Fireplace Decor Basics: Fireplace Decorating Inspiration for Any Season


fireplace decor for any season

From flowers and candles on the mantel to hanging art above it, there are many ways to achieve great fireplace decor. And – like anywhere else at home – it’s good to update the decor when the seasons change! So, if you have already seen our 15 tips to style your home on a budget, let’s jump into how to decorate a fireplace, season after season.

Fall Fireplace Decor Ideas

rustic fireplace decor rachel h

Fireplace decor inspiration by Decorilla interior designer Rachel H.

Fall is the time of the year when the fireplace area becomes one of the most desired places to be. What a great excuse to amp up your fireplace mantel decor! While temperatures drop outside, a welcoming and warm home is the ultimate pleasure. And a touch of rustic is all it takes to make your space extra cozy! Think distressed wood and dark or brushed metals. They’re typically used in a farmhouse style interior, but a few touches here and there can fit other interior design styles as well, and will be just enough to transition your fireplace decor into fall!


Fireplace decor idea for fall

Especially in this season, going for a walk in the woods can also double as a home decor shopping session. Bring home some pinecones and acorns to fill your vases and jars with fall vibes. You can also use colorful leaves at home. By framing them or making a wreath out of them you’ll have created the perfect fall artwork with zero money spent!

Winter Fireplace Inspiration

winter fireplace decor ilaria c

Fireplace decorating inspiration for winter by Decorilla designer Ilaria C.

Time to think about fireplace Christmas decorations! A garland with picks, ornaments and some sparkles is the most traditional way to decorate a mantel for the holidays, and we love that! If you want to go less traditional, create a Christmas vignette in the center of the mantel (or two at the sides). For a relaxed vibe, display some picks into a vase and lay a few ornaments around it…and you’ll be ready for the holidays!

winter fireplace decor

Finally, to make the atmosphere even more magic, don’t forget to light up the mantel with twinkle lights and candles (battery operated are the safest bet here, especially next to greenery of other flammable items). Above the mantel, hang a “Merry Christmas” sign or a festive artwork to pull the theme together. And don’t forget to hang stockings for Santa to come!
Mirrors are another essential when it comes to above fireplace decor. They work all year round and help make a space feel larger and brighter. But in winter they’ll make your home even merrier, by reflecting all the Christmas decorations you have put up. So, if you’re hanging or leaning a mirror above your fireplace mantel, choose carefully what will go in front of it. That’s what will be reflected and it will be like having it doubled!

Fireplace Decor For Spring

fireplace decor corine m

Fireplace mantel decor by Decorilla designer Corine M.

Spring is the time of the year when nature blooms…and your fireplace mantel should bloom too! Not surprisingly then, our best fireplace decorating inspiration for spring is to add flowers to your mantel! Depending on style and tastes, you can choose loose flowers in a simple vase, a more curated arrangement or a plant with flowers. But the rule is only one: bring the colors of spring inside!
All the rest of the fireplace decor will follow, with pastel vases, flower prints and colorful candles. And what about hanging some colorful plates over the mantel? They will add color and fun, plus it’s a great way to reuse those spares you don’t want to get rid of!


Fireplace decorating ideas for spring

Summer Fireplace Decor Ideas

fireplace decor for summer

Fireplace decorating by Decorilla interior designer Lane B. W.

Summer means seaside, which calls for coastal decor. Even if you’re not ready to go fully themed, you can still incorporate some essentials. Shells, fisherman ropes and 50 shades of blue are our favorite fireplace decor ideas for summer because they’ll adapt to whatever style you have in your home. But what if coastal decor is really not your thing? Switching your artwork is an easy move and it can be just enough to update your fireplace decor for summer!


Fireplace decor ideas

So now that you know the essential fireplace decorating ideas for all seasons, you can start decorating! Just make sure your fireplace decor matches with the rest of the room, as this is what will make your space shine the most! And if you need some help to find your style or to put it together beautifully in your home, Decorilla interior designers are here to help!  Schedule A Free Interior Design Consultation with Decorilla and get started today!


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