend to think of a cabin in the mountains with heavy textures and darker tones. Even though this isn’t always the case, adding the slight touch of rustic to your space helps bring the outdoors in.

summer interior design trends rustic decor
Indoor outdoor living room design by Decorilla designer, Stella P.
summer interior design trends rustic touches

Rustic and natural touches in the home makes people feel comfortable. They can immediately recognize that this is something that came from nature, this is familiar. The wood stump coffee table is a great example of how this subtle touch blends perfectly with the coastal theme the design portrays.

10) Bold floral prints

summer interior design trends floral patterns

That’s right. Floral prints aren’t just for your grandmother anymore. Talk about bringing sophistication into the floral game. The key when decorating with floral prints is to keep the rest of the room very simple and understated. Let the floral do the talking, it’s the room’s personality! If a wallpaper is too much to commit to, try drapery, a large art print, or throw pillows. Accessories and textiles are much easier to change once you’re ready to try something new. After all, I’m not sure what says summertime better than flowers!

Incorporate a few of these design trends into your home this summer and wow your family with your cutting edge, trendy interior design. We would love to help you get started on your summer design project today!

Written by Decorilla designer, Brittany S. 

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