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Before & After: Modern Industrial Loft Design

Modern Industrial Warehouse Loft Interior Design

Modern industrial loft design is just as alluring as ever! And it’s easy to see why – its minimalist appeal, cozy furniture set against rugged architecture, and spaciousness are oh-so attractive. One recent Decorilla client was just as enthralled by the style but needed help converting a historical loft into a contemporary abode. Read on… Read more »

Before & After: Modern Living and Dining Room with a Bar

Modern living and dining room design with a moody interior design

Stepping into the world of modern interior design, we often find dining spaces elegantly reimagined to incorporate a chic and functional bar area. Our expert designers took on a similar challenge, creating a seamless blend of comfort, style, and entertainment. Read on to see the remarkable modern living and dining room design makeover!

Before & After: Stylish Small Studio Design

This small studio design was reimagined with a masculine flair and functionality in mind. Through clever space utilization and chic decor, the space transformed into an interior masterpiece. Read on as we reveal the secrets behind the big design impact in a compact space.

Before & After: Warm Neutral Living Room & Dining Transformation

Experience the enchantment of a warm neutral living room and dining room transformation, where a new homeowner’s dreams come to life. The harmonious blend of soothing colors, cozy textures, and captivating details turn these spaces into a haven of comfort and style. Read on to see how serene simplicity turns this once ordinary dwelling intro… Read more »

Before & After: Eclectic Modern Interior Design Makeover

Thanks to eclectic modern interior design, this makeover story features a home brimming with a daring fusion of styles. Each room is steeped in the unique charm of old meets new. This isn’t just a house—it’s a dynamic, personality-filled masterpiece!

12 Modern Bedroom Ideas to Upgrade Your Space

Modern bedroom ideas with a yellow color scheme

Modern bedroom ideas might be just what you need to inspire your next design project. That’s why we’ve put together expert tips and a few of our favorite rooms! They masterfully blend design elements and a touch of creativity to create mesmerizing yet functional spaces. So, let’s dive into interior inspo sure to amp up… Read more »

Before & After: White and Gold Living Room and Dining Room Transformation

Glam white and gold living room inspiration

Step into a realm of pure luxury with a white and gold living room and dining room makeover. Experience the exquisite blend of elegance and sophistication as white furnishings and glistening gold accents transform this space into a breathtaking masterpiece. Get ready to be enchanted by the allure of a living room transformation that exudes… Read more »

11 Modern Dining Room Ideas & Designs for an Updated Look

Modern dining table décor and furniture picks by Dina H

Do you dream of dining in a room that reflects your unique personality and style? Then get ready to feast your eyes on modern dining room ideas that’ll make your space stand out! From cozy family dining to exquisite interiors for hosting in style – read on for designers’ tips on making your dining room… Read more »

Before & After: Luxe Black and White Interior Design   

Luxe black and white interior design - Decorilla

There’s something iconic about a black-and-white interior design. It could be the distinct difference between the two tones or the timeless appeal the colors portray. Either way, the combination is striking. A recent Decorilla client wanted to remodel her home with this iconic flair. Read on to discover how the luxe black and white interior… Read more »

15 Best Modern Interior Design Ideas of 2023

Modern interior design ideas

From marble countertops to brass fixtures, home design trends come and go. And while some make a comeback, others are best left in the past. Some of the most everlasting looks revolve around a modern home interior. That’s why we’ve rounded up the top modern interior design ideas of 2023, so you can be ahead… Read more »