porthole mirror in living room nautical design

Summer is nearly here and it’s time to get ready! Preparations are part of the fun: from making vacation plans to hitting the gym getting swim suit ready to swapping out styles for what’s fresh. Why not have our interior spaces share in the season’s energy? These hot summer interior design ideas will have your home reflect the playful and relaxed mood with style!

1. Nude leather furniture

nude leather chair summer interior design

Eclectic teen bedroom design by Decorilla designer, Eleni P.
Eclectic teen bedroom design by Decorilla designer, Eleni P.

Leather does not have to be a heavy material only suitable for cooler weather. A seasonal favorite of Decorilla designer, Eleni P., comes from a Melbourne-based lifestyle concept store Simple Form .“This pure form of leather has a distinctive minimalism that complements the contemporary design and has surely a subtle summer vibe attached to it” , shares the My Paradissi blogger.

 Simple chair frames dressed in thin nude colored leather are a sexy and new way to bring in fine texture and a pastel palette.

2. Ombre love

ombre art summer decorating ideas

Watching the grading colors during sunset is a summer past-time favorite. Why not bring this effect into your home? With ombre colors in pillows, curtain panels and wall art, a similar calming experience can happen indoors.

ombre pillow and art
Living room design by Decorilla designer, Anna T.

3. Raffia texture

raffia table living room design

From tropical Raffia palms, this material is a great addition to summer interior design ideas. Dyed or natural, this hand woven material adds great texture to pillows, place mats or even furniture. 

raffia pillow texture

We love the natrual raffia pillow spotted at Ngala Trading crafted by indigenous women in Madagascar. Offering fair trade employment and support of children, its a decor piece that is beautiful and sustainable. (Pillows from St. Frank: Indigo, Chintamani, Kuba Cloth)

4. Nautical mirrors

nautical rope mirror


What is summer decor without a little sea inspiration? Bring in light and reflection with nautical mirrors. Whether a traditional porthole shape or using nautical rope to hang a metal framed round mirror, this accent piece goes beyond beach style  and brings to mind a voyage across the ocean.

5. Citrus splash

citrus pattern in dining room

Refreshing a design rarely comes without a touch of color. Infuse some summer delight with the brightness of citrus fruit. Sunny yellows, lime greens and tangy oranges are a few fun hues that energize a space.

citrus colors summer decorating ideas

You don’t need to commit a whole wall, but by adding pillows, art, and even wallpaper (the adhesive kinds are great!), an interior design can pop with possibility.

6. Granny patterns

vintage pillows in living room

granny patterns interior design ideas

Yes, that’s right granny inspired designs are making a comeback! Complete with color and pattern, vintage floral fabrics and knitted throws are beautiful summer interior design ideas.

7. Blush pink + copper

blush pink and copper patio table decor

copper outdoor furniture

Patios quickly become an additional room in the summer. Change up your furniture and color choices with pale pink and copper. Admired by Decorilla designer, Anna T., this combination is both elegant and chic, perfect for porch or patio gatherings on a typical summer afternoon.

8. Natural fiber pendant lamps

woven pendant lamps in kitchen

Lighting options get really fun in the summer months. From string lights to tiki torches, you can introduce an element of whimsy to your decor.  Pendant lamps made of natural fiber like wicker are both practical and casual fixtures that emit warm light and a relaxed feel.

summer decorating ideas basket pendant

woven pendant lamps in dining room

Welcome this new season with these summer decorating ideas to freshen up your home decor. Ready for a more serious makeover? Reach out to a professional for interior design help.

Written by interior designer, Christine M. 

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