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Beachy, breathtaking, and luxurious – Miami is the ultimate in upscale coastal living. Yet, a lively cultural medley peeks through in these sleek and sophisticated spaces. That’s part of what makes this Floridian metropolis so alluring. Read on as we decode the Miami decorating style below!

What is Miami Decorating Style?

Miami inspired décor - Dina H
Open plan living featuring Miami-inspired decor by Decorilla designer, Dina H.

Sunny beaches and beautiful architecture aren’t the only things going for Miami. It’s also home to its own architectural style, dubbed MiMo, or Miami Modern. This unique take on contemporary modern design also features distinct Latin American references. As a result, it’s undeniably alluring.

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Miami interior design style - Renata P
Miami style house interior by Decorilla designer, Renata P.

As such, a Miami decorating style follows suit. It’s a mingle of ultra-modern design, glam room ideas, and vibrant elements. All of these are set against a neutral backdrop, often characterized by glossy marble and bright white palettes. That said, a hint of nature shines through even the most luxe space.

Pro Tips for Pulling Off Miami Interior Design Style

Miami inspired décor in an open concept home - Taize M
Miami-inspired décor in a home by Decorilla designer, Taize M.

One of the top Miami interior designers can certainly pull off the high-end decorating style. But there’s more than one way to get a swoon-worthy home. With a few tips, you’ll have the basics to unlocking your dreamy coastal oasis. 

1. Pick a Light Base

Miami inspired decor - Jordan S
Miami interior design style by Decorilla designer, Jordan S.

A Miami interior design style often encompasses a neutral, mainly white, palette. White, off-white, and various shades of gray make a good base for walls and surfaces. That said, contemporary Miami homes are not all cool austere.

Warmer wood and metal tones are also welcome! In the end, the overall color scheme should be airy and light but also layered to encourage dimension and depth. 

2. Add Smooth & Sleek Surfaces

high end bathroom interior design ideas
Glam bathroom in a Miami-style house interior by Decorilla

New Miami properties diversify their color and texture use, but polished surfaces remain. Marble is a favorite, but other stones are also gaining popularity with the global shift toward more rustic, organic interiors. Traditional and local options are among the best-loved. Opt for stone countertops or marble accents, like fruit bowls or vases.

3. Add Flora One Way or Another

Miami decorating style - House Beautiful & Susan C
Miami decorating style by Decorilla designer, Susan C. (left) and House Beautiful (right)

Palm trees are almost emblematic of Florida. A home encompassed in a grove of palm trees may be ideal, but it’s not always possible. The good news is you can evoke the easy Miami beach vibe in your interior design style.

If possible, go big with massive potted indoor palms. They also work well in a double-volume great room. Alternatively, create a feature wall with a monochromatic, tasteful palm-themed wallpaper.

4. Highlight Culture

Miami interior design style - 2idinteriors

Miami is a cultural melting pot. It is home to Hispanic, African American, Jewish American, Caribbean, Haitian, Asian Pacific heritage, and many more! As a result, these upscale glam interiors also have a one-of-a-kind identity. So be sure to add global flair to your Miami decorating style too! Think pottery, patterns, and bold colors – but in small doses.   

5. Sprinkle on Neon Bright

Miami inspired decor by Decorilla
Colorful Miami inspired decor by Decorilla

Whether royal purple or fire-y red, a pop of color is a must. That said, a touch of color goes a long way in a light color scheme. Embrace the Miami decorating style with one or two accent pillows or chairs in your favorite vivid hue. It will certainly elevate the look and feel of the interior.    

6. Maximize Indoor-Outdoor Living 

Miami decorating style for outdoors - Amelia R
Miami decorating style for indoor-outdoor living by Decorilla designer, Amelia R.

A sleek Miami-style house interior may be luxe, but it also boasts a harmonious outdoor-indoor feeling. These spaces, as a result, have an undeniable magnetism and are surprisingly inviting. Far from stark, these interiors feel alive. And its connection to nature is to thank for the welcoming air.

You can extend the outdoor reach by opting for grand-scale windows and organic fibers with a lovely raw texture. If you have an outdoor area, make the most of it! 

7. Be Inspired by the Coast

Miami decorating style for a bedroom - Decorilla
Decorilla‘s Miami interior design style

Miami-inspired décor often echoes seaside hues. Opt for calming and subtle motifs. Watercolor splashes fading into white or sandy tones are neutral to suit the theme of a modern space but still enough to evoke the coastal air.

8. Welcome Eclectic 

Miami decorating style - Sonia C
Miami decorating style in a kitchen by Decorilla designer, Sonia C.

Miami is well known for its designer buildings. In fact, from South Beach to Little Havana and the Art Deco district, colors and striking silhouettes take precedence. So, incorporating different styles with Miami-inspired décor is cardinal. Let the city prompt you to use more iconic modern themes and patterns in unexpected places – like a bed base or kitchen backsplash.  

9. Add Fun, Quirky Decor 

Miami inspired decor - Britto Charette

Miami interiors show its exclusive and luxurious decorating style can be fun too. Of course, living in paradise with an everlasting summer has something to do with it. Capture the playfulness of beach days in your interior with fun Miami décor. This can mean artwork, sculptures, or even figurines – whatever puts a smile on your face. 

10. Be Bold with Artwork 

Swooping entryway of a Miami style house interior - Decorilla
Miami-style house interior by Decorilla designer, Wanda P.

Bigger is best when it comes to artwork in Miami. Whatever theme or style you prefer, go all out with one statement piece. It will make for a showstopper entryway or focal point in a lounge design. That said, practicing moderation is a good idea. A bold Miami-inspired décor piece will make a greater impact, especially set in a neat color scheme, than many bits and bobs.   

11. Think Glossy

Miami interior design style dining room - Renata P
Miami interior design style dining room by Decorilla

Metallic finishes and reflective surfaces provide a sense of glam and opulence in these coastal interiors. Try something similar at home with metallic or shimmery side tables or Miami-inspired décor – think luxe mirror or gold punched side table. 

Let’s start your Miami design!

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