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Trends are definitely fun to follow, even if they change with the seasons. But, there’s something special about timeless pieces and styles. Specifically, those that manage to remain chic and sophisticated for decades. There are also significant benefits to mastering timeless interior design as well – cost and longevity top the list. Read on for the best interior design ideas that withstand the test of time!

What makes a timeless interior?

Timeless decorating trends in a living room - dina h
Timeless interior design by Decorilla designer, Dina H.

The name says it all: a timeless-style interior design manages to stand the test of time with grace. In fact, when looking into interior design styles 101, a defining characteristic is that a room will still feel current after many years. And that without the need for any extensive updates! Ageless spaces have a few things in common, like:

  • They’re not decorated according to specific trends or decades – it’s about investing in timeless furniture pieces, décor, and materials
  • Flexibility – these interiors are as beautiful on day one as they are ten years later
  • They work well as is or paired with other styles over countless years – that’s the beauty of enduring design

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Top 10 Timeless Interior Design Ideas

Timeless interior - Wanda P
Timeless and symmetric interior by Decorilla designer, Wanda P.

Putting together an evergreen interior may seem like a daunting task at first. Thankfully, there are various ways to approach such a project. Plus, most of the following ideas work great in any room throughout a house. Discover which timeless decorating trends you find most appealing and want to implement first.

1. Invest in High-Quality Pieces

Timeless decor styles for a bedroom - Mladen C.
Timeless interior for a master bedroom by Decorilla designer, Mladen C.

The first step towards a timeless interior is choosing the most durable furniture and décor finances allow. These pieces will look good for longer. So-called low-cost options, made from cheap materials, can give a room a shabby feeling. They also tend to look worn after only a little while. High-quality elements create a high-end atmosphere because of their solid character.

2. Show Off Symmetry

Timeless home interiors - Lundmyr Interiors

As humans, we’re wired to appreciate symmetry. It’s only natural then that one of the most popular timeless decorating trends is to arrange spaces symmetrically. You can start small with two pieces to achieve the look. For example, place two couches opposite each other, flank a single couch with two end tables, or place two chairs opposite a couch. In the end, it’s about bringing balance to both sides of a room.

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3. Opt for White Linens in the Bedroom

Timeless bedroom interior - Lori D
Timeless decorating trends in a guest bedroom by Decorilla designer Anna Y.

White is not only a perfect shade for the bedroom, thanks to its soothing nature, but also because it’s classic. Establish a timeless interior vibe in any bedroom with white linens. Since they’re crisp, clean, and minimalistic, white bedding form a great base. They also work well when paired with other accent colors and materials. It makes dressing a room up or down a breeze.

4. Include Organic Accents

Natural elements as timeless decorating trends - Anna Y
Organic elements in timeless home interiors by Decorilla

Natural materials, like rattan, wood, and stone, feature prominently among timeless decorating trends. They’ve been popular throughout the ages due to their ability to add visual interest, warmth, and depth to interiors. 

Timeless decorating trends - Colette Interiors

Items made of organic materials also give rooms a bespoke atmosphere because of their level of craftsmanship. Consider natural fiber area rugs, clay pottery, and wooden furniture while decorating.

5. Pick Marble Kitchen Counters 

Timeless kitchen interior - Wanda P.
Timeless-style kitchen interior design by Decorilla designer, Wanda P.

Due to their elegance, marble counters are a desirable addition to timeless home interiors. They also have various benefits. These include their durable nature, a luxurious ambiance, and how they’re ideal for cooking since they stay naturally cool and hygienic. All in all, marble countertops are great investments for any kitchen.

6. Embrace Hardwood Flooring

Timeless interior design - Casey H
Kitchen with timeless interior design ideas by Decorilla designer, Casey H.

Wooden floors, like marble counters, have several benefits. And that’s aside from being a staple of timeless interior design styles. Some of the benefits of hardwood flooring are:

  • It retains its color better than other floor covers like carpets
  • That, with proper care, it’s long-lived and tough
  • It improves both the appearance and value of a home
  • It enhances a space’s air quality since it doesn’t trap particles such as dander, dust, and pollen
  • How it suits all décor types and room styles

7. Consider Built-In Shelving

Timeless style interior design ideas - Dina H
Living room featuring timeless interior design styles by Decorilla designer, Dina H.

Few things say timeless interior design quite like built-in shelves. Not only do they contribute to the sophistication of a room, but they also add to its versatility and give depth. Books, picture frames, and other small décor items can all adorn such shelves. Thus, they act as both classic storage and display solutions.

8. Stick to a Neutral Color Palette

Living room with timeless decorating styles - Anna Y
Timeless interior design color scheme by Decorilla

Timeless décor styles usually have a neutral color scheme in common. That’s because they can make a space shine without dominating it. Different tones of the same neutral can also have surprisingly varied effects. For example, one shade of white can have a warming effect, while another will have a cooling effect.

Timeless decorating trends - Casey H
Timeless neutral decorating trends by Decorilla designer, Casey H.

If pure neutrals aren’t your favorite look, opt for traditional, non-trendy colors such as navy or deep green, combined with neutral accents. 

9. Let Technology Take a Back Seat

Timeless interior design ideas - Meric S
Living room featuring timeless décor styles by Decorilla designer, Meric S.

Shift the main focus of a room away from any high-tech items that could feel dated within a short time. Technology can still be present, just don’t display any pieces as focal points. 

Timeless style interior design - Gilleset

However, this may seem challenging with large items. Thankfully, there are timeless decorating trends and clever tricks which can help disguise some things. For instance, a picture frame TV can make a disused unit look like a work of art.

10. Avoid Embracing Trends

Timeless home interiors - Heaton Williams

When putting together a timeless interior, try to incorporate as few trendy pieces as possible. Since they rarely remain in vogue for a handful of years, it’s best to avoid them entirely. When remnants of an outdated style are present within a space, it immediately feels dated.

Timeless style interior design - Drew F
Prime example of timeless home interiors by Decorilla designer, Drew F.

An interior design rule to remember is to opt to include trends in subtle ways. Make them easy to change by expressing current trends through smaller items like scatter cushions. That way, timeless decorating trends remain the dominant presence in a room.

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