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Aside from being a gorgeous season, fall also has great holidays, including Thanksgiving. It’s a comfy, cozy period filled with family fun, yummy treats, and bold colors. Since this time has such a lovely aesthetic, it’s only natural to want to reflect it in your interior. Read on to explore Thanksgiving home décor solutions for a timeless look.              

Decorating Your Home for Thanksgiving: Do’s & Don’ts

Thanksgiving living room decor - Kristina B
Decorilla combined living and dining space with Thanksgiving home décor

Preparing your home for a festive occasion can feel equally exciting and overwhelming. When you choose to decorate for Thanksgiving using expert ideas, a few dos and don’ts stand out and help guide your decisions:

  • DO remember that less is more if you want a space with enduring appeal.
  • DON’T make the seasonal décor too obvious – steer clear of knick-knacks like ceramic turkeys.
  • DO use fall colors sparingly by blending them into your existing spaces. You still want the room to feel harmonious.
House decorations for Thanksgiving
  • DON’T forget to bring the festive spirit to often overlooked corners of the home. Spare bedrooms and bathrooms, for example, can also use a special touch. After all, guests tend to visit more often.
  • DO opt for warm lighting to enhance the ambiance. Candles and fairy lights are ideal additions.
  • DON’T make dining room centerpieces too tall as they may make conversing with loved ones a challenge.

For an ultra-styled look, match your Thanksgiving decor to the aesthetic of your home. Not sure what that is? Then, take our Free Interior Design Style Quiz to discover your unique decorating style today!

Thanksgiving Home Décor Ideas by Room

Thanksgiving bedroom decor - Ryley B
Relaxed bedroom featuring Thanksgiving home décor ideas by Decorilla designer, Ryley B.

There’s a chic way to add holiday cheer to every space – from the bedroom to the kitchen, and beyond. Best of all, many solutions are quick and easy to implement.

Thanksgiving Living Room Décor

Thanksgiving home decor ideas - Mladen C
Decorilla cozy yet chic Thanksgiving living room décor

Next to the dining room, the living room is the most popular space during Thanksgiving. Socialize with loved ones in style by turning this room into a festive yet refined gathering place.

1. Throw Pillows & Blankets in Festive Hues

Thanksgiving living room decor - Anna Y
Decorilla contemporary living room with subtle Thanksgiving house decorations

House decorations for Thanksgiving should exude those comforting fall vibes. And few items do it better than snuggly new throw pillows and blankets in seasonal shades of brown, orange, and khaki. Scatter them throughout the living room for the ultimate cozy atmosphere. 

2. Shift Focus to the Fireplace

Farmhouse thanksgiving décor on a mantel

A collection of Thanksgiving house decorations looks wonderful around the fireplace. Beautify the mantel with seasonal staples like pumpkins, dried flowers, and candles. A sepia family photo would also be a great addition.

3. Thanksgiving Home Décor Ideas: Bring Outdoor Inspiration Inside

Thanksgiving house decorations

Look to the outdoors for inspiration. Seasonal wreaths of fall leaves, wheat, and red berry branches make the perfect Thanksgiving wall décor. Large branches in stylish planters make eye-catching living room decorations too.

4. Collection of Assorted Candles

Thanksgiving candle decor - Nathalie I
Modern living room Thanksgiving candle décor by Decorilla designer, Nathalie I.

Enhance the coffee table and add flair to the living room with Thanksgiving candle décor. Put together an arrangement using different-sized candles in unique but complementary holders.

5. Elevated Fall Bar Cart

Thanksgiving living room décor ideas - bar carts

Among our favorite Thanksgiving home décor ideas are living room bar carts. Show off bar equipment like Moscow mule mugs and a glass pitcher of apple cider to impress your guests. Other nice touches also include seasonal fruit, succulents, and candles.

Thanksgiving Kitchen Décor

Thanksgiving kitchen decor - Darya N
Modern kitchen featuring subtle Thanksgiving kitchen décor by Decorilla designer, Darya N.

Although the kitchen is a functional space, it also deserves to be festive, especially in the period leading up to Thanksgiving. Thankfully, there are many ways to decorate this room without diminishing its practicality.

6. Display Porcelain Plates as Thanksgiving Wall Décor

Farmhouse kitchen wall decoration ideas

One of the simple but elegant Thanksgiving wall decoration ideas is to hang up a selection of porcelain plates. We particularly enjoy Delft plates for their traditional yet timeless aesthetic.

7. Embrace Seasonal Produce as Farmhouse Thanksgiving Décor

Thanksgiving kitchen décor

Bowls of seasonal produce make ideal and effortless Thanksgiving kitchen decorations. Display bright red apples, pomegranates, plums, or berries in light-colored dishes to let the fresh fruit pop!

8. Indulge in Deep Plum Accents

Thanksgiving home decor ideas - Basma
Decorilla contemporary dining room with house decorations for Thanksgiving

Rich purples are a welcome addition among otherwise neutral Thanksgiving home décor. For practical and pretty kitchen items, invest in a plum Dutch oven or kettle for the stovetop, along with violet glassware.

9. Glittering Golden Hardware

Thanksgiving kitchen decor - Sarah M
Farmhouse Thanksgiving décor in a glamorous kitchen by Decorilla designer, Sarah M.

Add some glamour to the festive atmosphere. Swop plain hardware like cabinet handles, faucets, and taps for golden ones. It’s another striking but practical Thanksgiving kitchen décor solution that can last beyond the holidays. 

10. Pitcher Perfect Fall Leaves Thanksgiving Home Décor

Thanksgiving Home Décor Ideas for Festive Style

Grab a pitcher and a pair of garden sheers for this one! You’ll want to go outside and cut leafy twigs from your favorite fall bush or tree. Then arrange them in the pitcher for a Thanksgiving-worthy kitchen display.

Thanksgiving Bedroom Décor

Thanksgiving bedroom decor - Courtney B
Transitional farmhouse bedroom with Thanksgiving home décor by Decorilla designer, Courtney B.

Spread the Thanksgiving cheer to the bedroom too. Whether looking for master suite or kids’ room ideas, there’s a stylish solution for everyone.

11. Invest in Quilted Bedding

Thanksgiving bedroom décor

One of the best Thanksgiving home décor ideas is to get a new quilted bedding set or a single quilt. Their array of colors and patterns make them an attractive addition to any bedroom.

12. Incorporate Red & Orange Tones

Decorating your home for Thanksgiving - Drew F
Decorilla eclectic bedroom featuring subtle Thanksgiving bedroom décor

Red and orange hues are synonymous with the season. Look for a blanket, throw pillows or even an area rug in these shades for subtle Thanksgiving bedroom décor.

13. Cheerful Bedroom Bunting Thanksgiving Wall Décor

Thanksgiving Home Décor Ideas

Even adult bedrooms can benefit from a cheerful string of bunting this Thanksgiving. Place it either against the wall or have it running between bedposts. Look for alternatives to the usual, like knitted ones. In addition, if you’re feeling crafty, make your own!

14. Rustic Pampas Grass Art

Thanksgiving wall decor ideas

Grab some pampas grass fans or wreaths for stunning Thanksgiving wall décor ideas with a boho twist. Apart from their visual appeal, they also add texture to a room. Placed above the bed or a dresser certainly makes an impression.

15. Include Vintage Items as Part of Thanksgiving Home Décor

House decorations for Thanksgiving - Joa A
Decorilla stylish country bedroom – an example of decorating your home for Thanksgiving

Breathe new life into antique furnishings, like a side table or armoire, with a fresh coat of paint. Then add them to your bedroom for old meets new Thanksgiving decorations.

Want to upgrade your home for the holidays?

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