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Bohemian interior design has a free-spirited aesthetic. Defined by its flowing layers, it’s easily fused with other designs, like Japandi. When combined, these styles bring tranquility and comfort. One particular client was looking to start afresh and turned to Decorilla for help in creating just this type of harmonious blend. Read on to see the striking result!

The Challenge: Bohemian Interior with a Japandi Style 

With this client set on a combination of a modern yet relaxed style, the designer could push the boundaries. Fortunately, the bohemian interior style lends itself to Japandi accents, and the two together make for a cozy space to call home. 

That’s not to say the project did not have challenges to overcome. More specifically, the designer needed to:

  • Incorporate the client’s earthy color scheme
  • Ensure black and white accents on mixtures of wood
  • Add pops of greenery where necessary
  • Layer accessories to create cohesion and flow between the separate spaces
  • Opt for rich textures and ensure contrast 
  • Have an overall bohemian style with Japandi interior design accents 

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Inspiration for Bohemian Style Décor

Japandi and boho style design inspiration

The client’s inspiration gallery featured bohemian style décor of all shapes and sizes. The rooms were minimalist but cozy. In addition, they felt free-spirited without lacking structure, like Japandi interior design.

Earthy tones and a simplified color code filled the spaces, with brown accents of wood and pops of greenery. In the boho-style living room, furniture leaned towards comfortable beds and family-friendly seating.

Moodboard & Bohemian Interior Design

Bohemian and japandi interior design - Casey H
Decorilla bohemian interior design

Next up, the client completed a short online quiz to begin the online interior design process. Following this, they had a virtual consultation with Decorilla to refine the client’s taste and budget. As a result, the team could select a handful of designers who would excel at the style. The only thing left to do was pick the designer she wished to go with!

Bohemian style decor moodboard
Decorilla moodboard with bohemian style décor

While all the proposals were stunning, it was Casey‘s design that attracted the client’s attention. Texture, contrast, and color lead her bohemian interior design, while a relaxing and natural air fills the concept.  

Bohemian Interior Design Result

Bohemian interior design with japandi decor
Bohemian style decor in a modern home – Decorilla 3D rendering

In the end, the bedrooms and combined living and dining room were modern bohemian perfections. From the earthy color tones to the comfortable furniture, this space fits the client’s vision of the ideal boho meets Japandi home.

Combined Boho Style Living Room & Japandi Dining Room 

Boho style living room - Casey H
Bohemian interior design with Japandi accents – Decorilla 3D rendering

Charming and trendy – the living area ticks all the boxes. It’s as versatile as it is comfortable. Plus, it is aesthetically pleasing too! The living room has a beautiful sectional couch anchoring the lounge. Besides being easy to clean, it warms the room with its leather tone. The area is grounded by a modern boho rug, with a wooden coffee table in the center. 

Bohemian and japandi interior design - Casey H
Boho style living room – Decorilla 3D rendering

Additional chic seating is provided through two woven accent chairs. Though mainly earthy in tone, the design features pops of color with greenery and layered accessories. Bohemian style décor lines the walls in abstract art, while textured poufs allow for extra seating and interest in the room. 

Japandi decor in a dining room - Casey H
Japandi decor in a dining room – Decorilla 3D rendering

A textured jute rug anchors the dining area. A wooden table is paired with black chairs, creating contrast and depth within the space. Moreover, the color palette of black, white, tan, and green coordinate perfectly with the kitchen cabinets. The black framed side console with woven rattan detailing echoes the detail of the living room accent chairs. As a result, there is cohesion in this boho haven.

Boho Modern Bedroom with Japandi Décor 

Boho modern bedroom - Casey H
Japandi decor in a modern boho bedroom – Decorilla 3D rendering

A neutral color palette and décor that speaks to Japandi design set the tone for the master bedroom. It is tasteful, tranquil, and well-designed. The bed has rich organic colors and textures, with throws, pillows, and linen. Furthermore, it is balanced by a black bench on one side, and bohemian-style decor on the feature wall above the other.

Japandi style bedroom - Casey H
Japandi style bedroom – Decorilla 3D rendering

A fan sits in the center of an intricate ceiling design. In addition, a large rug and abstract art mimic this design on both the floor and the wall. A cozy accent chair in the corner creates aesthetic interest as well as brings a practical element to the room. Lastly, further contrast is present through the windows. Their frames are in an oatmeal shade, paired with crisp white curtain panels and matte black rails.

Boho Guest Bedroom with Japandi Accents

Japandi style bedroom with boho decor - Casey H
Japandi style bedroom with boho decor – Decorilla 3D rendering

The guest bedroom has a sense of serenity about it. Colored in a gray-and-white color scheme, intrigue forms through the use of dotted wallpaper. On one wall sits two drawn artworks, while on the other, a round mirror bounces more light into the room.

Bohemian interior design - Casey H
Bohemian interior design – Decorilla 3D rendering

Boho decor also lines the walls to add interest and height. In addition, a dresser visually lengthens the feature wall. This results in the room feeling roomier.

Before & After: How did the designer change the space? 

Before and after a Japandi dining room transformation
Before (left) and after (right) – Decorilla’s bohemian interior design makeover

At first, the client’s space needed reorganization and structure. Fortunately, the client’s vision and the designer’s expertise transformed the home into a boho Japandi haven. 

The Japandi Dining & Living Room Transformation

Before and after of a boho style living room
Before (left) and after (right) – Decorilla’s boho-style living room makeover

Adding a color scheme to the space was the first step for the boho-style living room. Next, the designer layered the interior with the appropriate décor to enable a serene feeling. At the same time, all furnishing was appropriately chosen to be durable and comfortable for a dining or lounge experience.

The Modern Boho Master Bedroom Update

Japandi bedroom design before and after
Before (left) and after (right) – Decorilla’s boho modern bedroom makeover

The bedroom already had some zen elements and organization to it. Therefore the designer enhanced this feeling by adding additional serene décor. In addition, balancing the space with a fresh new take on a boho-japandi comes through the color scheme and accessory selection.

The Guest Bedroom Rejuvenation

Modern bohemian bedroom interior design makeover
Before (left) and after (right) – Decorilla’s bohemian interior design with Japandi decor makeover

Likewise, the guest bedroom has a firm base to work from. That said, it still felt bland despite its feature wall. So, the designer emphasized the bohemian style with Japandi accents. This was done through the correct placement of new furnishings.

Online Shopping List

Boho and japandi style decor shopping list
Decorilla online shopping list

As with all Decorilla projects, the bohemian interior design comes with a curated online shopping list. Clients are able to view all the details necessary and complete one check-out across multiple vendors. In addition, these products come with trade-exclusive discounts. Lastly, each client receives realistic 3D renderings too. These can assist the client in envisioning their space before committing to purchases.

Our Top Picks for a Boho Design

If you liked this project’s bohemian-style decor, use our top picks to select key items for your own makeover!

Boho style living room top picks


  1. Wall Print
  2. Wool Rug
  3. Green Branch
  4. Boho Ottoman
  5. Leather Sectional
  6. Accent Table

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