New York apartment style

New York apartment style is covetable in all of its various forms. However, stylish comfort, edgy art, and sophistication are common themes among these interiors. And this is exactly what one recent Decorilla client was in search of for her newly acquired city home. Read on to see how this tasteful transitional NYC apartment design came to life!

The Challenge: New York Apartment Style

Every space comes with its challenges to overcome and choosing the right NYC decorating style was the first task to tackle. The client loved a mix of modern and traditional – so transitional style fit best. They also needed help with choosing appropriate NYC apartment decor, specifically in the open concept living and dining space. The interior design help the client needed was: 

  • Infuse the space with a calming muted color palette
  • Choose design elements made with natural materials
  • Create a clearly zoned  yet comfortable furniture arrangement 
  • Add some well-curated decor and artwork to personalize the look 

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The Inspiration: NYC Apartment Decor

NYC apartment living room inspiration board

From the set of inspiration photos the client provided, it was clear that their style leaned toward classics, imbued with contemporary elements for added comfort. The overall color palette was neutral, with a nice pop of color here and there. Everything seemed like a perfect fit for a successful NYC apartment interior design: using transitional pieces from NYC furniture stores that could work in a small space but also be easily adapted as the needs or lifestyle change.

NYC Apartment Interior Design Ideas & Moodboard

New York apartment style concept by Decorilla
New York apartment style concept by Decorilla

According to the client’s wishes, two Decorilla NYC interior designers composed unique concepts for the the New York apartment interior. Both proposals caught the clients attention, however it was the concept from Erin R. that hit all the marks most of all. Her presentation suggested a space that is both comfortable and stylish.

Transitional New York Apartment Style Ideas & Mood Board by Decorilla
Transitional New York apartment style ideas & moodboard by Decorilla

Since the floor plan of the apartment was an open concept, Erin proposed solutions for distinguishing zones for a living room, dining nook, and a small corner for reading or intimate conversation. While each area has a distinct feel, an overarching muted color palette, metallic accents, and stylish art gave the entire space a cohesive look.

New York Apartment Interior Design Results

NYC apartment interior design by Decorilla
NYC apartment interior design by Decorilla

Material diversity helped bring out the textures in the neutral colors and accentuated different vignettes around the room. Supported by modern artwork throughout, it made the space feel more dynamic. At the same time, a cozy soft grey sofa, cream rugs, and neutral walls kept the transitional NYC apartment living room from feeling too busy. 

NYC apartment design by Decorilla
NYC apartment design by Decorilla

Placing a dining area into the nook helped this NYC apartment design convey an even stronger feeling of spaciousness. The set included a straight plush banquette at the back and a pair of elegant dusty rose chairs on the opposite side. In addition, an extendable oval dining table with a statement gold pedestal base, provided a flexible solution for hosting intimate dinners.

The dining nook was also flanked by the entryway. So the designer enhanced the space with a sleek bench, paired with an oversized abstract piece of artwork to pull everything together. 

Transitional New York Apartment Style by Decorilla
Transitional New York Apartment Style by Decorilla

In the lounge area, Erin created a proper-sized conversational spot clearly defined by a rug. It included two relaxing armchairs and a small table to set drinks or snacks. From there, it was easy to reach a bar cabinet featured in the entryway. The accent piece incorporated the natural elements of teak doors and mango wood construction. 

Using a mix of light and dark colors created an inviting feel straight from the entry. Medium floors and wooden elements contrasted with the pastel upholstery, neutral walls, and rugs to convey dynamic vibes. Simultaneously, curated decor and strong accents used sparingly added visual interest and style

New York Apartment Decor Online Shopping List

NYC apartment decor shopping list
NYC apartment decor shopping list by Decorilla

Every online interior design solution comes with the added benefit of a curated shopping list tailored to your project. In addition to one-stop shopping, the list also includes substantial discounts not available to the general public. Furthermore, a helpful implementation guide and white-glove shopping concierge ensure your design comes to life easily.

NYC Apartment Design Top Picks 

If you feel inspired to try assembling your own New York apartment style but are not ready for a total makeover just yet, here are a few pieces we love:    

NYC Apartment Design Top Picks
  1. Area Rug
  2. Reclining Two-Seater Sofa
  3. Media Console
  4. Aged Gold Chandelier
  5. Abstract Color-Block Wall Art
  6. Leather Dining Chair
  7. Brass Dining Table
  8. Stone Coffee Table

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