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Before & After: Contemporary High Ceiling Living Room

Modern high ceiling living room

Nothing screams luxury more than a high ceiling living room. There is something very posh and sophisticated about the airy, height of tall ceilings that literally make everyone swoon. However, designing these space can pose a challenge. With so much extra room comes the responsibility to decorate it in a thoughtfully proportionate way. Recently, a… Read more »

Before & After: Vaulted Ceiling Contemporary House Interior

contemporary home interior with cathedral ceiling

  Creating the perfect contemporary home interior can pose a challenge when a commanding vaulted ceiling living room is thrown in the mix. Double height rooms require special attention to details and proportions to get the look just right. This is exactly the reason recent clients reached out to Decorilla for some professional help. Read… Read more »

Before & After: Contemporary Kitchen Design

Contemporary kitchen design - Beyond ID

Creating a kitchen design that meets the multifunctional needs of a home can pose a challenge. From rush hour mornings to lazy Sunday brunches – this room caters to all and more. As the hub of the home, it is important the kitchen accommodates your family’s lifestyle. With this in mind, one homeowner turned to… Read more »

Before & After: Contemporary Living Room and Kitchen Addition

Contemporary kitchen and living room addition

Few places are as welcoming as a spacious combined kitchen and living room. An open-plan hub not only makes a home feel airy and exquisite, but it can also bring the household together. However, designing a cohesive space between the two areas can pose a challenge, especially when a home addition is included. Which is… Read more »

Before & After: Contemporary Home Interior Design

contemporary home interior design living room

What is more striking than a successful contemporary home interior design? Minimal aesthetics provide a sense of luxury and comfort that no other design style can satisfy. To make their edgy dreams come to life, one client turned to Decorilla’s online interior design service. And the result is breathtaking – keep reading for the room… Read more »

Before & After: Rustic Contemporary House Décor

Rustic contemporary house - Houzz

A new house certainly comes with the exciting opportunity to make a home exactly as you want it, whatever the style. One recent client quickly turned to Decorilla’s online interior design services to make her rustic contemporary house dream a reality. Read on for the undeniably sumptuous yet cozy result!

Before & After: Stunning Contemporary Home Remodel

Contemporary house remodel lounge

Renovation is exciting. You get to envision a new home and explore possibilities to make the most of your property. But this journey is not without its challenges. Such big projects tend to have countless difficulties – even when you’re as prepared as can be. That’s why one homeowner turned to Decorilla. They needed help… Read more »

Contemporary Interior Design: 7 Tips to Create a Covetable Design

contemporary interior design

If you love sleek and sophisticated interiors, and can’t keep away from the latest technology, then a Contemporary interior design is perfect for you! Technological advancement is surprisingly one of the largest influences on the function and look of Contemporary interiors. The information age, the digital revolution, and environmentalism all have a hand in change. These changes… Read more »

Before & After: Beautiful Contemporary Renovation

Creating the interior design of your dreams sometimes means going through a renovation. While it’s exciting to redesign a space, it can also be quite overwhelming. With so many options available from floor plan to materials and finishes to furniture selection, getting interior design help from a professional is crucial.

How to get a high-end contemporary living room design on a budget

Modernizing a living room can be challenging especially when you’re working with the traditional design of an older home. A young family of four came to us wanting a multi-functional and modern look for their 1940’s living room. They wanted contemporary accents and a fresh light color palette. With contemporary style in mind and wish to entertain guests, their… Read more »