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Colors are always an amazing opportunity to give character to a home. And painting walls is one of the best ways to achieve that! However, choosing a color isn’t as easy as it sounds. Take a look at our guide to choose the best bedroom paint colors and keep reading to discover the 10 Benjamin Moore paint colors designers love!

1. Benjamin Moore Paint Color of the Year: Metropolitan AF-690

benjamin moore paint colors metropolitan grey - decorilla rendering
Elegant hallway design by Decorilla designer João A.

The “Color of the Year” is a yearly announcement all designers wait for. It’s such a great source of inspiration! This year the choice fell on Metropolitan, a timeless and elegant grey. This is surely one of the best Benjamin Moore paint colors for bedrooms but not only. Grey is actually the perfect choice for any room; it creates a neutral backdrop to work with and at the same time it sets a sophisticated vibe in the space.

If you’re thinking grey is boring, think twice! It can actually become very fun if used in the right way! For example, think about painting the walls while leaving moldings and trims in white. The contrast immediately gives character and this is a great start for a fun interior design!

2. Benjamin Moore Rich Cream 2153-60

benjamin moore paint colors decorilla living room rendering
Traditional living room by Decorilla designer Mladen C.

Still talking about neutrals, beige is another favorite of all designers. If grey is the best cool neutral, beige is THE neutral color when working with a warm color palette. Once again, it is suitable for both elegant and funkier interiors. Paired with browns and earthy tones, it makes for a sophisticated look. But if you pair it with yellow or orange the result is so much fun!

3. Benjamin Moore Shenandoah Taupe AC-36

Benjamin Moore paint colors inspiration

Could we compile a list of designers’ favorite Benjamin Moore paint colors for interiors without mentioning taupe? Certainly not! The perfect mix of brown and grey, taupe is the way to go to do something different while sticking to a neutral hue. It matches well with virtually any color and leaves full freedom to add more colors with furniture and accessories!

4. Benjamin Moore Chantilly Lace OC-65

benjamin moore paint colors chantilly lace - decorilla project
Airy living room design by Decorilla designer Lauren A.

A pure, crisp white just had to be part of this list as well. Indeed, white is not just the base color of boring rented condos. When used skillfully, it is a precious ally to make a room feel larger and maximize light. It is also a great backdrop when furniture and accessories are already bold and colorful. And it’s perfect if you like to play around with colors and change accents frequently in your home.

5. Benjamin Moore Wrought Iron 2124-10

benjamin moore paint colors moody living room
Modern interior design 3D rendering by Decorilla designer Nazeli I.

Neutral colors are not just light colors. And if black is a little too stark in many situations, a strong charcoal grey may be the perfect choice. Picking from Benjamin Moore paint colors, Wrought Iron is an amazing hue to create a deep and dramatic atmosphere.

And now let’s leave the world of neutrals and see some more Benjamin Moore paint colors!

6. Benjamin Moore Palladian Blue HC-144

benjamin moore paint colors blue dining room
Dining room design by Decorilla designer Sarah M.

People often tend to be reluctant when designers propose colorful walls. In these cases, pale hues are a good compromise between a non-neutral painted wall and a paired down look that is not too loud. Palladian Blue is also a gorgeous Benjamin Moore paint color for bedrooms. It’s the perfect mix of blue and green, two of the best color options for sweet dreams!

7. Benjamin Moore Beau Green – 2054-20

benjamin moore paint colors french kitchen rendering
Traditional kitchen design by Decorilla designer Mary L.

And here is a bold peacock green! Beau Green is part of Benjamin Moore’s color palette for 2019 and designers are loving it. Painting just one wall with this vibrant hue is going to give new life to the dullest room! This color pairs beautifully with other current trends as well. For instance, pairing it with brass accents makes for a modern yet sophisticated palette. We love it!

8. Benjamin Moore Marine Blue 2059-10

benjamin moore paint colors blue bedroom
Bedroom paint colors inspiration – 3D rendering by Decorilla designer Corine M.

This deep navy blue is with no doubts an all-time designers’ favorite. It suits all interior styles from coastal, to contemporary, to traditional, and it’s a great background color for just every room and every home!

9. Benjamin Moore Martha’s Vineyard 630

Benjamin Moore paint colors inspiration.

Timeless colors are always a good choice for interiors. After all, you don’t want to be re-painting every few months! And this is why designers love to take inspiration from evergreen color charts. Martha’s Vineyard is part of Benjamin Moore’s Classic Color Collection and we understand why! It’s bold enough to make a statement, but subdued enough to remain charming and in-style even after long years.

10. Benjamin Moore Topaz 070

benjamin moore paint colors decorilla designer corine m
Modern bedroom design by Decorilla designer, Corine M.

Earthy tones are the best to add warmth to a room. And Benjamin Moore’s Topaz is the perfect mix between orange and terracotta. It creates a welcoming atmosphere and its calming vibe is a great (and unconventional) option for a bedroom!

Stunning bar design by Decorilla designer, Tiara M.

What’s your favorite paint color? If you have an idea but are a bit reluctant to take the plunge, don’t worry! You can discuss your idea with one of Decorilla’s designers and find the perfect hue for your home!  Schedule a Free Consultation today and get ready to add color to your home!

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