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What’s the best way to get interior design help? Whether you are a project-loving DIYer or someone who appreciates more personal assistance, there are a growing number of interior design services and tools that bring dream designs to life. The Decorilla team is lucky enough to work with top designers from around the country, but we also work hard to scout out the latest tools and ways to get help. So, check out our comprehensive list of the 5 best interior design service options. 

3 Easy Tips to Choose the Interior Design Service That’s Right for You

Contemporary living room by Decorilla interior design service, designer Dina H.
Contemporary living room by Decorilla interior design service, designer Dina H.

Since there are variety of interior design service options available, knowing which one to choose might be the most difficult decision to make. So we’ve put together a few helpful tips to ensure you get the perfect service for your project:

  1. Determine your requirements. Are you wanting to change out a few pieces or are you committed to a complete overhaul. Knowing this will help you determine what level of service you need.
  2. Set your budget. Prices vary from one interior design company, service, or app to another. Calculating a budget ahead of time will help narrow down your options.
  3. Know your limitations. Are you tech savvy? Do you enjoy DIY projects? Service options range from DIY apps, to virtual interior design, in-store designers and more. Know what your capabilities are and where you need help.

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The Best Interior Design Service Options 

Classy bedroom results from interior design help by Decorilla designer, Joseph G.
Classy bedroom results from interior design help by Decorilla designer, Joseph G.

Check out our most recommended interior design services with an option for any size of budget or project. You’re sure to find just the right solution for your home!

Online interior design services - how it works

1. Try Online Interior Design Software and Apps

Transitional game room by Decorilla interior design company, designer Lori D.
Transitional game room by Decorilla interior design company, designer Lori D.

Thanks to the advance of technology many options for interior design help are now available at our fingertips. And a solution exists for just about any type of interior design dilemma, so you’ll never be left without the assistance you need. A few of our favorites to get projects started on the right foot are:


Roomscan interior design service app

The foundation of every stunning interior is an appropriate floor plan, which depends greatly on accurate measurements. Taking measurements has never been easier than it is with RoomScan (available for iOS only), an app that computes distances by scanning a room with an Apple device.

Color Snap


Another useful app is Color Snap. Inspired by the need to identify colors found in art work, accent pillows or other elements that help direct a room’s design, Sherman Williams has simplified the quest for the perfect color palette. Color Snap analyzes any photo on your smartphone and matches it with their paint shades. Using the 1,500-shade inventory to apply to virtual rooms is a great interior design tool.

A lot of time can be spent learning these programs and apps, but they are accessible, affordable, and perfect for the tech savvy with an eye for design!

2. Use an Online Interior Design Service

Eclectic family room by Decorilla affordable interior design, Meric S
Eclectic family room by Decorilla affordable interior design, designer Meric S.

While apps offer helpful inspiration and tools, assistance from professional interior designers can also be affordable and convenient. Online interior design services bring a fun and accessible option to the table. Decorilla, which was recently voted the Best Online Interior Design Service, uses new technologies such as virtual reality and photo-realistic 3D renderings to help clients preview their designs. This means they can see how the changes will look like before they purchase a thing!

Online interior design help results by Decorilla designer, Courtney B.
Online interior design help results by Decorilla designer, Courtney B.

While each design is customized to the individual’s style and budget, there are generally four simple steps to the online interior design process:

What's My Interior Design Style - Blog Banner
  1. Complete a fun interior design style quiz
  2. Get proposals from multiple designers and choose a favorite concept
  3. Receive photorealistic 3D renderings of the new space
  4. Get online shopping list with significant discounts and implementation help
Contemporary farmhouse kitchen by Decorilla interior design services, designer Drew F.
Contemporary farmhouse kitchen by Decorilla interior design services, designer Drew F.

An online interior design service is the perfect solution for those in search of professional quality designs at an affordable price. And since you receive concepts from multiple designers you’re sure to get a design you’ll love! Not to mention the unbeatable convenience and added benefit of access to exclusive trade discounts. You can even get started on your project today!

3. Search for a Local Interior Design Company

Luxury living room be Decorilla designer, Taize M
Luxury living room be Decorilla designer, Taize M.

While online interior design opens up possibilities in selecting a designer, there are also benefits in searching for ‘interior designers near me‘. Having an interior designer within a close proximity allows clients to see and touch proposed colors and finishes. It is also helpful when unexpected needs come up in a project.

Customers benefit from a local designer’s face-to-face interactions and have a chance to save money by finding the fresh expertise of local up-and-coming designers as well. Sites like Yelp and Houzz offer valuable directories, feedback and before & after images from previous customers.

4. Furniture Store Interior Design Services

Pottery barn store interior design services
Image Credit, Pottery Barn interior design services

Love the look of Ethan Allen, Restoration Hardware or Pottery Barn? The good news is that more and more furniture stores offer free interior design consultations, with a minimum purchase required. Beyond furniture, interior design help from these stores include accessories and color suggestions in their plans for client homes.

West Elm interior design services
Image credit, West Elm Interior Design services

Keep in mind, not all stores send out qualified interior designers. Rather, some send out employees who know the merchandise and have a good design sense. This is helpful in decorating a space, but projects that require a more in-depth scope like bespoke pieces, built in cabinets, or kitchen/bath renovations may require more expertise.

5. Take an Interior Design Course

affordable interior design courses

For a more hands-on approach, becoming educated in interior design may be a wonderful way to get the help you need! Sometimes becoming familiar with interior design methods and trends is as simple as studying inspiration from some of the best interior design sources. For example, Instagram and Pinterest are a great way to get daily eye candy on your phone.

best interior design course by kelly wearstler

Take things a step further with online interior design courses such as a MasterClass by a prominent interior designer. Classes like these are certainly able to give you enough insight into designing within a few hours or less. In addition, they’re affordable and don’t require a huge time commitment.

Whether using a design app, checking out a DIY video or working with local or online interior designers, these top interior design service options will provide tools and tips to create the beautiful designer spaces that you’ll love.

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