Bedroom paint color ideas with navy
Decorilla‘s navy bedroom paint color ideas in a moody transitional interior

Transform your bedroom into a dreamy boudoir with the power of paint. With just the right bedroom paint color ideas, you can create an enchanting atmosphere inviting a good night’s rest! With a touch of creativity and a brush in hand, let’s explore some designs that will transport you to a realm of ultimate bliss.

What is the best color for bedroom walls?

Bedroom paint color ideas for a boho interior
Warm burnt orange bedroom paint color ideas by Decorilla

Get the tone just right by picking the best color for your bedroom walls. Whether an accent wall design or a wall-to-ceiling cover, consider these color groups carefully. And when you have a hue in mind, do a small patch test to see if it comes out as you’d like. Your room’s light exposure will greatly affect the result. 

Best Colors for Bedroom Walls

  • Warm shades, like burnt orange, mustard, and deep burgundy, are perfect for creating an intimate and cozy atmosphere. However, be mindful of the color’s intensity as some hues can be too energizing for a bedroom. So steer clear of electric yellow and bright red. Instead opt for moody, rich, or pastel alternatives.
  • Cool tones, like blue and green, will set a calming and natural air. These tones can refresh and invigorate, which is why it’s important to balance them with grounding accents. This can include organic elements, like wood furniture and warmer details.
  • Neutral hues, like grey, white and black, leave a blank canvas for rest and decor. They can also take on a warm or cool tone to be more comforting or refreshing.

Pro Tip: Match your bedroom paint color to your style for a cohesive look. Not sure what that is? Try our Free Interior Design Style Quiz to find out today!

How to Choose the Right Bedroom Paint Color Ideas for Your Interior

Blue paint color ideas for a transitional bedroom
Cool blue bedroom paint color ideas by Decorilla

colorful interior design is personal, especially in a bedroom. And with this in mind, you need to create a space that makes you happy and comfortable. Here are a few steps to get it right! 

  1. Determine the mood and ambiance you want. Soft, cool colors promote a calm atmosphere, while warm tones like browns create a cozy and welcoming feel.
  2. Take note of the room’s size and natural light. If your room is spacious with loads of sunlight streaming in, you can make it feel cozier with a darker color. On the other hand, a light tone is great for a small and dim bedroom as it’ll make it feel bigger and lighter.
  3. Trust your personal preference. Pick a color that resonates with your style. This way, you’ll have a bedroom reflecting your unique personality.
  4. Coordinate existing décorWill your wall color complement or contrast your existing elements? Intense colors, for example, set against bold furnishings will create an eclectic look but it could be too energizing for a bedroom. It’s important to balance the hues to set a soothing air for rest.
  5. Do a patch test before painting the whole room. The amount of light in your room and the wall’s base color will affect the tone of the paint. It can feel cooler, lighter, or darker than you expect.

Dreamscapes and Rainbow HuesBedroom Paint Color Ideas

Wall painting design for a master bedroom
Neutral and dark paint color ideas for bedroom by Decorilla

Unleash the transformative power of paint and infuse your bedroom interior design with a fresh, new vibe. These inspirational interiors overflow with personality but also promote a good night’s rest!  

1. Warm Mustard for Sunshine Every Day

Yellow paint color ideas for a master bedroom
Bright paint color ideas for bedroom by Decorilla

Paint color ideas for a bedroom can be exciting! Why not infuse your space with the vibrant energy and sunny disposition that yellow paint brings? The bright hue is known for its ability to uplift moods, evoke happiness, and create a warm atmosphere.

Yellow paint color ideas for a bedroom
Yellow paint color ideas for a bedroom by Decorilla

Pick a soft yellow, like a pastel or darker mustard – or, paint only a section of a wall behind the bed as a visual headboard. Also be sure to balance it with natural materials and softer neutrals. 

2. Tranquil Blue for Relaxation 

Best bedroom color ideas for a tranquil interior
Sophisticated blue bedroom color ideas in a transitional interior by Decorilla

A soothing pastel blue accent wall design can be a perfect choice if you want a bedroom that exudes tranquility. It sets a peaceful environment and it can be dressed up or down! This interior, for instance, spruces up the look with layers of darker blues, coral, gray, and white.  It also has a distinctly high-end transitional feel thanks to elegant accents and decor. 

3. Panelled Pale Gray Walls for a Sophisticated Bedroom

Grey paint color ideas for a contemporary bedroom
Master bedroom paint color ideas by Decorilla designer, Christiane P.

Embrace the timeless allure of pale gray and let its elegance elevate your bedroom. This versatile hue exudes balance and a sense of luxury. And in this interior, gray has a warm undertone – a perfect match for crisp white bedding and coffee-colored accents.

Pro Tip: If you want to elevate a solid color, consider installing wainscoting or beadboard finishes before painting the room. It’ll make the space more interesting and forego the need for artwork.

4. Stone Washing for a Tactile Quality

Bedroom paint color ideas for a stone wash technique
Calming bedroom colors by Decorilla designer, Anna Y.

Stone washing is a unique and creative approach for adding texture and interest to your walls. The technique is also an ideal match for calming bedroom colors – great as an alternative to traditional paint. The texture-rich, organic look will also add visual depth and character to your space.  

5. Green Accent Wall Bedroom Inspiration

Best bedroom color combination for a contemporary chic interior
Green and white wall painting design for a bedroom by Decorilla designer, Anna Y.

Bedroom paint color ideas often pop most with an accent wall. Besides adding a dash of color, it sets a stunning focal point. If you’re looking for a refreshing and nature-inspired option, green is an excellent choice. It can feel calming and refreshing in a bedroom while setting a beautiful backdrop for the main focus – a comfy bed! Adore contrast? Then add a dash of coral decor to contrast the beautiful green hue. 

6. Comfy & Cozy Layered Neutral Beige

Cozy cottage bedroom with rustic paint ideas
Cozy cottage bedroom with a neutral color combination by Decorilla

Love a cozy cottage? Or perhaps a high-end minimalist style? A modern combo of beige can work in both settings! This neutral can bring warmth while keeping a spacious and light look. Plus, it’s a calming backdrop that complements any interior design. 

7. Dramatic Black for a Masculine Bedroom

Best color for bedroom walls is moody like this black room
Best moody color for bedroom walls by Decorilla designer, Veronica S.

Bedroom paint ideas can go beyond bright or neutral. They can be dark and mysterious too! This dark bedroom has made a dramatic statement, embracing a masculine atmosphere with mid-century furniture. The warm woody tones and light bedding perfectly balance the daring black wall color too. 

8. Modish Magenta for a Contemporary Feel

Bedroom paint color ideas with a wood feature wall combination
Paint color ideas for a romantic interior by Decorilla designer, Lachin G.

The best bedroom colors are often cozy and warm. And this magenta accent wall is exactly that! The minimal pop infuses the space with vibrancy and a bold style. Its rich shade creates a striking focal point balanced out by custom wooden details. 

9. Olive Green for a Serene Environment 

Best color combination for a green bedroom
Green bedroom color design by Decorilla designer, Rachel H.

Olive greens are distinct yet subtle. With a grey undertone, it can pair well with many other colors too – especially nature-inspired ones. You can also bring the outdoors in with organic elements, like stone decor, wood furniture, and pot plants. 

10. Crisp White for a Clean Canvas

Calming bedroom colors for a boho interior design
Calming white bedroom colors by Decorilla

A crisp white bedroom color creates a clean, fresh, and timeless design. The most neutral of hues is not only calming but also lets other elements, like a statement headboard, stand out more.

Warm white interior paint color ideas for master bedroom
Warm white interior paint color ideas for master bedroom by Decorilla

In essence, you can keep furniture and decor simple for a truly soothing interior. Consider pairing white walls with other soft neutrals or layering whites and textures for a perfectly balanced Scandi look.

11. Vintage Teal Reminiscent of Nostalgic Beach Days

Bedroom color combination with a retro feel
Retro bedroom color schemes in an interior by Decorilla

Blue-green teals make such wonderfully unexpected paint color ideas for a master bedroom. The uplifting hue combines the calmness of blue and the vibrancy of green – injecting a healthy dose of character into any interior. Its vibrant quality will stand out more paired with warm neutrals, like beige. The interesting combo is sure to bring happy waves of nostalgia too!

12. Biscuit Brown for a Bedroom with Dimension

Cookie brown for as a soothing bedroom color combination for a master bedroom
Soothing bedroom color combination for a master bedroom by Decorilla

Bedroom color schemes can come with texture and depth too. Choose a rich brown shade that complements your bedroom decor and also incorporate different textures. Here plush fabrics in dark gray work so well within the sleek transitional setting. 

13. Statement Charcoal Accent Walls

Paint color ideas for a master bedroom with a traditional style
Dark paint color ideas in a traditional interior by Decorilla

Add an unexpected twist to a traditional interior design with charcoal walls. The deep hue will create an intimate ambiance and make vintage furniture and plush materials pop. Besides creating depth, it adds a dramatic feel to the room. Since dark colors can make a room feel darker too, it’s a good idea to add mirrors. Here, ornate twin mirrors frame the bed while doubling the light from the table lamps. 

14. Dynamic Bedroom Color Combination Trio

Blue and white bedroom color combination
Best color combination for a bedroom by Decorilla designer, Candis G.

A trio of colors in navy, gold, and white is arguably the best color combination for a transitional bedroom. Besides being refined and luxurious, there is a method to the trio of colors. First, the navy creates a cozy backdrop, while gold accents create a feeling of glamour. Lastly, the white balances the richness of the other two tones. 

15. A Dash of Yellow to Highlight Your Space

Bedroom color design with a stripe of yellow
Energizing paint color for a modern master bedroom by Decorilla designer, Joyce T.

Yellow is a vibrant and energetic color that can add a cheerful and uplifting touch to your space. When choosing a bedroom color combination to complement yellow, consider white. It creates a fresh look while allowing the sunny hue to take center stage.

16. Harmonious White & Gray Combination

Best color for bedroom walls in a white and gray combination
Two-tone wall painting design for a modern bedroom by Decorilla designer, Michelle B.

If you want a subtle but interesting wall painting design for your bedroom, consider a gray-and-white combo. Besides creating a calming atmosphere, the gentle juxtaposition of the two gives off an elegant feel. In this room, the paint effect also makes the room feel wider, thanks to the horizontal line. Plus, by painting the bottom half gray, the white furniture and accents can stand out more.

17. Floral & Feminine Mural

Wall painting design for a bedroom
Feminine wall painting design for a bedroom by Decorilla designer, Ryley B.

An abstract floral mural embraces the beauty of nature and soft, feminine design. With delicate blooms, soft gray shades, and graceful brushstrokes, this backdrop creates a soothing contrast to industrial architecture. It’s the perfect feature wall that draws attention without overpowering the interior.

18. Calming Bedroom Colors for Couples

Neutral bedroom color scheme in a modern boho interior
Best bedroom colors for couples by Decorilla designer, Wanda P.

The best bedroom colors for couples can vary depending on personal preferences and the desired atmosphere. That said, a combination of soft neutrals can create a relaxing atmosphere. These colors also provide a versatile backdrop that can be personalized with textures and accent colors, like deep emerald green.

19. Golden Glamour for a Luxurious Bedroom Design

Glam best color combination for a bedroom
Glossy gold bedroom paint color ideas by Decorilla designer, Renata B.

bedroom with gold instantly sets a luxurious look. Here, a golden accent wall lets the canopy bed shine, especially with the black frame set against the light glimmer. It also adds dimension and creates a sense of opulence. 

20. Textured White Walls for a Muted Eclectic Bedroom

Wall painting design for a bedroom with a stone wash paint color
Soothing bedroom colors for couples by Decorilla designer, Courtney B.

Solid hues look so good on textured walls. Here, the paint technique works so well with contemporary furniture and abstract art. The colors are subtle, yet it is visually striking. The combination feels minimal but warm and welcoming as a result.   

Let Your Bedroom Shine with the Right Color!

You too can elevate your bedroom with designer-approved hues! All you need to do is schedule a Free Online Interior Design Consultation to get started today! 


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