Just like Central Park and Times Square, New York loft decorating style is a quintessential aspect of the city that never sleeps. It’s unique artistic history, architectural elements, and urban flair make it an admired and emulated look by design lovers everywhere. Read on to learn how to master the look of NYC loft interior design and get started creating your loft-inspired space! 

What is a New York Loft?

New York Loft Decorating Style Decorilla design
Contemporary NYC loft interior design by Decorilla interior designer, Lauren A.

A New York loft is a space originally industrial in purpose. Lofts were built to support the machinery and workers who made clothing, textiles, leather goods, and metal products. After production ceased, the opportunity for artists came to convert these spaces into their live-work homes. And so, NYC loft interior design style was born!

NYC Loft Interior Design

Eclectic NYC Loft Interior Design
Eclectic NYC loft interior design by Decorilla designer, Laura A.

New York loft interior design stands out as having distinct architectural and aesthetic features. Standards of industrial buildings are characterized by:

  • high ceilings supported by thick columns
  • exposed brick walls
  • large windows, often floor to ceiling
  • wide, open space; no internal walls
  • heavy-duty wooden floors
  • exposed piping and ventilator tubes

Real Loft vs. Loft-like

New York loft decorating style with pops of red
New York loft interior design with pops of red by Decorilla designer, Joyce T.

A “real” loft is considered an industrial space repurposed into a residential one.

As an iconic representation of NYC, this type of home became wildly popular among top NYC interior designers and residents alike. The open floor plans, natural lighting, and rich use of finishes drew people in. Then, this design gave rise to loft-like residences that used many of the beloved characteristics of real lofts in an apartment setting.

One difference is that loft-like spaces often make use of second levels or include walls to create bedrooms. These loft bedrooms are partially open and overlook the main living space. Sometimes this mezzanine is used as a home office space or sitting room.

What is New York Loft Decorating Style?

New York Loft Decorating Style Decorilla design
Modern NYC loft interior design  Decorilla interior designer, Joyce T.

Due to their invitation to creativity and possibility, lofts have long attracted artists and designers. Loft living is all about how space is uniquely utilized into an ideal interior. However, there are elements of the New York loft decorating style that can be applied to non-loft homes too!

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This type of design is what is considered industrial style. Here are the main features to focus on:

1. Color

Neutral tones are the best backdrop for NYC loft interior design. This offers a clean and minimalist look. And serves as a blank canvas for artistic expression. Palettes that include white, gray, and black are common in the living room. Furthermore, layers of darker colors add to the masculine and moody feel. Personality comes in the form of bold colors used in accents like art, rugs, and throw pillows.

2. Material

To pull off an industrial look make sure to mix materials. Contrasting wood with metal is the simplest way. This goes for finishes as well as decor. For example, hardwood floors and metal stairs create a common juxtaposition. A concrete dining room tabletop and hanging glass pendants are another way to mesh materials according to this style. Blending warm and cold, heavy and light materials like this are key to the New York loft decorating style.

3. Lighting

When it comes to lighting, natural lighting from expansive windows is characteristic of New York loft interior design. Industrial style pendants and lamps are popular sources of artificial light. These are usually made of metal and tend to be reclaimed or vintage pieces. Pendants hang low and often have wide shades. Likewise, industrial pipe bases with Edison bulbs are also a popular option as pendants, sconces, or table lamps.

Natural light-filled NYC Loft

4. Open Plan

As industrial-inspired spaces, a New York loft fully embraces an open floor plan. Minimal walls are used to divide the space so being strategic about the furniture layout is key. Arranging pieces in groupings help break up the space in an organic way that prevents the space from looking overwhelmingly large. In addition, rugs are a great way to anchor different living spaces.

5. Recycled or Salvaged Objects

Industrial style does a good job of balancing old and new. While keeping the space clutter-free, furniture and decor selection is a deliberate practice of finding pieces that are functional and soulful. For instance, couple modern with vintage for added interest. Decorate with distressed leather, abstract art, and salvaged factory parts. Above all, just remember to keep a focus on minimalism. 

NYC Loft Interior Design

New York Loft Decorating Style Decorilla design
Modern NYC loft interior design by Decorilla interior designer, Kate S.

There are a couple of ways to approach New York loft interior design. Some residents prefer to celebrate the open space with an oversized sofa or dining table and industrial shelving to use for storage. However, others, especially those sharing the space, incorporate dividers like screens, curtains, or suspended windows to create privacy.

Regardless of the method, there are some things to keep in mind when designing specific areas in the space.

New York Loft Style Kitchen

New York Loft Decorating Style dining room and kitchen

In the kitchen, an NYC loft interior design normally calls for a large island. This breaks up the kitchen space from other areas of the loft. Moreover, it functions as an eating area that is either an addition to the dining space or is the dining surface itself.

A New York loft-style kitchen gravitates towards cabinets that are sleek and painted in deep hues. Open shelving is included with ample storage options. A combination of hanging pendants and track fixtures give the space proper task and accent lighting. Finally, exposed or painted brick walls act as a signature industrial accent.

New York Loft Living Room Design

nyc loft interior design style tall ceilings living room
NYC loft living room interior design by Decorilla interior designer, Joyce T.

One of the best features of New York loft living room design is the ample windows. Most notably, large floor to ceiling, arched, or Crittall-style (black steel factory style) windows invite natural light and views that highlight a living room space.

Here an oversized rug is a must; it’s part of NYC loft decor. A rug frames the industrial style furniture that is made of mixed finishes. Leather, glass, metal, and wood pieces combine to create a cozy and masculine atmosphere.

New York Loft Decorating Style open plan

Include houseplants to bring additional organic elements. For example, tall potted plants highlight the height of ceilings in a natural way.

New York Loft Bedroom Design

Studio NYC loft interior design with exposed brick walls
Studio NYC loft interior design by Decorilla designer, Laura A.

Like in the main loft space, a New York loft bedroom design highlights the natural light from large windows. These normally do not have window treatments since the bare glass is typical of industrial style.

The bed is the highlight of the space. Making furniture pieces a feature element is therefore one of the main loft-style design ideas.

Headboard or not, the soft furnishings on the bed like accent pillows and throws add a decorative element and soften the space. The key is to keep the space minimal with only functional furniture and lighting.

Which New York Loft Interior Designer is right for me?

New York Loft Decorating Style Monique Gibson

Being in the heart of New York, the loft decorating style produces amazing interior designer options. Here are a few who have the talent and skills to create an NYC loft interior design in your home.

1. Manhattan-based Monique Gibson embraces a sophisticated look and personal approach to interior design. The aim is to collaborate with the client to bring a distinctive appeal to their space. Their portfolio highlights luxury commercial projects as well as creative family residences, each exhibiting unique features that align with their clients’ needs.

2. Decorilla curates a high quality online interior design experience that offers beautiful designs at an accessible budget. With headquarters in New York City, the company not only has designers well versed in New York loft interior design but also designers with expertise in all other styles. Customized packages, consistent communication, and attention to detail ensure each client’s needs are met. 

New York Loft Decorating Style online interior design
Industrial style NYC loft interior design by Decorilla interior designer, Kate S.

3. Lang Architecture is known not only for its ability to bring a modern sensibility to traditional spaces, but also for its conscientious devotion to client happiness. Though stylistically clean and modern, Drew Lang, the principal of Lang Architecture, appreciates and treasures the historic elements in buildings. As he says, he “takes cues from history,” and it is this layering of historic with modern elements that distinguish Lang Architecture.

New York Loft Decorating Style kitchen nook

There are many ways to achieve the New York loft decorating style in your home. Eager to have that expansive and artistic industrial look, but not sure where to start? Schedule a Free Online Interior Design Consultation to go over interior design ideas and ways to create your perfect space.

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