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The San Francisco Bay Area has risen as a design hub for industries like fashion, film, landscape and interior design is no exception either. With a selection of interior design pros and rising stars alike, the talent in the city is expansive. And Decorilla is lucky enough to have a few of them on our team, but we also work hard to scout out the ones to watch. We try not to have favorites, but we really admire the following Golden Gate City interior designers and their fresh designs. Check out our list of the top San Francisco interior designers!

All About Interior Design in San Francisco

Decorilla San Francisco interior design - jillian z

Contemporary living room design by Decorilla San Francisco interior design

San Francisco interiors boast enchanting designs, whether it’s a Michelin-star restaurant or studio. The city is certainly memorable. Even more so because of its spectacular eclectic modern and Victorian architecture. Both visitors and locals enjoy architectural sights, like the Columbus Tower and Palace Hotel.

However, some of the most magical scenes are indoors. After all, San Francisco is home to the Academy of Art University and some of the best interior designers in the country. People lucky enough to call this Californian city home can put their bets on having a stunning abode.

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Top San Francisco Interior Designers

Transitional bedroom design by Decorilla interior decorator San Francisco

Transitional bedroom design by Decorilla interior decorator San Francisco

Creative talent overflows in San Francisco, which means interior design help is always within reach. That said, finding the best designer for your project can be difficult. The good news is this list of the finest interior designers near you should make life a little easier.

Jennifer Jones

Top San Francisco Designer Living room Jennifer Jones

Niche Interiors is known for its tailored and modern aesthetic, but this firm stands for more than creating beautiful spaces. The founder and lead, Jennifer Jones, is a specialist in sustainable living and eco-design. She is also the founder of Good Future Design Alliance. Additionally, Niche is one of the interior design companies giving back to the San Francisco community.

Living-Room-Top-San Francisco Interior-Designer-Jennifer-J

WHAT WE LOVE: As one of the top San Francisco interior designers, Jennifer’s healthy and sustainable homes are iconic. She merges cutting-edge design with green sensibilities and family-friendly practicality.

Tiara Machado

Decorilla interior design services San Francisco

“Interior design is like fashion.” Indeed, similar intricacies apply. Tiara Machado shows interiors can be just as unforgettable too. Her Architecture degree and Interior Architecture MFA taught her about the constructed environment. What it’s also done is sharpen her precision and approach to projects. Additionally, balancing proportion and bespoke details come naturally to Tiara.

Kitchen -Tiara-Top San-Francisco Interior Designers

Modern kitchen by Decorilla San Francisco interior designer, Tiara M.

And now, with many years’ experience as a designer, Tiara aims to get to know each client first. In this way, she can bring every detail and wish to life with her interior design help. Tiara specializes in residential, hospitality, and online interior design services in San Francisco. For this reason, she’s also one of the most accessible creatives in the country!

Living-Room-Tiara-San-Francisco Interior Designers

Transitional living room by Decorilla interior decorator San Francisco, Tiara M.

WHAT WE LOVE: Tiara’s love for high fashion comes through in her interiors. Her intuition and know-how guide excellent results every time. Moreover, she’s also one of the closest interior designers near me and you. In fact, you can start a project with Tiara right now!

Christine Lin

San Francisco Living room Interior Designer Christine Lin

Arty and pulling you in to linger longer, interiors by Form+Field have a way of speaking to the soul. Behind the creativity is multi-disciplinary intellectual Christine Lin. Her focus on eclectic modernism and empathy lead to undeniably joyful spaces. It’s no wonder Christine is among the top San Francisco interior designers.

Scandinavian kitchen by san francisco interior designer Christine Lin

WHAT WE LOVE: In addition to being one of the best interior design companies in San Francisco, Christine’s firm puts people first. They celebrate individuality and support mental and physical well-being. Their work philosophy aims to help the team and clients lead healthy and balanced lives.

Emilie Munroe

Top San Francisco Interior Designers Caitlin-FlemmingFrom blogger to interior designer and author, Caitlin Flemming has come a long way since starting her journey in 2009. And today, her lifestyle blog Sacramento Street is a favorite of many, including Gwyneth Paltrow. Not to mention her interiors create happy homes throughout the Bay Area. She’s an interior decorator in San Francisco with heart and a comforting signature style.

Kitchen-by-interior-design-companies-san-francisco-designer-Caitlin-F. (1)

WHAT WE LOVE: Caitlin’s book on homes around the world. Together with her mom, Caitlin explores many stunning and culturally diverse interiors globally. Her expert eye and travel experience have earned Caitlin’s spot among the top Houzz interior designers in San Francisco.

Angela Scaletta

interior decorator san franciscor-Angela-Scaletta

San Francisco interior design is undeniably special because of designers like Angela Scaletta. She loves her hometown and finds inspiration in the state’s casual, eclectic vibe. Plus, its old homes stand as Angela’s constant muse. Her elevated-comfy style ensures client homes become a welcoming sanctuary every time.

Traditional-living-room-by-Interior decorator san francisco-Angela-S1

Traditional living room by Decorilla San Francisco interior designer, Angela S.

Angela’s not only a skilled traditional interior designer, but she’s also exceptional in e-design. This additional skillset lets clients work on projects with Angela from anywhere in the world. It also gives clients a chance to see what their final interior will look like before implementing changes.

Transitional foyer decor by Decorilla's top San Francisco interior designer, Angela S.

Transitional foyer decor by Decorilla‘s top San Francisco interior designer, Angela S.

WHAT WE LOVE: Angela includes natural materials in every interior. It grounds spaces in natural elements that bring calm. What’s more, Angela is part of one of the most accessible interior design companies in San Francisco. In fact, you can start a project with Angela today!

Noz Nozawa

best interior designers san francisco Designer-Noz-Nozawa-

Every interior by decorator Noz Nozawa is bold, bright, and wonderful – just like San Francisco. Design might not have been Noz’s initial career choice, but since her switch, homes are becoming more beautiful by the day. After her interior design help, residential and commercial properties are full of life and personality.

Interior-Design-Kitchen-by-best interior designers san francisco -Noz-Nozawa-

WHAT WE LOVE: When you’re looking for “interior designers near me”, Noz Design is sure to pop up as one of the best. A home by Noz and her team is inimitable and tailored to perfection.

Clara Jung

san francisco interior design-Clara-Jung-1-1

Banner Day Interiors have featured in Apartment Therapy, Domino, and Rue. Their recognition comes as no surprise because the firm houses a few top Sand Francisco interior designers. Among them is the founder, Clara Jung. After a successful career in corporate law, Clara decided to satisfy her creative desires. A good thing she did as her projects result in happy interiors geared to improve wellness. 

Living-dining-by-san francisco interior design-Clara-Jung

WHAT WE LOVE: How Banner’s Day balance playful patterns and minimalism. The results are character-rich and chic. All things considered, Clara has earned her spot among the top Houzz interior designers in San Francisco.

Alison Davin

best interior designers san francisco-Alison-Davin

Founder of Jute, Alison Davin brings handcrafted details and eco-friendly design to San Francisco. Her team focuses on precision and natural elements to create warm and welcoming homes. Their one-of-a-kind San Francisco interior design feature often in publications like Luxe.

Living-dining-by-best interior designers san francisco-Alison-Davin

WHAT WE LOVE: Alison and her team specialize in healthy building practices and safe materials. As a result, they create interiors with a clean air quality and a low impact on the environment. 

Sarah Littke

Living-room-san francisco interior design Sarah-Littke-

Originally from Sweden, Sarah Littke has a natural flair for Scandinavian interior design. She merges her design sensibilities with Californian heritage to create a calming aesthetic. What’s more, Sarah knows a home must balance form and function to encourage joyful living. For this reason, her final designs are the ultimate in stylish, comfy living.

Living room by San Francisco interior designer Sarah L.

WHAT WE LOVE: How California-cool meets Scandi minimalism to create something special. Sarah Littke is not only one of the best designers in San Francisco, but also in Sweden for good reason.

Jeffrey Neve

San-Francisco-Interior designer-Jeffrey-Neve

Behind Jeffrey Neve’s studio lies the concept that “living spaces are the stage for everyday life.” And in working with Jeffrey, clients soon find their homes come alive with color and texture. As a top San Francisco interior designer, Jeffrey has earned his spot by cultivating his eye for fashion. And today, his vision leads to creating spaces true to each client. They are unique, personal, and attractive.  

Modern-living-room-bedroom-by San Francisco Interior Designer -Jeffrey-N.

WHAT WE LOVE: With Jeffrey’s interior design help, a home transforms into something extraordinary and distinct. His bespoke creations are unforgettable. 

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