Boho eclectic teen study room ideas

From drab to fab, join us as we breathe life and color into a teen study room, turning it into an eclectic sanctuary for ideas and creativity. In this inspiring before-and-after journey, witness a simple space evolve into a vibrant hub that stimulates the imagination and fuels academic ambition. Read on for a dramatic makeover!

The Challenge: Study Room Design Ideas for Teenagers

Remodeling an old rental kitchen into a suitable home office or study room design is a challenge that requires a certain level of expertise. That’s why a recent Decorilla client wanted a skilled interior designer who knows how to make the most of a small space. Apart from making the room functional for studying, there were a few other challenges to address:

  • Convey a bright and airy, modern teen study area suitable for use all day—despite receiving only morning light
  • Source and integrate a stylish, feminine teen study desk, floating shelves, clothing rack, and a full-length mirror 
  • Add a sleeper chair(s) or loveseat that would enable using a study room as an extra guest room as needed
  • Ground the setup with a thick floor rug reminiscent of grass
  • Conceal heating and electrical utility elements

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Teen Study Room Inspiration

Teen study room inspiration board

The teen study room inspiration gallery the client provided to the interior designer exuded an air of feminine elegance. A prevalently white color palette communicated the client’s desire to convey an atmosphere conducive to studying and productivity. Meanwhile, the elegant study room furniture and gold accents added warmth and texture, making the spaces feel more inviting. Proper lighting, comfortable seating, and inspiring focal points were all suitable for discernible students looking to advance their academics.

Design Moodboards & Study Room Ideas for Teens

Study room design ideas for teenagers by Decorilla
Study room design ideas for teenagers by Decorilla

The client provided valuable insight into their lifestyle and preferences by completing the design questionnaire. Alongside the inspirational gallery, such information allowed the Decorilla team to recommend suitable experts who perfectly met the requirements. The client could finally experience all the unbeatable perk of receiving initial concepts from two designers instead of one. After reviewing their study room design ideas for teenagers, the client ultimately opted to proceed with Maya M.

Study room design moodboard by Decorilla
Study room design moodboard by Decorilla

Maya’s teen study room ideas illustrated a contemporary space adorned with an enchanting watercolor design and modern touches. The white base set an inviting backdrop, while the pops of color and cheerful artwork beautifully blended light gold, blue, and magenta tones to create a serene ambiance. A grassy green area rug grounded the arrangement, enhancing it with a relaxing vibe. Overall, it was a whimsical, chic study atmosphere aiming to nurture creativity and focus.

Teen Study Room Design Results

Study room ideas for teens by Decorilla
Study room ideas for teens by Decorilla

The first thing that catches the eye inside this smartly composed teen study area is its lighthearted modern style with an eclectic twist. The tranquil, organic-inspired setup brings a serene and contemplative feeling to the room, further enhanced by the whimsical watercolor paintings adorning the walls. Pops of bright shades create a cheerful ambiance, complementing the overall casual atmosphere. Meanwhile, the selection of teen study room décor elements seamlessly matches the overall design, making it a perfect spot for academic pursuits. 

Teen study room furniture & decor ideas by Decorilla
Teen study room furniture & decor ideas by Decorilla

The study room furniture selection is fit for a hardworking teen who values comfort and efficiency, making it essential for any serious student. The white sofa can easily turn into a daybed for long reading sessions. Similarly, the inviting Papasan chair serves as a reliable companion for a cushy pause after studious hours. Scattered throughout the room, golden accents ooze class and sophistication, adding a touch of glamour to the life of a wise scholar. A sleek study room desk is the final piece of the puzzle, accompanied by a lucite chair to maintain a clutter-free vibe. 

Teen Study Area Before & After Room Design Ideas 

Before (left) and after (right) Decorilla's teen study room design
Before (left) and after (right) Decorilla‘s teen study room design

Prior to applying study room design ideas for teenagers, the area was a bit dark and utilitarian. Now the modern teen study space is comprised of a layout assembled to provide inspiration, productivity, and tranquility. The cool green carpet on the floor is a refreshing sight for sore eyes, reminiscent of a freshly mowed lawn. At the same time, the choice of white promotes focus, encouraging easygoing thought flow. Colorful art and string lights add to the youthful and cheerful atmosphere.

Teen Study Room Décor Shopping List

Teen study room furniture and decor shopping list by Decorilla
Teen study room furniture and decor shopping list by Decorilla

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Top Picks for a Stylish Teen Study Space

Start with the small changes if you’re not ready to fully commit and remodel your home. Check out our teen study room furniture selection for ideas & inspiration:

Teen study room decor top picks by Decorilla
  1. Area Rug
  2. Loveseat
  3. Floor Mirror
  4. Wall Art
  5. Desk Lamp
  6. Storage Desk
  7. Task Chair
  8. CoffeeTable

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