Chic patio design ideas

Finally, the outdoors are becoming just as sleek as indoor design. And the evolution of the humble backyard is extraordinary to see. In fact, patio design ideas today ooze summer loving and vacation vibes. Read on to see just how to make your outdoor space the perfect venue for summer hosting and relaxation! 

Patio Design Ideas 101

Patio deck ideas - Arlen A
Modern contemporary patio deck ideas by Decorilla interior designer, Arlen A.

Like interiors, your outdoor space can benefit from design tweaks. Whether you have a backyard, patio, or even an open rooftop, design ideas can go far in making it hosting-ready. But first, start with all the best outdoor design tips that are essential to comfort and style. 

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Key Points Chic Patio Design Ideas

Chic bar, dining and lounge patio deck ideas - Drew F
Chic bar, dining, and lounge patio deck ideas by Decorilla designer, Drew F.
  • Sleek, comfy seats and surfaces are a must. Whatever the occasion, you and your guests will need somewhere to kick up your feet and put down cocktails and snacks. 
  • Covering from sun and rain ensures the soiree can continue no matter the weather. Backyard pergola ideas are a great start, but so are umbrellas – especially if you want a flexible setup.  
  • Nature-inspired materials and colors effortlessly complement an outdoor setting. So, opt for eco-friendly cork, wood, linen, and soft natural hues for a tranquil and cohesive look.
  • Balanced design. Any beautiful space is appealing because of its composition. You can practice your eye for design, get in touch with a professional or try one of the top online patio design apps
  • Something warming for cooler evenings. It can be as simple as pretty blankets. But for a more integrated patio design, consider classy fire pit ideas.

Cozy Up to Patio Fire Pit & Fireplace Ideas 

Outdoor fire pit ideas for a patio - Ibrahim
Outdoor fire pit ideas for a deck by Decorilla designer, Ibrahim H.

Nothing keeps the congenial atmosphere alive like a glowing fire. The crackle and flames bring warmth as well as soft lighting. The gentle glow will perfectly illuminate summer décor too. Fortunately, beloved outdoor fire pit ideas and alternatives can suit any patio style. 

1. Full Outdoor Fireplace 

Outdoor firepit and fireplace ideas for a patio design - SFA Designs

If you have space, you can invest in a grand fireplace. Such a large heat source will warm up a great area, and with a conductive floor, it can linger for quite a while. Fireplace and stone patio ideas, for instance, pair so well. This is especially true when the fireplace is stone – the flames will warm the surrounding area without a doubt. 

2. After Dinner Delight 

modern patio design and decor ideas
Modern patio design and decor ideas by Decorilla interior designer, Wanda P.

Ensure your patio design includes ideas that flow from one to the other. Consider activities, for instance, and the natural flow of interactions. A day could start with refreshments by the pool, then move to socializing around the barbecue, and end with sitting down for a meal. Lazing on comfy loungers next to a fire pit is just what you’ll need afterward. 

3. Portable & Dual Purpose Fire Pit Patio Ideas

Patio furniture ideas for a welcoming summer vibe - House and Gardens

A portable fire pit is a valuable addition to a casual setup. Not only a heat source, but a fire pit can also double as a barbecue. And when it’s portable, it’s all the more convenient. If it’s versatility you want, be sure to opt for a fire pit that’s easy to move around. Also, take care to reposition it only when cooled down.  

4. Curved Outdoor Fire Pit Ideas

Backyard patio design with firepit ideas - Selma A
Firepit patio ideas by Decorilla designer, Selma A.

Encourage a social atmosphere with circular seating around a built-in firepit. You can even pair the main attraction with a built-in bench and use it as you need. The back support is often broad enough to provide surface space for coffee and snacks. Pair the setup with super comfy accent pillows and one or two throws. 

Embrace Small Backyard Patio Ideas

Mid-century modern patio decor ideas - Casey H.
Mid-century modern patio decor ideas by Decorilla designer, Casey H.

Architecture and interior design continually show any space can be chic and inviting – regardless of size. The same applies to a small backyard patio, especially when paired with exceptional design ideas.

5. Snug yet Spacious 

Small backyard patio deck ideas by Decorilla designer, Joao A
Small backyard patio deck ideas by Decorilla designer, Joao A.

Let your small backyard patio overflow with inspiring ideas. The first step? Say goodbye to mini furniture! Go big with generous seating to fill the space. Instead of tiny, uncomfortable chairs, a large comfy L-shape sofa will make good use of the floor area and give your guests ample leisure space. Be sure to match oversized furniture with minimal décor and an accent table to keep an open feel. 

6. Whimsical Lighting for Sweet Sunsets 

Small backyard patio ideas - Tijana Z
Small backyard patio ideas with romantic lighting by Decorilla designer, Tijana Z.

Use a small space to your advantage by creating a cozy spot for late-night coffee or drinks. Besides, an intimate setup can also be exceptional for small get-togethers. Line patio furniture or structures with classy string lights to make design and décor ideas glimmer. Be sure to round off the look with floor lanterns too. 

7. Garden Gem 

Stone pebble patio ideas for a small backyard - City Farmhouse

You don’t need much to create a covetable outdoor lounge. A small section of your backyard or garden, stone pebbles, and patio décor ideas are enough for a delightful social nook. Complete the look with comfy seating, cute accent tables, pillows, and plenty of pot plants. 

8. Layered in Luxury

Small backyard patio design ideas with contemporary touches by Drew F.
Eclectic patio design ideas by Decorilla designer, Drew F.

Like oversized furniture, layers of pattern and flowy fabrics can elevate a small space. Limited square footage is an opportunity to explore and experiment with backyard patio ideas. In fact, it’s encouraged! Patterns and different textures can fill the area with interest and intrigue. It can even feel slightly bigger as a result. So, to get it just right, balance motifs with neutral block colors. A patterned rug and scatter pillows, for instance, are perfect with light furniture and flowy curtains.  

Try Alternative Patio Deck Ideas

Patio deck ideas with contemporary patio furniture by Drew F
Patio deck ideas with contemporary patio furniture by Decorilla

Whether a deck is high up or in a backyard, it always resembles a woodland retreat. However, contemporary patio deck ideas are far from the chunky log furniture adorning these spaces back in the day. Nowadays, these spaces are sleek and sophisticated – perfect for high-end entertaining.  

9. Coastal Garden Deck

Stone patio ideas - Villa and Villa

Create a chic garden patio inspired by coastal Nordic design Ideas. Keep the color palette simple – think white and gray with hints of blue. The clean hues will complement the rugged warmth of the wood. If you have a barrier around the deck, paint it white so that the area will stand out more against the green from your garden. And to finish the design, be sure to include unfussy furniture and comforting yet simplistic décor. 

10. From Sunroom to Deck 

modern traditional house patio interior design ideas - Casey H
Modern traditional patio interior design ideas by Decorilla designer, Casey H.

If you have a small patio deck, you can make it feel bigger by including outdoor design ideas in the adjacent room. Alternatively, give your sunroom all the detail you want for your outdoor space. This can include cane seating, swings, flourishing plants, and a wood floor resembling a deck. As long as the space has the casual air of the outdoors, having people over will come naturally.  

11. All-White Patio Deck Ideas

White backyard patio ideas - Camilia

Give your deck a makeover with a coat of weather-proof paint. White can look super modish, especially next to the slightest hint of color. If painting the deck isn’t an option, opt for crisp white furniture or upholstery and cushions. The combination will certainly transport you to somewhere in the Mediterranean.   

 12. Kitted in Tile 

Small backyard patio ideas with tile - EHD

Add a European twist to your deck by swapping wood for colorful tiles. It’s sure to brighten the backyard and make other patio ideas look good. A beautiful statement like this is best paired with minimal, slim-line furniture. An outdoor dining table and chairs could be just the thing your deck needs. 

Be Practical with Pool Patio Ideas

Outdoor pool patio ideas - Anna C
Outdoor pool patio ideas by Decorilla designer, Anna C.

Summertime is all about relaxing and cooling down on warm days. And the poolside is the ideal location for the job! Make your pool patio the top hangout spot with trendy and timeless design and décor ideas. 

13. Easy Seats & Surfaces

Poolside patio design ideas by interior designer Darya N.
Poolside patio design ideas by Decorilla interior designer, Darya N.

Leisurely lounging right next to the pool with cool beverages at hand is all you need for a successful summer soiree. So, be sure to include enough surfaces for drinks and comfy lounging. Outdoor poofs are exceptional beside a pool. They can function as a small table or a seat. Plus, braided jute or wicker poofs look spectacular on a garden or pool patio. 

14. Dune-Colored Dining

Patio furniture ideas for outdoor dining - Anna Y
Patio furniture ideas for outdoor dining by Decorilla designer, Anna Y.

Evoke a sense of sandy beaches with dune-colored patio design ideas. You can do this by selecting natural beige and fawn-hued furniture and décor. The neutral layers look particularly catching next to green accents. With this in mind, include oversized pot plants on your patio.  

 15. Backyard Pergola Ideas for Any Season

Contemporary high-end backyard patio design ideas by Drew F.
Backyard patio with high-end design ideas by Decorilla designer, Drew F.

Summer comes every year, so why not be prepared each time? Besides, a permanent pergola not only adds shade from the sun, but also protects furniture. Moreover, it ensures the pool patio is usable all year round. A wood and steel structure also gives a contemporary boost to a poolside. Also, add a trendy storage console to stow all your swimming needs – from inflatables to towels and sunscreen. 

16. Maximized Outdoor Living

Pool patio ideas and an outdoor kitchen by Drew F
Pool patio ideas and an outdoor kitchen by Decorilla

Take stone and patio furniture ideas further with a fully functional outdoor kitchen and living space next to the pool. An integrated space centered around a hub like a kitchen/bar area is ideal for entertaining. Moreover, the generous design is made for amplified entertaining. You’ll certainly be able to host many more than just your closest friends and family. 

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