Dark and dramatic botanical wallpaper idea

Wallpapers are no longer a design trend of the past! With a plethora of prints, textures, and applications wallpapers have come a long way from grandma’s frumpy florals. Today these coverings are all about adding depth, movement, and personality to interior designs. Understandably, selecting the right wallpaper to accentuate your space can be a daunting task. To help you get started, we have rounded up our favorite wallpaper ideas and inspiration for every room of your house!

Bedroom Wallpaper Ideas

1. Monochromatic Forest 

Monochromatic Forest bedroom wallpaper idea by Mladen C
Monochromatic forest mural wallpaper for a bedroom by Decorilla interior designer, Mladen C.

Bring a whole new meaning to “sleep like a log” with forest themed wallpaper. Above all, opt for a monochromatic pattern to keep a restful and relaxing vibe to the room.  

2. Paradise At Home

Tropical print wallpaper for a bedroom oasis
Tropical print wallpaper idea for a bedroom oasis by Decorilla designer, Michelle B.

Ready for a vacation? Bring a touch of your favorite getaway to your bedroom with tropical print wallpaper. As a result, you’ll feel like you’re lounging at your own personal retreat in no time. 

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3. Subtle Prints

Subtle Bedroom wallpaper by Mladen C.
Neutral-toned wallpaper ideas for a contemporary bedroom by Decorilla interior designer, Mladen C.

Not all wallpaper ideas need to be bold and in your face. Especially for the bedroom, consider soft patterns in calming tones. Too much visual stimulation could make it hard to fall asleep. 

4. Add Charm to the Ceilings

Floral ceiling wallpaper makes a dramatic statement

Remember how the Renaissance had extravagant ceilings? Take inspiration from history and give it a modern twist by incorporating tropical accents on the fifth wall. 

5. Masculine Appeal

Charcoal wallpaper feature for the bedroom
Charcoal wallpaper feature for the bedroom by Decorilla interior designer, Berkeley H.

Feminine florals and bold designs aren’t for everyone. Bring a masculine vibe into your bedroom design with dark wallpaper ideas in colors like charcoal, navy blue, or forest green, for example.

Bathroom Wallpaper Ideas

6. Accentened Bathtub Nook

Tropical leaf bathroom wallpaper ideas by Sonia C
Tropical leaf bathroom wallpaper ideas by Decorilla interior designer, Sonia C.

Surround your soaking tub with your favorite patterned wallpaper. Think banana leaf and palm fronds for a relaxing tropical vibe or perhaps a textured grasscloth wallpaper for an air of spa-like sophistication.

7. Floral Bathroom Wallpaper Ideas

Bathroom chairrail marble wallpaper

Repetitive bathroom wallpaper ideas in a floral theme bring rhythm and movement to the room. Just by creating a feature wall with such wallpapers, you can achieve rich and zen-like vibes in the bathroom. 

8. Abstract Animal Printed Wallpapers

Animal print bathroom wallpaper ideas make a wild statement

For all animal lovers, this bathroom wallpaper idea will take your hearts away. Let your creativity run wild – literally. Whimsical animal prints are totally on vogue, and they also look super chic. 

9. Half-Wall Bathroom Wallpaper Ideas

Half-wall bathroom wallpaper

Draw the eyes up and install wallpapers at higher levels to create a visually heightening effect. For instance, you can lay wall panels or tiles near the floor and stick the wallpaper on the upper half of the wall. 

10. Dark and Dramatic Bathroom Wallpaper

Dark and dramatic all-over bathroom wallpaper
Dark and dramatic all-over bathroom wallpaper by Decorilla interior designer Mladen C.

Don’t shy away from going dark, especially if your lavatory already has great natural light. Add contrast to the space with stark white finishings for a classic black and white look.

Dining & Kitchen Wallpaper Ideas

11. Banana Leaf Wallpaper Feature

Kitchen Wallpaper Ideas Marcy G
Kitchen wallpaper ideas by Decorilla interior designer, Marcy G.

Banana leaf print has become a favorite among designer wallpapers and the kitchen embraces this trend easily. Choose a wall or space large enough to allow the entire print to be showcased.

12. Bold Backsplash Wallpapers

Backsplash wallpaper ideas for the kitchen

Move over tiles. A bold patterned wallpaper can certainly make a backsplash pop. However, just be sure to select a performance wallpaper that can withstand the elements from cooking and washing up. 

13. A Zesty Affair with Fruits and Flowers

Fruit-themed kitchen wallpaper ideas give a fresh look

Modern kitchen wallpaper ideas with fruity patterns offer an enticing look to the kitchen. Moreover, incorporating large scale prints will give your kitchen design an upbeat look.

14. Botanical Wallpaper Ideas

Botanical Breakfast Nook Wallpaper - Jessica S
Botanical breakfast nook wallpaper by Decorilla interior designer, Jessica S.

Including botanical wallpaper in your kitchen, like a breakfast nook, for example, is a creative way to enhance the spirit of the space. Over-sized botanical prints help in bringing the outdoors inside, thus providing a lot of warmth and positivity. 

15. Spice up Unexpected Spaces

Unexpected wallpaper ideas for the kitchen
Hands down, this is one of the most innovative kitchen wallpaper ideas. Be imaginative and think of avant-garde ways to upgrade your kitchen décor. Be it unappealing appliances or a boring island, for instance, you can jazz up almost any nook using stellar wallpapers to get a modern look. 

Living Room Wallpaper Ideas

16. Dramatic Dividers

Bold patterned Living room wallpaper ideas Mladen C
Boldly patterned living room wallpaper ideas by Decorilla interior designer, Mladen C.

Create a clear definition of space by applying a bold living room wallpaper to dividing walls between open spaces. For instance, this dramatic black and white pattern offers a stunning visual element while also providing a clear division between the living room and kitchen bar space. 

17. Best Wallpapers for the Living Room


While there are no hard and fast rules for living room wallpaper, it’s always good to keep up with trends and opt for stylish wallpapers. One of our favorites is grasscloth wallpaper. They are textural and provide a visual depth to the room without creating unnecessary drama. But, regardless of what wallpaper you choose, make sure it matches your personality.

18. Pretty Panoramas  

Panoramic Living room Wallpaper Ideas by Jessica S
Panoramic living room wallpaper ideas by Decorilla interior designer, Jessica S

Instead of repetitive prints, a stunning alternative is a living room wallpaper idea that showcases an entire scene. Think a lush landscape print, a fantasy forest, or even a cityscape. As a result, your living room will have a story to tell.

19. Eco-friendly Alternatives 

grasscloth layered wallpaper

If you are looking for conscious ways of redesigning your home, opt for sustainable wallpapers. Ideally, these wallpapers should not contain VOCs and PVCs. Select materials like reused paper, bamboo, and jute, for example, to get a natural and earthy vibe. 

20. Wallpaper Art Pieces

Framed wallart wallpaper ideas

Too scared to commit to full-blown wallpapers? Here is a great wallpaper idea that will save your day! Get a roll of your favorite wallcovering, then frame it, and install on the living room walls. This hack is super versatile and certainly less labor-intensive.

Entry & Hallway Wallpaper Ideas

21. Black and White

Black and white entryway wallpapers
Black and white entryway wallpaper ideas by Decorilla interior designer, Mladen C.

Whether combined or done separately, black and white are timeless color classics. A smooth all-over white wallpaper can be just as dramatic as a black on black print. First, choose the color that fits the mood you’d like to set for your entry. Then select a print you love.

22. Fifth Wall

Floor to Ceiling Geometric Wallpaper

Not afraid of a little drama? Then go over the top with your wallpaper, literally, and add it to the ceiling as well as the walls. Every guest will certainly be wowed upon entrance.

23. Geometric Gorgeousness

Geometric entryway wallpaper by Michelle B
Geometric entryway wallpaper by Decorilla interior designer, Michelle B

You can never go wrong with geometric patterns on the wall! Such wallpapers look rhythmic and allow visual maneuvering. 

24. Floral Welcoming 

Floral entryway wallpaper ideas welcome guests with a statement

Welcome guests with a floral bouquet on your walls. Graphical interpretations of classic floral wallpapers certainly make for the perfect modern accents. There are a plethora of patterns available today whether you like a burst of color or a more subdued monochrome. 

25. Marbled Effect

Marbled entry wallpaper ideas

Add an air of sophistication and elegance with marbled wallpaper. Choose natural tones for a subtle effect that exudes traditional luxury.

Children’s Bedroom Wallpaper Ideas

26. Mixed Patterns

Funky-pink-wallpaper for a girls-room-by-Stella-P
Mixed pattern wallpaper for a girl’s bedroom by Deocrilla interior designer, Stella P.

Looking for an extra funky design for your child’s bedroom? Then, apply different patterned wallpapers in the same color scheme for a fun mixed and matched look. And don’t be afraid to plaster paper on the ceiling too.

27. Jungle Book Children’s Wallpaper Ideas

minimal nursery wallpaper design
Minimal wallpaper idea for nursery by Decorilla interior designer, Lauren A.

The best way to make learning fun for kids is by introducing wallpapers in their room. For example, subtle hued wallpapers not only provide a calming environment but can also be a joyful artwork for children. 

28. Pattern Play

shared kids room wallpaper design idea

Contemporary wallpapers certainly offer a wide array of prints and patterns that look hyper-realistic. Select your child’s beloved cartoon character or even a favorite food and then get to work plastering the room with them.  

29. All About Ombre

Ombre children's room wallpaper idea by Lauren A.
Ombre children’s room wallpaper idea by Decorilla interior designer, Lauren A.

An ombre wallpaper is a great way to introduce color into a child’s bedroom, but not go over the top. Feel free to bring in several colors from the room’s design. For instance, pair different colors on opposing walls for a stunning visual contrast.

30. Shared Space Split

Split Design Children's Wallpaper Ideas by Hannah D.
Split wallpaper design for a shared children’s room by Decorilla interior designer, Hannah D.

If your children share a room, a split wallpaper design is a brilliant hack to define their spaces. In addition, each child’s personality can be captured with their own personal wallpaper choice.

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