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Design Diaries: Unveiling a Japandi Designer Home Interior

Designer home interior of a Japandi style kitchen

Designer home makeovers are always inspiring – especially through the eyes of a professional interior designer! We caught up with Decorilla interior designer Sonia Carlson to see her incredible take on Japandi style with a recent gut renovation. Join us as we explore her breathtaking designer home interior infused with Scandinavian heritage! 

Top 14 Boho Bedroom Ideas for a Dreamy Design

Boho bedroom interior design ideas

Reminiscent of the old world of free-spirits, boho bedroom ideas express both the worldly and the personal. It shouts travel, adventure, and old souvenirs from faraway places. A boho bedroom has stories to tell from the comfort of your own home. Here we unpack a few top tips to inspire a laid-back and creative bohemian… Read more »

Before & After: Bohemian Interior Design with Japandi Accents

Bohemian interior design with japandi style decor - Anthology Creatives

Bohemian interior design has a free-spirited aesthetic. Defined by its flowing layers, it’s easily fused with other designs, like Japandi. When combined, these styles bring tranquility and comfort. One particular client was looking to start afresh and turned to Decorilla for help in creating just this type of harmonious blend. Read on to see the… Read more »

Before & After: Boho Style Small Cafe Interior Design

Cozy cafe interior - Dezeen

Few things beat a delicious cuppa in the morning – especially in a homey boho interior with a view! One recent client’s business property had a stunning seascape but needed all the rest. Fortunately, her small cafe interior design would come to life soon. She wanted a neutral yet attractive design where her clients would… Read more »

Before & After: Boho Eclectic Living Room and Kitchen

Bohemian eclectic interior design - The Spruce

Bohemian design breathes life into any space. One recent client wanted its liveliness mixed with contemporary chic. And after working with Decorilla, they could create just what they wanted! Read on to see the vibrant yet classy boho eclectic living room and kitchen result!

Before & After: Scandi Boho Living Room & Breakfast Nook

Scandinavian bohemian design - Janni

Airy and spacious interiors are so much more attractive than those that are characterless and empty. Moreover, a beautifully designed home can uplift your mood. That’s why one recent client turned to Decorilla for help. She needed a peaceful space full of life, perfect for bonding with her hubby and adult children. And the result… Read more »