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Feeling overwhelmed by the prospect of redesigning your home? Interior design apps offer the perfect solution. With their wealth of features and expert advice, these apps provide invaluable interior design help, empowering you to transform your space with confidence and style.”

Choosing Interior Design Help: What to Know Before

Modern farmhouse living room by Decorilla interior design help
Modern farmhouse living room by Decorilla

Before jumping into the best apps and decorating services for interior design help, be sure to know a few basic tips to hiring an interior designer. This way, you will be set up for success from the vary start.

  1. Define your requirements and needs. Knowing your goals upfront will help you understand which services are right for you.
  2. Set your budget and search for designers within your price range.
  3. Know your timeline. Some interior design services work faster than others, so you’ll want to be sure to communicate your intended completion date.
  4. Gather inspiration. Pulling some inspiring designs that catch your attention will help you look for interior decorating help with a similar style as well as assist in communicating your desired look.

Pro Tip: Choose interior design help that aligns with your style. Not sure what that is? Try our Free Interior Design Style Quiz to find out today!

Best Apps & Decorating Services for Interior Design Help

Once you have the basic information gathered for your project, you’ll be able to easily determine which app or decorating service will best fit your needs. Here are our 7 favorite ones to choose from:

1. Houzz Decorating App

interior design help houzz

SERVICE: Houzz is all-encompassing room designer help that connects you to beautiful inspiration, home products, and industry specialists to help you with your project. This interior design app’s features cater to any part of your home journey: make notes and sketches for inspiration and save them for later; visualize products in your home with Houzz’s 3D feature before you buy; get advice from the Houzz community on the topic discussion or hire a professional you require near you for interior design help. The platform is vast and serves as an excellent base for those who want to create an exquisite home themselves.

COST: Free.

TURNAROUND: Depends on third-party product availability and services chosen.

interior design help and decorating services

2. Decorilla Interior Design Help

interior design help for mid century living room decoration
Mid-century living room by Decorilla interior design help

SERVICE: Getting started with Decorilla is simple. Complete a style quiz, select your rooms (as many as you want!) that need decorating or design help and give a brief description of what you need. Choose your package, and you’re good to go! If you’re unsure about anything, you can easily schedule a one-on-one consultation to help you out. You’ll then receive multiple visual design concepts from two expert designers and pick your favorite one. The designer will finalize the design in photorealistic 3D renderings while incorporating any existing items you have. A color palette, floor plan and a shopping list with up to 40% discounts off retail prices are among the great extras you’ll get. Decorilla’s online interior decorating service caters to commercial and residential projects, big or tiny!

COST: Decorilla design packages costs range from $549 to $1849. Customized packages are available starting at $75/h.

TURNAROUND: 3-5 weeks; projects may be expedited or extended according to client timelines. In-home assistance is also available in 20 major cities across the US.

living room decorating help by Decorilla
Living room design by Decorilla
floor plan decorating app
Layout and floor plan by Decorilla 
interior design apps and services shopping list
Decorilla color palette & online shipping list
Glam room designer help
Glam room design by, Decorilla 

3. Chairish Decorator Help

interior design help charish

SERVICE: This online vintage furniture and décor service is one with a different product offering as well as a mobile shopping app. Sellers can list their covetable vintage items, and homemakers can buy them. With the augmented reality feature, Chairish allows you to see what your favorite products will look like in your home. Snap a photo of your room and scale products to see if it matches your style – then buy! Chairish also offers an interior designer’s trade program, which allows designers to secure a 30% discount for their clients.

COST: Free. Product costs apply.

TURNAROUND: Depends on availability and shipping.

interior design help online decorating services from chairish app

4. Rooomy Interior Design App

interior design help roomy

SERVICE: Rooomy offers all those with a DIY approach to interior design a platform to create 3D designs with existing products. Rooomy started by creating 3D renderings for retail estate agents to help them to create visualizations of what a house’s interior could look like. They’ve taken this principle further by enabling the public to create their own 2D and 3D online interior designs. Use augmented reality on the mobile app to help you visualize products or create a full room design from an extensive catalog on iPad. Or, contact their team for interior decorating help with virtual staging for Real Estate.

COST: The app is free, but the virtual staging packages range from $434 and up based on square footage.

TURNAROUND: Depends on product availability and shipping.


5. Homestyler

homestyler interior design app

SERVICE: Homestyler is a cutting-edge interior design app that empowers users to bring their design visions to life with ease. From visualizing room layouts in 3D to experimenting with different furniture arrangements, this app offers a comprehensive toolkit for every aspect of home design. With its vast library of furniture and decor items, users can explore endless possibilities and create stunning virtual representations of their dream spaces. Whether you’re a professional designer or a DIY enthusiast, Homestyler is leading the way in interior design help.

COST: Free + In-app purchases

TURNAROUND: Depends on the user’s choices.

homestyler interior decorating help

6. IKEA Kreativ Home Decor Help

interior design help ikea

SERVICE: IKEA Kreativ is a dynamic design app tailored for those seeking inspiration and practical solutions for their living spaces. With a focus on simplicity and functionality, this app offers a seamless experience for users to explore IKEA’s vast range of products and design ideas. From browsing through curated collections to visualizing furniture in real-world settings using augmented reality, IKEA Kreativ empowers users to unleash their creativity and reimagine their homes with the iconic Swedish touch. Whether you’re furnishing a cozy studio apartment or revamping a family home, IKEA Kreativ provides the tools and inspiration needed to transform your space into a stylish and functional haven.

COST: Free, but product costs and shipping applies.

TURNAROUND: Depends on product availability and shipping.


7. Planner 5D Decorating App

Planner 5D interior decorating help example

SERVICE: Planner 5D stands as a versatile and user-friendly interior design app, catering to individuals, professionals, and businesses alike. Offering an intuitive interface and an extensive library of furniture, fixtures, and decor items, Planner 5D empowers users to create detailed and realistic 2D and 3D floor plans with ease. Its advanced features, such as virtual reality compatibility and cloud synchronization, enhance collaboration and streamline the design process. Whether you’re visualizing a renovation, planning a new home layout, or conceptualizing a commercial space, Planner 5D provides the flexibility and tools needed to bring your design ideas to life effortlessly.

COST: Free + In-app purchases

TURNAROUND: Depends on the user

planner 5D interior design help

Still looking for interior design help?

A beautiful home is just a click away with theses 7 awesome interior design apps and online decorating services. Still not sure which option right for you? Then, schedule a Free Interior Design Consultation to learn more about your design options today!

online interior design service

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