Cozy neutral gray living room winter decor ideas

Christmas is surely the most wonderful time of the year but what should be done with your home décor after the holidays? Winter takes on a different meaning depending on where you call home. However, some strategic winter décor ideas can help create a cozy interior regardless of the weather outside. And especially for those in colder climates, the landscape outside might be frigid but your home can surely be warm and inviting. Read more to find some of the best winter décor ideas that will help you spice up things inside!

Winter Decor Ideas Do’s & Don’ts

Cozy cabin winter home decor
Cozy cabin winter home décor by Decorilla interior designer, Ilaria C.

Winter Home Décor Do’s 

  • Bring the Textiles In

Winter décor should be all about making the interior space soft and sweet. Hence, this is the time to go big on textile shopping. Try to get your hands on cushions, throws, blankets, sheepskins, heavy curtains, rugs and basically anything that looks cozy and comfy.

  • Brighten Up the Rooms

Winter days can be short and dull. Therefore, it is important to lighten up the interiors. You can opt for floor lights as a quick fix. Or take this as an opportunity and install pendant lights, wall sconces or chandeliers for some permanent treatment. 

  • Layer it Up

Just as how your body needs layers to warm up, the rooms need some layering too! In other words, do not shy away from adding accessories. Layered rugs have been trending now more than ever. For your bedroom winter home décor, try to fetch some extra cushions and throws to layer up the look. 

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winter home decor living room

Winter Home Décor Don’ts

  • Go Overboard on the Dark 

While dark colors work magically during winters by keeping us warm, having too many dark shades kills the ambiance. Balance out the dark colors with colorful patterns, and neutrals to have a snuggly space with trendy winter interior design

  • Shut Out Natural Light

Heavy curtains wrap up the house and protect it from the harsh cold. However, they slash away the sunlight too! While selecting the curtain always opt for the styles that complement the décor but also allows the sunlight to shine in. 

  • Stick to Only Solids

Have fun with your accents and winter home décor pieces and choose some playful patterns to liven the mood. These can be balanced out with solid color pieces. 

Winter Living Room Décor Ideas

1. Gather Around the Fireplace

Living room winter decor idea - fireplace seating
Living room winter décor idea – fireplace seating by Decorilla interior designer Mariko K.

What better way to keep warm than gathering around the fireplace. Rearrange your living room by pulling furniture away from the cooler windows and centering it around the fireplace. If you aren’t lucky enough to have a fireplace, you can still take inspiration from this idea and move furniture into intimate seating centered in the room.  

2. Natural Elements as Winter Décor 

Natural living room winter decor

Another great winter décor idea is by bringing the outdoors inside. In other words, think about woodcut coasters, pinecones on the cocktail table, wooden logs as ottomans, jute rugs, houseplants, etc. You can get as creative as you want! 

3. Warmth in Layers & Texture 

Open living and dining layered winter decor ideas emily w
Open living and dining layered winter décor ideas by Decorilla interior designer, Emily W.

Winter décor ideas are all about loud textures and the best way to accomplish the look is by incorporating a myriad of textiles. You can use natural materials like wool, cane, and wood to bring a rustic spirit. In addition, textures like velvet, fur, and silk make up the perfect winter living room décor. 

Winter Mantel Ideas

4. Cozy Candles

Bright and natural winter mantel ideas
Candles and greenery as winter mantel ideas by Decorilla interior designer, Casey H.

You can never have too much warmth in your winter décor and candles bring the heat and ambiance. For instance, you can grab some vintage candle stands and deck up your winter mantel décor. Moreover, you can even use candles in place of having an actual fire in your fireplace. 

5. Mirror, Mirror 

Mirrors as Winter Mantel Ideas
Mirrors as winter mantel ideas by Decorilla interior designer, Kelli E.

Adding a mirror to your mantel will not only make your space look bigger, but will also increase the amount of natural light. And given the shortened days of winter, the more light the better. Furthermore, all types of mirrors make great winter mantel ideas. Opt for a simple circular mirror, an elaborate scroll frame or even a collection of smaller mirrors. 

6. Go Green 

Green winter mantel decor ideas

The best way to work upon the mantelpiece for winter décor is by adding a touch of greenery. Keep your Christmas garland or venture into the tropics with a few potted succulents. Whichever you choose, you’ll have a touch of the approaching Spring in your home.   

Winter Table Centerpiece Ideas

7. Fresh Cut Flowers 

Freshcut flowers as winter table centerpiece ideas
Fresh cut flowers as a winter table centerpiece by Decorilla interior designer, Joyce T.

Think Spring with fresh cut flowers as your winter table centerpiece. Indulge in a DIY session with your fam and make cute centerpieces for the table. For instance, you can stick with winter-themed colors like whites and neutrals or jump full on into bright and vibrant colors. Likewise, you can change up the arrangement based on your mood. 

8. Winter Wonderland

Winter wonderland winter table centerpiece ideas

Stay on theme with a winter wonderland centerpiece. Take your pick from all things winter, such as a faux fur table runner, reindeer, snowflakes and more. Choose elegant pieces in a monochrome selection to avoid a kitsch appearance.

9. Mix and Match

Bold mixed and matched winter table centerpiece
Bold mixed and matched winter table centerpieces by Decorilla designer, Scott K.

Get creative and use a variety of décor elements for a winter table centerpiece. Choose items with varying height and coordinating colors for a well put together look. Florals, candlesticks and natural elements like branches, garlands or pinecones, for example, will create the perfect tablescape for your guests.

Winter Door Decoration

10. Evergreen Fronds and Bells

Evergreen fronds and bells winter door decoration

Welcome the season with this tried and true winter door decoration idea. Tie some bunches of evergreen fronds and bells on the hook to deck up that door. In addition, you can use some ribbons to get more colors in the picture. 

11. Light Up the Way

Enchanting lighted winter door decorations

Want to welcome your guests in the most enchanting way? Use some candles or fairy lights to guide them to your home. In addition, you can use potted plants on the sideway to create a nice decked up passage. 

12. Hanging Basket

Hanging Basket winter door decoration (1)

A unique twist to door wreaths, placing a hanging basket of your favorite faux cuttings, feathers and branches will be sure to welcome guests. 

Winter Wreath Ideas

13. Citrus and Spice

citrus and cinnamon winter wreath idea

Give your guests a fragrant welcome with this citrus and cinnamon winter wreath idea. Use dehydrated orange slices and sticks of cinnamon or cloves to adorn an evergreen and eucalyptus wreath.

14. Stacked 

Stacked winter wreath ideas

Take your favorite type of winter wreath ideas and multiply them for this stacked looked to adorn the entire length of your front door.

15. Ice Skate Winter Wreath

Ice skates as a unique winter wreath idea

This playful approach to a winter wreath is sure to bring a smile to arriving guests. Simply stuff a pair of ice skates with your favorite boughs and berries and hang them on the door.

Non-Christmas Winter Decorations

16. Bundle up With Textiles

Textiles as non christmas winter decorations
Cozy textiles make the perfect non-Christmas decorations by Decorilla interior designer, Michelle B.

Textiles are your best friends for any non-Christmas winter decorations. Be it a fur bench, shag rugs, or fringed pillows and throws, for example, they’ll instantly make your interior more winter-ready! In addition, you can get fur throws for benches and dining chairs to make every corner of your house cozy.

17. Hot Cocoa Bar Cart 

Hot cocoa bar cart winter decor

What better for a blustery winter day that a hot cocoa bar cart? Adorn a festive golden cart with your favorite trimmings for a cup of hot chocolate.

18. Firewood Décor

Firewood non christmas winter decorations
Firewood as non-Christmas winter decorations by Decorilla interior designer, Lane B.W.

A winter essential for those with a fireplace is certainly firewood, so why not make it a décor piece as well. Stack the logs in a neatly arranged pattern or a statement firewood holder will certainly draw attention.

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