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Carefree days, busy nights and interior eye candy make San Diego a special place. With its deep harbor anchoring the town to the ocean, this vibrant landscape can inspire greatness and sublime creativity, and it’s especially true with interior designers in San Diego, California. Influenced by the ever-present seascape, these homes have coastal interior design in their blueprint. Decorilla is always looking to work with new design talent. It just so happens that San Diego’s cup is overflowing. Here are the Top Ten San Diego Interior Designers to watch!

1)  Simply Stunning Spaces – Darcy Kempton

Outdoors living area interior design help in san diego

Founder, Darcy Kempton, took an alternative approach to interior design, one chiefly motivated by a desire to truly help people. After all, the team behind Simply Stunning Spaces believes that each person deserves a home that looks and feels good. With a collaborative team effort, they help clients visualize, decide and realize their dream home.

top san diego interior designers simply stunning spaces

Residential or commercial, Darcy and her team have their clients’ best interest at heart. From glamorously nautical to refined traditional, Simply Stunning Spaces have a knack for creating luxurious spaces.

WHAT WE LOVE: Their quick-access interior decorator’s service in San Diego, a storefront that has select furniture pieces for sale, perfect for the DIY homemaker.

2) Amisha D.

top san diego interior designers amisha d bedroom

Mix and matching styles are one of Amisha D’s strong suits, another is adding a touch of sparkle or gold. She knows that interior design help can turn a house into a home, and she is passionate about giving her clients the perfect abode to suit their lifestyle and personality.

top san diego interior designers amisha d bedroom

Bedroom design by Decorilla online interior designer, Amisha D.

Making the process fun for her clients is one of Amisha’s goals as she creates contemporary, transitional and cottage-style homes. Moreover, she is one of the most affordable interior designers in San Diego, which makes choosing who to hire a little bit simpler. You don’t have to be located in San Diego to take advantage of Amisha’s skill set. She also does online interior design which allows her to work with clients in any location.

WHAT WE LOVE: Amisha focuses on how life will transpire in a room and the memories and experiences that will be created in the space. She is the most affordable interior designer on this list, but she knows how to make sure her clients get the best bang for their buck!

3) Blythe Interiors – Jennifer Verruto

Hire an interior designer in San Diego

According to Blythe Interiors, “good design should be accessible to all” and with their realistic approach, they aim to bring homes to life while keeping costs low. Their customizable service includes a two-hour interior design consultation in your home in San Diego. After that clients can either implement the practical knowledge the gained or hire the interior design team to help.

Small bedroom interior design in California

After moving to San Diego, founder, Jennifer Verruto built her design expertise to what it is today. With a keen eye for color, she can meld hues together to create the most inspiring home for her clients.

WHAT WE LOVE: Their ability to create delightful interiors in a variety of styles, from mid-century modern, contemporary, transitional, eclectic and coastal.

4) Tracy Lynn Studio – Tracy Lynn

Open plan kitchen and living interior design

As one of the leading interior designers and decorators in San Diego, Tracy Lynn Studio combines creativity, collaboration and unparalleled service to create homes inspired by the client for the client. Listening to what clients need enables the team to produce beautifully transitional homes with contemporary luxury.

Transitional bedroom interior design in San Diego

With a holistic approach to design, founder, Tracy Lynn, sets out to tend to even the smallest details in order to make each interior dream a reality.

WHAT WE LOVE: Their ability to merge exterior and interior spaces into a cohesive and delightful functional design that will live well.

5) Keerthana V.

top san diego interior designers Keerthana V.

Keerthana V. has a passion for creating lovely yet logical interiors. Her engineering background helps to guide her practical side while teaching music grows her creativity. With interior design help from Keerthana, clients can rest assured knowing their dream will come to life and be a joy to live in.

top san diego interior designers Keerthana V. living room

Living room rendering by Decorilla online designer, Keerthana V.

As Keerthana draws inspiration from the natural world, she aims to enhance what feels natural to her clients. She is also one of the most affordable and accessible interior designers to hire in San Diego – all budgets are welcome here!

WHAT WE LOVE: Her ability to balance practicality with pleasant aesthetics. She can also blend various styles from different eras into a perfect picture in a surprisingly affordable way.

6) J Hill Interiors – Jessica Tompane

Eclectic living room interior design help

Layered textures, colors, patterns and design styles set J Hill Interiors apart. These, often eclectic, interiors are full of life and ready to be lived in. Lead designer, Jessica Tompane, and her team dream with their clients to find what will suit them best.

Coastal and transitional bedroom created with interior design help

Being down-to-earth hasn’t stopped J Hill Interiors from attaining multiple accolades, awards, and local recognition. They have featured in various local magazines, like the San Diego Home and Garden in particular, and appeared on NBC San Diego among many others.

WHAT WE LOVE: That the team behind J Hill Interiors supports, and gives their time and talents to NGOs, organizations and those most vulnerable in their community.

7) San Diego Office Design – Tamara Romeo

Modern office by San Diego Decorators

Making a better workplace for all lies at the heart of San Diego Office Design. For one thing, office design can make the difference between a productive workforce and an idle one. These interior designers in San Diego create highly branded spaces to enhance company culture and visual appeal.

Office design in white, green and brown with moss

Founder, Tamara Romeo, has a strong background in commercial design and renovations and advertising. For this reason, she and her team can successfully “tell the story of their clients’ mission+vision+culture”.

WHAT WE LOVE: That their unique team includes a marketer, interior architect, environmental psychologist, and custom furniture designer. As a result, their combined expertise enables them to create a design well-suited to an office setting.

8) Kristin Lomauro Interior Design

Contemporary kitchen from an interior designer in San Diego

With over 25 years in the industry, Kristin Lomauro has become one of the leading interior designers in San Diego. Manhattan and Los Angeles have shaped Kristin’s expertise to give California an alternative and unique look. Clean lines, texture, color and a mix of antique and modern design eras especially fill these interiors with delight.

Luxe dining area by interior designs in San Diego

Kristin and her team know how to balance rustic and sophisticated elements. In fact, after receiving interior design help from the team, homes are recreated into beautifully harmonious and contemporary spaces.

WHAT WE LOVE: That Kristin Lomauro Interior Design has a collaborative process in where they work closely with the client to create unique and individualistic interiors.

9) Everything Creative Designs (ECD) – Carol Kaplan

Coastal lounge from interior designers in San Diego, CA

Carol Kaplan started Everything Creative Design, a small home staging business, in 2006. Today, it has grown into an industry-leading staging company that offers warm customer service and expert interior curating. In fact, the designers and decorators, with their keen eye for interiors, help clients sell their homes in San Diego and the greater California.

Masculine office interior design in California

A 9,000 square foot warehouse filled with hand-selected pieces lets ECD create idyllic interiors, ideally suited to their clients. They stage properties that are vacant, occupied, newly constructed or remodeled.

WHAT WE LOVE: That they show their clients’potential buyers what a dream home could look like. After all, their staged interiors are warm, inviting and feels like home.

10) Anna Rode Designs – Coleen Choisser

San Diego interior decorators

San Diego color expert and local interior designer, Coleen Ann Choisser, leads Anna Rode Designs to give clients elegant homes made for everyday living. On the whole, their portfolio is filled with beautiful traditional, transitional and modern style interiors.

San Diego interior decorators

Their projects vary in size, from mini one room designs to grandmaster plans. They offer the same tenacity and passion to anyone who needs interior design help, regardless of the project’s scale.

WHAT WE LOVE: That Anna Rode Designs offers a unique service that other firms don’t – a color consulting service. With an artist’s eye, Coleen can guide clients to create the atmosphere they want with the correct color choices.


Looking for an interior designer or decorator in San Diego who will make your home pop? Then look no further than this list, or Schedule a Free Interior Design Consultation with Decorilla today to help you get started!

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