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Cozy guest bedrooms are welcoming additions to any home, especially if you have numerous loved ones from out of town. Treat your guests to a hotel-quality room during their next visit. Even if you have space or budget constraints, there are still ways to create a stylish guest room design. Here are the top guest bedroom ideas perfect for giving your visitors a place to hunker down!

The Best Guest Bedroom Ideas

Small guest room ideas - Casey H
Guest room design by Decorilla designer, Casey H.

Ultimately, you want house visitors to feel welcome, comfy, and relaxed. This becomes even more true when they stay over for a night or two. So, ensure the guest room feels fresh by updating yourself on the latest design developments. You can, for example, follow the best 2022 bedroom trends and decorating ideas. Alternatively, for timeless guest room ideas, take note of the tips below.

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1.  Guest Room Design 101: Make It Inviting

Guest bedroom decor ideas - Basma
Guest room inspiration by Decorilla designer, Basma E.

Adding a few special touches to their room before your guests arrive will go a long way in making them feel welcome. The simplest yet most effective guest bedroom ideas include:

  • Quickly dusting and cleaning as the last step to a deep clean 
  • Lighting scented candles or placing a diffuser in the room
  • Setting out fresh towels and basic toiletries, like handmade soap and shampoo
  • Leaving a dainty vase of flowers on the bedside tables
  • Layer bedding for a hotel-esque feel and a good night’s rest

2.  Include an Ottoman in Guest Room Design

Guest room essentials - Mladen C
Elegant guest room design by Decorilla designer, Mladen C.

An ottoman or bench at the foot of a bed is a popular choice in online bedroom design for good reason. It’s also amongst our favorite guest room ideas. These pieces are great to place luggage on and beyond that, can double as seating. Be on the lookout for storage ottomans which are great for holding your guests’ belongings or spare bedding.

3.  Add Smart Storage During Guest Bedroom Design

Small guest bedroom ideas - Marie Flanigan

Keep your guest bedroom layout spacious and airy by investing in wider nightstands. These versatile pieces can act as both bedside tables and dressers. Not only will it save you space since you won’t need both dressers and side tables, but it’ll save you money as well.

Office Guest Room Ideas

Office guest room ideas - Basmah E
Office and guest room ideas by Decorilla designer Basmah E.

Guest bedrooms can often stand unused for long periods. To prevent wasting space, it’s wise to give them a dual purpose. Explore our guest room ideas on how to turn the space into an office as well.

4.  Office Guest Bedroom Layout Using a Divider 

Modern guest room design - Leanne Ford

Make one room feel like two separate spaces, either by setting up a traditional folding screen or creatively hanging curtains. Both options are equally effective in designating two functional zones. Overall, it depends on which you feel will work best in your guest room design.

5.  Office Guest Bedroom Ideas: From Desk to Dressing Table

office guest room layout ideas - Michelle B
Multifunctional office guest bedroom ideas by Decorilla designer, Michelle B.

Office guest room inspiration is all about finding multiple uses for furniture. For instance, consider how a desk can near-instantly transform into a dressing table. Put up a mirror right above the desk, add a nice chair, and your multifunctional setup is ready – it’s really as simple as that!

6.  Dual-Purpose Guest Room Ideas: Consider a Sofa Bed

Moroccan inspired guest room design - Casey H
Small guest room ideas by Decorilla designer, Casey H.

Again, modern guest room design is about finding dual purposes for furniture. It’s especially true when you want to use the space as an office too. One versatile piece to look into getting is a sofa bed. Not only does it save you from buying additional furniture but it saves space as well. Plus, it’s perfect for anyone who loves simple, clean lines, as there are plenty of minimalistic options available on the market today. Just make sure you buy one that’s comfy as both a sofa and bed.

Small Guest Bedroom Ideas

Guest room decoration inspiration - Berkeley H.
Small guest bedroom ideas by Decorilla designer, Berkeley H.

At first, it’s surprising to learn that a comfy guest room design is possible, even with limited space. In reality, it’s how you use what you have that makes all the difference. For inspiration, we’ve put together our three favorite ways to create a guest room that needs very few square feet.

7.  Space-Saving Guest Bedroom Ideas: Convert the Attic

Modern guest room design for an attic

Your home may have limited free space, but you’re in luck if you have an unused attic! Despite lower ceilings, attics can still accommodate elegant guest room design projects. Breathe new life into this dead and dusty space by transforming it using low-lying furniture. We recommend taking inspiration from Japanese tatami rooms. Apart from being a minimalist dream, it’ll treat your guests to a Far East vacation.

8.  Tiny Guest Room Ideas: Invest in a Full-Length Wall Mirror

Small guest room design - Tamna E
Mirror as guest room decoration by Decorilla designer, Tamna E.

Not only are mirrors practical but they can certainly open a small space. If your guest bedroom layout can’t accommodate a full-length standing mirror, secure one to the wall instead. This reflective wonder will create a visual illusion of space and double light in the room. Feelings of airiness and spaciousness often accompany light-filled interiors.  

9.  Use Wall Lights in a Small Guest Room Design

Small guest room essentials - Powel Brower

Good lighting is essential to any interior, including the guest bedroom. Regardless of the square footage, your guests should have access to lights that are bright enough for reading. If you have little to no spare floor space, get swiveling sconces rather than floor and bedside lamps. Remember to opt for warm white lightbulbs to keep the room feeling cozy and inviting. 

Guest Bedroom Décor Ideas

Decorating a guest room - Tiara M
Contemporary guest room decorations and ideas by Decorilla designer, Tiara M.

When looking for guest room decorations and ideas, go for eye-catching yet timeless options. Although the space might not get used a lot, you still want to impress your guests every time they stay over.

10.  Pick a Theme Before Buying Guest Room Decoration

Themed guest bedroom ideas - Sarah M
Elegant guest room design by Decorilla designer, Sarah M.

Before shopping for pieces to put together your new guest room, consider different theme ideas. We love a look that takes inspiration from a home’s location, such as a coastal design when living by the sea. However, apply the theme subtly – you want the space to remain sophisticated and timeless.

11.  Decorating a Guest Bedroom With Alternative Wall Art

Decorating a guest bedroom - Christine M
Whimsical example of decorating a guest bedroom by Decorilla designer, Christine M. 

Add a personal touch to your guest bedroom by making the wall art yourself. You can, for example, create a dreamcatcher, arrange a collection of vintage hats on the wall, and more. Ultimately, you’re only limited by your imagination. 

12.  Playful Wallpaper Guest Bedroom Ideas

Guest room ideas - CG Design

Make one (or all) of your guest bedroom walls the focus by picking out a bold wallpaper. Then, let the wallpaper guide you by shopping for décor in complementary tones. Pair a particularly striking wallpaper with plain white sheets, for instance, to keep the interior elegant and cohesive.

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