How can 3D renderings help you?

Lyns-modern-living-room-bedroom-design-Aldrin-C-3DModel-1Have you ever tried to picture a new mod sofa in your rustic living room or imagine what an accent blue wall would do for the rest of your bedroom? Ever purchased that gorgeous side table only to find it does not quite fit?

Designing spaces has often meant taking a level of risks that could lead to style mishaps or expensive mistakes.

How do you get around this? Making sure you know what you’re getting beforehand helps.

Today visualization of interior design and architecture is best illustrated in 3D renderings. Through these images, you get a clearer understanding of what a space can look like without relying on the imagination. They are so realistic, they seem like photos themselves! Not to mention that they contribute greatly in making design more affordable. 

Still not convinced 3D design is for you? Here are 3 great reasons why:

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How to get a high-end contemporary living room design on a budget

Modernizing a living room can be challenging especially when you’re working with the traditional design of an older home.

A young family of four came to us wanting a multi-functional and modern look for their 1940’s living room. They wanted contemporary accents and a fresh light color palette. With contemporary style in mind and wish to entertain guests, their goals included:

  • redesigning the fireplace
  • updating the lighting
  • showcasing unique decor pieces
  • keeping the overall look white

They wanted to find an interior designer to meet their needs while staying within an affordable budget.

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The Best of Designer Trends at Paris’ Maison & Objet 2015


Known as a “unique experience to discover the unexpected” Maison & Objet is Paris’ popular trade show that has been bringing the latest design trends of global markets for 20 years! Designer, Lesya Bukaytis, acted as Decorilla‘s eyes and ears at last week’s incredible event. Her general impression? “Design is seen as more playful, toy-like and shiny. Sense of humor is the new must have.” With an overwhelming number of exhibits to witness, Lesya brings up her favorites!

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Hottest Trends from the Renowned HOMI Trade Show

2015-01-20 12.28.14

Wondering what’s hot in Italian design trends? The HOMI trade show in Milan is a highly anticipated and attended three day event showcasing exotic lifestyle products and design. Lucky for us, one of our team members, Interior Architect Roberto Di Stefano, was in attendance snapping shots of all the hot trends. The show includes the freshest examples in high end lighting, kitchen & dining decor, accents and soft furnishings. Here’s a sneak peek of some of the beautiful displays he captured.

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Quick & Easy Updates to Increase Your Curb Appeal


Whether you’re about to list your house or you feel like it needs a little love, you might be wondering how to increase curb appeal without going whole-hog on your exterior. Luckily, there are plenty of quick and easy updates that can be made to your front yard that will make a big impact with a small investment.

Here are some of my favorite ways to spruce up any exterior:

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Top 5 Ways to Find Affordable Interior Designers

calm cottage interior design

Your home is the place that reflects your personal style, where you spend a lot of time, and where you should feel comfortable without paying a fortune. Because of this, your interior design should not be taken lightly.

Like anything that matters (buying a car, looking into schools, planning a vacation), finding the right service to offer interior design help and make an impact on your home requires some research. Here are some helpful tips to consider when seeking the best interior design service or finding an interior designer within your budget:

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10 Best New Year’s Resolutions for Your Home

decor_resolutions_living room

The New Year is almost here! If you’re like me, the beginning of 2015 will bring with it a flurry of attempts at self-improvement.  Sometimes I’m successful, but most of the time I find myself biting off more than I can chew.  So this year instead of driving myself crazy trying to better myself, I’m going to channel all that invigorating, get-it-done attitude that comes along on December 31st and put it all towards bettering my home.

New Year’s resolutions for your home? I must be crazy, right?

Wrong! Our home is the backdrop for our entire life, and the state it is in directly affects our emotional well-being.  I for one instantly feel more relaxed and focused in a tidy space, and sleepy and unproductive in an ill-lit one.  What’s more, most of us share our home with the people we care about the most: family or friends.  Our home, whether it be an apartment our house, rented or owned, is simply where life happens. 

And I believe it deserves to be the best possible version of itself!

For anyone needing a little interior design help, here are 10 New Year’s resolutions you should make this year:

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Top 7 Home Decor Gift Ideas this Season

Gifts ideas for home (2)

Let’s face it: holiday shopping can be a drag. Crowded stores, limited parking, and then, the endless question: What do I get for so-and-so?

Coming up with cool and useful gifts can deinitely be a challenge. In an effort to help, this list offers our top decor gift ideas that say unique, practical and designer stylish!

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Top 5 Decor Tips for Creating the Perfect Guest Room


Travel can be great especially when you have a cozy room to come back to. That’s why making guests feel comfortable when visiting your space is key. What’s the trick? Balancing elements of hotel and home. It’s mixing practicality with warmth, detail with comfort, ease with charm.

Whether it’s an overnight or an extended holiday stay, designing the perfect guest room can come together simply by considering the following tips.

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Top 5 Thanksgiving Decorations for Your Home


Feeling the crispness in the air? Are the reds and golds on the trees catching your eye? Yep, fall is here and with it comes the excitement of celebration and gathering. Decorating your home to welcome holidays can bring warmth and beauty to your space. 

Needing a few Thanksgiving decorations? Below are a few great ideas:

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