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Bohemian design breathes life into any space. One recent client wanted its liveliness mixed with contemporary chic. And after working with Decorilla, they could create just what they wanted! Read on to see the vibrant yet classy boho eclectic living room and kitchen result!

The Challenge: Combined Boho Eclectic Living Room & Kitchen 

Every interior design comes with a set of must-haves. Though often challenging to solve, they bring character and a unique quality to the space. The client wanted not only boho eclectic décor but also a cozy space to call home. More specifically, the designer needed to: 

  • Use the modern industrial structure as inspiration for a contemporary but warm interior
  • Include bohemian décor for a vibrant and lively look
  • Blend eclectic boho with contemporary living room ideas
  • Set aside space for work and gaming as well as keyboard playing

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Eclectic Boho Living Room Ideas & Inspiration 

boho eclectic kitchen and living room inspiration

The client certainly adores bohemian interior design. But eclectic and contemporary Scandinavian spaces also top their list. In addition to bright and eclectic boho living room ideas, mid-century modern comes into play. Tufted, colorful, or supremely comfy – these spaces were made for living. What they also indicate is the client’s love for character-rich design. 

Moodboard & Bohemian Eclectic Interior Design 

Eclectic bohemian living room - Lidija P
Decorilla bohemian eclectic interior design

Next, the client completed a brief style questionnaire to kick off the online interior design process. A virtual consultation followed to refine and confirm the client’s checklist. With these as a guide, Decorilla could select two interior designers sure to excel in the style. And soon the client had to pick between a duo of boho eclectic living room and kitchen concepts. 

Eclectic boho living room ideas - Moodboard
Decorilla moodboard with boho eclectic decor ideas

Getting two stunning proposals makes picking so tough. But in the end, the client opted for Lidija’s moodboard for the combined boho eclectic kitchen and lounge. She suggests mixing contemporary, modern, and global-inspired pieces. Texture, form, and color reign while a subtle and uplifting natural air permeate all – thanks to timber and greenery. 

Chic Eclectic Boho Living Room & Kitchen Result

boho eclectic kitchen and living room
Boho eclectic living room and kitchen – Decorilla 3D rendering

The final interior is everything the client wanted and more! Super sleek contemporary meets eclectic bohemian in the kitchen and living room. Set against a neutral palette, pops of bright color give the space a warming welcoming glow. Light floods in through a great window and bounces from the off-white walls. Together, all these elements create a cozy and airy interior. 

Balance also plays a significant role. From layout to color scheme and scale and shape – the bohemian eclectic interior design is harmonious. Décor and furniture with varying heights ensure there is vertical depth. While, on the other hand, visual weight and widths ensure the compact space feels roomy despite limited square footage. Light and dark hues bring interest and beautiful contrast. 

Boho Eclectic Living Room 

Eclectic bohemian living room - Lidija P
Cozy and eclectic boho living room – Decorilla 3D rendering

Suave and stylish – the bohemian eclectic living room ticks all the boxes! It’s undeniably chic and comfortable. Plus, the design is versatile. An L-shaped sofa can fit a few guests when hosting, doubling as cushy seating when watching a movie. And if a get-together grows some more, a floor pouf also provides chic seating.

Though mainly neutral, the interior design features pops of cheerful color. It lifts the overall aesthetic and brings a playful boho quality. Bohemian artwork lines the walls, adding height and style. A bookshelf also visually lengthens the wall to make the room feel roomier.  

Bohemian eclectic living room - Lidija P.
Eclectic boho living room ideas in practice – Decorilla 3D rendering

The living room also features a storage pop-up coffee table. As the name indicates, its top can pop up to reveal extra stowing space. Yet, it’s more than clever storage as it can double as a higher surface for a laptop. So, in essence, the boho eclectic living room can transform into a workspace in seconds.  

In addition to pretty boho eclectic décor and furniture, the space also has a keyboard. The black instrument complements and contrasts the light scheme. Plus, it also adds to the versatility of the interior. 

Scandi-Inspired Boho Eclectic Kitchen 

Eclectic boho living room - Lidija P
Contemporary boho eclectic kitchen – Decorilla 3D rendering

The open concept also includes a stylish kitchen and dining area. Here, bohemian eclectic interior design finds modern Scandi as its base. A shaggy rug designates a dining zone, alongside a slender table and plush green chairs. It’s set apart from the all-white kitchen. 

Boho eclectic kitchen interior design
An apartment with a bohemian eclectic interior design – Decorilla 3D rendering

Wood and living plants refresh the apartment interior. They also soften the look with a natural touch. The warming timber tones come from the shelf, floor, and accents. While greenery come as table, floor, and hanging planters. Plus, the pretty dining chairs also play their part with their invigorating hue. 

The design maximizes space in the boho eclectic kitchen by opting for narrow furniture leading into the lounge. As a result, the rectangular furniture elongates the room even more, for a roomy feel. 

Online Shopping List

Electric boho living room ideas - shopping list
Decorilla online shopping list featuring boho eclectic decor

Each complete project comes with resources vital to get it all right at home. These include realistic 3D renderings, an implementation guide, and an online shopping list. Together they paint a cohesive picture and how-to for making your dream space a reality. Similarly, this client could create their striking boho interior with Decorilla’s help. What’s more, the online shopping list features some impressive trade-exclusive discounts!   

Top Picks: Boho Eclectic Décor

If you want to spruce up your interior with boho eclectic décor, use our top picks below as a guide! You can inject serious eye candy into your living room in no time.

bohemian eclectic interior design top picks
  1. Merino Rug 
  2. Floor Light 
  3. Eclectic Art 
  4. Green Pillow 
  5. L-shaped Sectional 
  6. Small Bench 

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