Bathroom wallpaper ideas with a bright white and green theme
Muted green wallpaper in a bright bathroom by Decorilla

Wave goodbye to bland bathroom walls! Our dazzling bathroom wallpaper ideas are here to spark a transformation in any space, from sprawling master baths to snug powder rooms. Dive into standout designs and pro tips that will launch your style-savvy wallpaper revamp.

What to Know Before Wallpapering Your Bathroom

Bathroom wallpaper ideas and decor
Vibrant wallpaper for small bathrooms by Decorilla

Before embarking on an interior refresh and bathroom wallpaper decor adventure, jot down these expert tips. Remember: when you’re prepared, you can ensure a successful and stylish outcome. 

Pro Tip: Match your favorite bathroom wallpaper ideas to your style. Unsure what that is? Then take an interior design style quiz to pinpoint your personal style! 

Master bathroom wallpaper design inspiration and ideas
Neutral and organic master bathroom by Decorilla
  • Always opt for moisture-resistant wallpaper. Given the steamy conditions, pick a wallpaper that thrives in moisture-rich environments to ensure a durable and covetable bathroom design.
  • Prep your walls correctly. Ensure a flawless finish for your modern wallpaper in a powder room or en-suite by starting with walls that are dry, smooth, and pristine. Fix any flaws and lay down a primer coat for the best adherence for your wallpaper sheets.
  • Take accurate wall measurements. Be meticulous with your measurements to purchase the right amount of wallpaper. Having a bit extra beats the hassle of a mid-project shortage.

Best Bathroom Wallpaper Ideas

Contemporary bathroom wallpaper ideas
Contemporary gray bathroom design by Decorilla

Spruce up your bathroom design with wallpaper ideas and decor that tell a story. With the right patterns or hues, you can transform your daily routine into an immersive aesthetic experience.

1. Minimalist Peaks: Outdoor-Inspired En Suite

Blue bathroom wallpaper decor and design ideas
Blue bathroom wallpaper for a soothing interior by Decorilla

A striking wallpaper with a muted, abstract mountain landscape brings an element of serene, natural beauty to a room. Most large-scale designs in wallpaper form act as a statement piece, creating a sense of depth and openness that complements a minimalist aesthetic. Here, the calming blue tones of the wallpaper pair perfectly with the warm wood accents and the clean lines of the contemporary fixtures.

2. Gold and Black Sophistication: Luxurious Bathroom Design 

Contemporary bathroom wallpaper ideas and inspiration for a black and gold interior design
Luxurious bathroom wallpaper by Decorilla designer, Lauren O.

Sprinkle your interior with refined trendy bathroom aesthetics, where bathroom wallpaper design ideas show off bold contrasts and nature-inspired motifs. Think large floral patterns in gold set against a dark background – it’s sure to create a luxurious and dramatic effect. Plus, it’s ideal for adding depth and visual intrigue to your space. By incorporating metallic accents through wallpaper, you can set a focal point and a touch of opulence. 

3. Serene Sanctuary: Nature Scene Master Bath

Bathroom wall paper ideas for a feature wall in a main en suite
Master bathroom design in white and pastel blue by Decorilla

Wallpaper design ideas can invigorate an interior with a serene, nature-inspired scene. Specifically, bathroom wallpaper design ideas, with soft pastel backgrounds and vibrant wildlife illustrations, infuse a spa-like calmness into a space.

Master bathroom wallpaper ideas for a moody design
Master bathroom with a romantic design by Decorilla

Conversely, a dark wallpaper with a natural theme can also create a calming interior. However, it’ll add a sense of intimacy and drama too. Both options add visual interest but also pair beautifully with natural light and minimalist fixtures. 

Master Bathroom Wallpaper Ideas  

Wallpaper design ideas for a small bathroom
Opulent contemporary bathroom design by Decorilla

Let your master bath be a showcase of style with designer bathroom wallpaper. Whether bold patterns or indulgent textures – you can create an unmatched interior. 

4. Floral Serenity: Contemporary Femme Design

Bathroom wallpaper design ideas for a master bath
Floral bathroom design by Decorilla designer, Betsy M.

This bright and inviting space boasts a beautiful bathroom wallpaper with oversized floral patterns. It injects a healthy dose of vibrancy and an organic feel. The soft pastels are soothing and complement the clean lines of modern bathroom fixtures.

Powder room wallpaper ideas with a floral motiff
Floral wall design in an en suite by Decorilla

A contemporary floral design marries the serenity of nature with the comforts of contemporary living. It’s ideal for creating a tranquil yet stylish bathroom.  To set a modern and trendy interior, opt for an abstract motif for a modern and timeless style. 

5. Vintage Botanica: Nostalgic Bathroom Wallpaper

Bathroom wallpaper inspiration for a retro designer style
Bathroom with an antique style by Decorilla

For a master bathroom that radiates a rustic charm, experiment with wallpaper designs reminiscent of William Morris’s vintage botanical prints. It’ll soften the space and add a romantic touch. The typically muted colors will complement natural wood tones and a classic white bathtub, creating a timeless look. 

6. Attic Tranquillity: Quaint Wallpaper Ideas

Master bathroom wallpaper decor
Master bathroom with vintage wallpaper and decor by Decorilla

This bathroom feels like a calming escape, featuring wallpaper with delicate botanical prints. The light color palette of the wallpaper complements the bright and airy feel of the attic space while adding texture and intrigue without overpowering the room’s clean aesthetic. 

Small Bathroom Wallpaper Ideas 

Black graphic bathroom wall paper ideas
Black graphic bathroom design by Decorilla

Infuse compact spaces with bold style! Using impactful wallpaper designs for small bathrooms is a designer trick to visually expand the area and add character. Plus, picking the right pattern, scale, and color can turn a petite washroom into a chic jewel box.

7. Zen Nature: Calming Bathroom Design 

Contemporary bathroom design by Raneem K.
Contemporary bathroom design by Decorilla designer, Raneem K.

Contemporary nature-inspired bathroom wallpaper shows how modern design can create a relaxing environment. Here, a floral motif creates a peaceful setting and an artistic edge to a small space. In addition, the soft pastel colors and graceful movement of the blooms bring about a spacious feeling. 

8. Herringbone Harmony: Tactile Wallpaper Ideas

Wood effect designer bathroom wallpaper ideas
Wood-effect bathroom interior by Decorilla designer, Betsy M.

Introducing a modern, tactile-rich bathroom wallpaper into a small interior is a shortcut to creating a diverse and interesting design. You can make your compact interior pop by contrasting material textures. If the walls mimic wood, opt for smooth ceramics or marble to create a beautiful and stimulating bathroom. 

9. Geometric Elegance: Symmetric Chic Bathroom

Small bathroom wallpaper ideas
Glamorous small bathroom design by Decorilla designer, Kristina B.

A chic and serene bathroom is always a winner. One way to get it right at home is with a neutral and geometric wallpaper. The sophisticated pattern will feel luxurious without overwhelming the space, proving to be an elegant yet modish backdrop. 

Powder Room Wallpaper Ideas 

Small half bath wallpaper ideas for a powder room or bathroom
Modern powder room interior design by Decorilla

Make a small space a standout feature of your home with half-bath wallpaper ideas that add a punch of personality and elegance. By selecting the perfect wallpaper, you can transform a powder room into a charming nook that reflects your taste and flair.

10. Waves of Whimsy: Bold Coral Powder Room Wallpaper

Pink modern bathroom wallpaper for a powder room
Modern bathroom wallpaper for a powder room by Decorilla

As a contemporary take on wallpaper in a powder room, this dynamic coral and white abstract wave pattern adds a playful yet sophisticated touch. Not only does it inject a pop of color into the space but also serves as an artistic statement, creating a lively atmosphere. It’s a perfect example of how the right wallpaper ideas can transform a small space into an inviting one!

11. Leafy Bliss: Green Half Bath Wallpaper Design

Beautiful green wallpaper design ideas for bathrooms and powder room
Bold botanical bathroom design Decorilla

If you want a powder room that exudes a natural ambiance, a botanical washroom wallpaper design is perfect for you. These large-scale leaf illustrations create a focal point, offering an organic touch that contrasts with sleek marble and metallic fixtures. In this way, you can blend artistry with the calming influences of the natural world.

12. Teal Texture: Minimal Powder Room Wallpaper

Designer bathroom wallpaper
Tactile half bath wallpaper design by Decorilla designer, Rachel H.

This textured teal wallpaper brings a tactile dimension to the bold wallpaper powder room, enhancing the sensual aspect of the design. The rich color and embossed surface interact playfully with light, giving life to the walls and complementing the elegant fixtures and framed artwork. Using tactile elements in your design is an easy step to a luxurious and layered interior. 

Need more than bathroom wallpaper ideas and inspiration? 

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