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Looking to take your home design to the next level with the help of AI? Discover the best AI interior design apps and tools that are redefining the way we decorate our spaces. With features like personalized recommendations and virtual room planning, these tools make it easier than ever to achieve your dream home.

List of AI Interior Design Apps and Tools in this Guide

How to Use Artificial Intelligence in Interior Design 

Modern living room design by Decorilla Online Interior Design

Like any specialized tool, AI for interior design needs some getting used to. That said, these programs are often user-friendly, especially once you know how to communicate to get what you’re looking for. And the way to do that is usually through prompts, aka simple text commands.

Here are the simple steps to follow with AI interior design: 

  1. Pick an AI interior design app with a robust AI component that adapts to your needs. Fortunately, you have your pick of the best as we look at the top options below!
  2. Set clear parameters by defining your preferences. This can include your preferred room, style, colors, furniture arrangement, budget, and any other key elements you want. Knowing what you want and how to communicate it is key. 
  3. Specify the type of visualization you want such as 3D, CAD drawing, moodboard, or floor plan. Knowing how much detail you’ll need and the format you want will help you get the best results. 3D visualizations in landscape format are usually great for general contractors to work with if you have to hand them off to a professional.
  4. Provide feedback on your AI interior design to refine the final image.
  5. Experiment! Try different tools to get a myriad of inspiration. You can use a combination of two or more tools for the best results.

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Choosing the Right AI for Room Design

AI interior design living room in a midcentury modern style
Decorilla AI interior design living room

Creating your ideal space goes hand in hand with picking the right tool or process for your interior design needs. So, consider the app’s features, user-friendliness, reviews, cost, and support options. If you prefer a more hands-on approach, consider one of the top online interior design services instead. 

Here are the top-rated Interior AI apps on our list:

  • Best Overall Interior Design App: Midjourney
  • Best Personalized AI Interior Designer: Decorilla
  • Top Free AI Room Design Tool: Bing Image Creator 
  • Best Offline AI Interior Design App: DiffusionBee
  • Most Versatile Interior Design AI Generator: OpenArt

Best AI Interior Design Apps and Tools

1. Archi AI

Image Credit, Archi AI
Image Credit, Archi AI

HOW IT WORKS: Archi AI is among the top architecture and interior design AI platforms. It offers a range of advanced features, including automated design suggestions, real-time optimization of layouts, and intelligent 3D modeling capabilities. The process is pretty straighforward with users uploading a photo of their space, completing a short form and indicating their style. After that, all it takes is the click of a button to generate a unique concept for their home. 

Room generation by Archi AI
Room generation by Archi AI

Archi AI Pros:

  • Unlimited renders.
  • Straightforward process easy for any one to follow. 

Archi AI Cons:

  • Limited features.
  • Rendering quality can be unrealistic. 


Archi AI offers 2 subscription plans; one for single users and another for teams. The former starts at $19 per month while teams costs $89 per month.

2. Decorilla Online Interior Design

Ai interior design with human assistance by Decorilla
Modern rustic living room design Decorilla Online Interior Design

HOW IT WORKS: Decorilla brings the best of both worlds to dwellers everywhere. It integrates AI tools, Augmented Reality, and Virtual Reality technology into its unique approach. And paired with expert interior designers, the hybrid model creates photorealistic virtual designs. They tailor interiors to precise requirements after you start with an interactive questionnaire.

With Decorilla AI interior designer, clients receive accurate 3D models, inspiration from multiple designers, professional guidance, a color palette, a floor plan, and an online shopping list with great designer discounts. First, you’ll start the project with a quick style quiz. After pinpointing your preferences, it moves on to a personalized consultation to define the design scope. From here, you will find real interior designers who specialize in your style. They’ll provide professional visual concepts for your interior and you get to pick your favorite designer and work with them online. Your chosen interior designer will work with you to perfect your space. In the end, you’ll receive photorealistic virtual renderings of your actual new room. You also receive help with your shopping process with their white-glove shopping concierge service.

Bedroom concept with integrated AI room design tools by online interior design services
Boho modern bedroom design by Decorilla AI interior design

Decorilla’s recent updates include integrating AI and machine learning into its platform. Exciting additions include cutting-edge algorithms to analyze clients’ design preferences, style, and past interactions. These insights let interior designers grasp unique client styles and requirements for highly tailored results. Decorilla also uses AI interior design for customer quality assurance, personalized designer tools and training, and analyzing industry trends so that they can provide clients with insights into emerging design styles and popular products.

Ai living room design by online interior designer Decorilla
Luxe contemporary living room by Decorilla online interior design

Decorilla Pros:

  • A hybrid AI app that gets you visual concepts from multiple interior designers who can customize precise designs.
  • You can incorporate new and existing pieces with accuracy into your space design.
  • You’ll receive designer furniture discounts that often cover the cost of the package and an easy-to-use online shopping list. 
  • They provide floor plans, color palettes, tips and implementation guides, and constant interactive design help.
  • Customer support and AI-powered chatbots can provide assistance, advice, notifications, and quality assurance. 
  • No learning curve to understanding Decorilla’s platform as it is very intuitive.

Decorilla Cons:

  • Although Decorilla is leveraging AI in innovative ways, it is still integrating AI into its interior design process. 
  • There may be a longer waiting period than typical AI interior design apps. That said, Decorilla offers tailored designs AI has yet to perfect. 


Decorilla’s once-off cost structure ranges from Bronze, Silver, and Gold packages. The entry tier for a full-room design starts at $539, but you can also get help per hour at $75/h.

AI interior design for a living room by online interior design services
Glamorous living room by Decorilla online interior design
Moodboard for an AI room design by online interior design company Decorilla
Decorilla online interior design moodboard
AI room design by online interior designer
Elevations of a closet by Decorilla online interior design services
AI online shopping list for a living room interior design by online interior decorator Decorilla
Decorilla online shopping list
AI interior design by online interior design services
Glamorous living room by Decorilla Online Interior Design

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3. Spacely AI

Spacely AI tools
Spacely AI tools

HOW IT WORKS: Spacely AI is advancing the interior design industry with its advanced AI-driven platform. It offers users the ability to visualize and customize their living spaces with ease, using a variety of tools that suggest design options based on personal tastes and spatial dimensions. From converting collages into renderings or transferring your preferred style into your space, this smart design tool has lots of cool features.  Spacely AI’s intuitive interface and innovative features make it an invaluable asset for both homeowners and professional designers seeking a tech-forward approach to home design.

Spacely AI example
Editing of a bedroom by Spacely AI

Spacely AI Pros:

  • A wide array of tools that are able to tackle different design dilemmas. 
  • Free pricing plans that allow for users to experiment before paying.
  • Plenty of options and settings make it possible to create and edit more realistic adaptations of your room. 

Spacely AI Cons:

  • Options can be overwhelming.
  • Can prove difficult to learn all the various tools. 


Spacely AI offers a free plan, but users can expect lower resolution, longer wait times, watermarks, and no commercial license or generation history. However, all of that can be avoided with paid plans that start at $12 monthly.

4. Remodeled AI

Remodeled AI interior design example
Image Credit, Remodel AI

HOW IT WORKS: Remodeled AI is a specialized platform designed to streamline and enhance the home remodeling process using artificial intelligence. This service stands out by offering AI-driven simulations that project potential renovations with remarkable accuracy, helping homeowners and designers make informed decisions. It uniquely focuses on remodel-specific challenges, providing solutions for layout changes, material selection, and cost estimation.

Remodeled AI theme options
Theme options on Remodeled AI

Remodeled AI Pros: 

  • Provides precise AI-driven visualizations of potential remodeling outcomes.
  • Offers valuable guidance on material selections and cost estimations, aiding budget management.
  • Assists in exploring and finalizing efficient layout changes for remodeling projects.

Remodeled AI Cons: 

  • Requires users to be somewhat tech-savvy to fully utilize all its features.
  • The effectiveness of the AI’s suggestions heavily relies on the accuracy of the input data and measurements.


Give the platform a test run with a free trial or upgrade your account with paid plans starting at $9.99 per month. 

5. SofaBrain

SofaBrain AI interior design before & after
SofaBrain AI interior design before & after

HOW IT WORKS: SofaBrain is an innovative platform orginally geared towards visualizing furniture in your space. However, it has grown into uses for real estate, home makeovers, and design professionals. It uses AI to analyze a user’s style preferences, room dimensions, and functional requirements to recommend room designs. It offers a virtual try-on feature that allows users to visualize how different furniture will look in their home. This service simplifies the often daunting task of shopping, ensuring a harmonious match between comfort, style, and space.

SofaBrain bedroom AI design
Bedroom AI design by SofaBrain

SofaBrain Pros: 

  • Wide range of settings and options. 
  • Ability to swap out specific furniture pieces.
  • Many AI models to choose from, with each providing a unique image. 

SofaBrain Cons:

  • Results may show obvious errors in images, such as misshaped furniture.
  • Room designs may have limited detail.
  • Some of the AI models are only available on paid credit.


SofaBrain has 3 packages. The Basic plan starts at $12 per month with a limit of 50 designs per month. The Standard and Professional plans start at $21 per month with the latter offering up to 3 users and VIP support. 

6. RoomGPT AI Interior Design

AI interior designer results on RoomGPT
Image Credit, RoomGPT

HOW IT WORKS: RoomGPT‘s artificial intelligence interior design runs on a simple upload-and-adapt model. You start the rendering process by logging in with your Google account and uploading an image of your room. Then you can select the room type and up to four styles for the AI-generated redesigns. The platform will then provide a rendering based on your preferences. 

Interior design AI app example on RoomGPT
RoomGPT’s AI room design platform

RoomGPT Pros:

  • Easy to use and quick results. 
  • Customer support and the ability to request features are available with paid accounts. 
  • Renderings based on the room you want to redesign. 

RoomGPT Cons:

  • The free version has limited styles and unrealistic AI images. However, subscribing to the Pro or Business version will give you higher quality and unlimited renderings.
  • The free version has no prompt option.
  • There is a cap on how many renderings you can select unless you buy credit for more adaptations. 
  • Requires a Google account to access RoomGPT.


RoomGPT starts off with a free trial, after that you can buy a monthly subscription with the Pro Plan coming in at $15 and the Business Plan at $30. Each plan comes wiht unlimited renderings but varies in how many images can be created at once and the usage rights. 

7. Chat GPT 4 Dall-E

Chat GPT 4 Dalle AI Interior Design
Image Credit, Chat GPT 4 Dall-E

HOW IT WORKS: Chat GPT 4 Dall-E is one of the more comprehensive image creators available. It’s no wonder, as it’s part of the bigger OpenAI platform. To create an image, you can use text prompts or upload an inspiration picture for it to work on. Once an original image has been generated, it can offer different angles, versions, and even edits too. That said, all this is only available with a subscription. This AI for home design may be more complex, but it offers many capabilities.

If you’d like to learn exactly how to use Chat GPT 4 Dall-E to create AI images, then read the tutorial here.  

DALL·E AI Interior Design example
Image Credit, DALL·E AI Interior Design example

Chat GPT 4 Dall-E Pros:

  • Image creation with feedback and modification options that is great for inspiration and aesthetics.
  • Paired with Chat GPT 4, the tool can create shopping lists in an oraganized table format. However, keep your eyes on the details since there can be issues with items being out of stock or not matching the desired dimensions.

Chat GPT 4 Dall-E Cons:

  • Often generates spaces that are markedly different in structure and layout from the uploaded inspiration rooms.
  • Interiors can look unrealistic, especially with trickier prompts. Dall-E is better suited to creating artistic images. 


Subscription to Chat GPT Plus required at $20 per month. 

8. Dreamhouse AI

Dreamhouse AI Interior Design Service
Dreamhouse AI-generated interior designs


Dreamhouse AI is also at the forefront of revolutionizing interior design with cutting-edge artificial intelligence. Tailored for those intrigued by AI’s role in interior design, it offers a unique platform where technology meets creativity, providing personalized, efficient design solutions. Dreamhouse AI analyzes your preferences and space to craft bespoke designs that align with your style and functional needs. It’s an innovative approach for anyone seeking a blend of tech-savviness and aesthetic flair in their home design. 

Dreamhouse AI
Image Credit, Dreamhouse AI example

Dreamhouse AI Pros:

  • Quickly generates design options in 35+ design styles
  • Tailors designs to individual preferences and space requirements using advanced algorithms.
  • Unlimited usage for a flat-rate. 

Dreamhouse AI Cons:

  • AI-driven designs may lack the nuanced understanding and personal touch of a human designer.
  • There’s a risk of receiving more generic designs due to algorithm-based outputs.
  • Fair usage limits output to about 1000 renders per month


Pro plans start at $39 per month or $390 per year, which include unlimited usage. 

9. Fotor AI Interior Design App

Examples of Fotor's AI for interior design
Image Credit, Fotor

HOW IT WORKS: Fotor has a user-friendly interface that is fun to use. You can select the prompt or image upload option and specify the aspect ratio, rendering style, and number of images you’d like to generate. Each picture costs one credit. Once they run out, you can add more from their credit store. 

AI generated room design on the Fotor platform
AI-generated room design on Fotor

Fotor Pros:

  • High-quality images and a convenient interface. 
  • You can access Fotor for free by signing in with any account. 

Fotor Cons:

  • Once the initial four free credits are up, you’ll need to buy credits to continue generating images. 
  • No modification options, and you’ll have to reword your prompt or upload a different reference picture. 


Fotor’s paid monthly subscriptions (Fotor Pro and Fotor Pro+) start at $3.33 and credits range from $19 for 200 credits and up.

10. AI Room Planner 

AI Room planner Interior AI
Image Credit, AI Room Planner

HOW IT WORKS: AI Room Planner is a no-fuss interior design app for room redesign. It’s a simple upload-and-transform platform. This makes it specific to your actual space – a great benefit. However, it also has drawbacks, as you can’t add prompts to create a unique space. Fortunately, you can click the “render new idea” button to your heart’s content. In this way, you might stumble on inspiration by seeing your room in a different light.

Getting started couldn’t be easier. Simply subscribe with your Google account, upload a photo of your room, then select the room type and preferred style.

Artificial intelligence interior design example AI Room Planner
An AI interior design transformation on AI Room Planner

AI Room Planner Pros: 

  • Free.
  • Quick and easy to use. You can jump straight into interior design with its AI generator without figuring out which prompts to use or the ins and outs of the algorithm. 

AI Room Planner Cons: 

  • You need a Google account to start the redesign process.
  • Room prompts aren’t available – limiting your customization. 
  • You can only select a style and room type for it to start generating. 
  • In the same way, changes are limited, but the renders can open new design avenues you may not have considered yet.  


AI Room Planner is free to use. 

Pros and Cons of Using AI in Interior Design 

Hybrid interior design AI generator by Darya N
Contemporary living room, dining, and kitchen design by Decorilla

The exciting upcoming AI interior design is packed full of benefits. However, there are a few drawbacks to keep in mind too. While AI can assist and inspire, combining it with human expertise and creativity can lead to the best design outcome.

Benefits of an Interior Design AI App 

Drawbacks of Interior AI Creation 

Frequently Asked Questions

With any groundbreaking technology, uncertainty follows. So we took a look at the most frequently asked questions on artificial intelligence interior design to clarify things.  

How does AI help interior design?

AI can help with spatial planning, furniture picks, color palettes, and material selection to save time and inspire. Its algorithms can also adapt to provide better 3D visualizations in time. This, in turn, allows you to preview a design and make informed decisions before implementation.

All of this is thanks to AI-powered software that can analyze vast amounts of data to generate insights and recommendations. It considers trends, specific preferences, and global design patterns to develop content. 

AI kitchen interior design by online interior decorating services
Modern farmhouse kitchen interior design by Decorilla online interior design

What are the benefits of using AI in interior design?

AI algorithms learn and adapt from user feedback and industry trends. In this way, it ensures up-to-date design recommendations and stays ahead of evolving design styles. You can also use AI interior design for inspiration when you feel stuck.

Can AI interior designers replace human designers?

While AI can automate certain aspects of interior design and provide insights, it is unlikely to replace human designers. Interior design involves a creative element that requires human intuition, emotion, and personalization. Designers can interpret complex requirements, understand cultural nuances, and infuse unique features into their work. AI is a powerful tool, but without human assistance, there can be glitches and frustration associated with not getting the design you want.

AI interior design of a modern farmhouse
Modern farmhouse design by Decorilla

Is AI interior design free?

While some AI interior design tools offer free usage, most of the advanced or comprehensive ones require payment or work on a credit system. It’s also worth mentioning that most of these tools are continually evolving, and their capabilities, as well as pricing models, could change over time.

As summarized in this article, DiffusionBee is a tool that runs offline and is entirely free to use. OpenArt is another AI tool that is free to start with, providing 1000 credits for you to begin your room design journey. On the other hand, Midjourney operates as a paid service, offering realistic renderings and adaptations. If users are not happy with the initial generation, they can regenerate an image according to their prompt. And Decorilla represents a hybrid AI interior design solution, offering a more exact and customized approach, with pricing on a per room basis.

How does AI impact the customer experience in interior design?

AI-powered platforms and apps make interior design more interactive and accessible. You can explore and visualize design options remotely. Plus, you can upload images of your space and experiment with styles and features using the correct prompts and settings.

AI bots can also assist in real-time communication between designers and clients. For example, AI-powered VR or AR applications let clients walk through their designed spaces virtually. It’s an immersive and interactive experience, bringing more satisfaction to the design process.

Want to reimagine your space with AI interior design tools and apps? 

Try online interior design out for yourself and enhance your decorating journey. Schedule a Free Interior Design Consultation to start your home makeover today!

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