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Before & After: Eclectic Spanish Revival Interior Update

Spanish Revival interior - Lucas Interior

Certain building styles call up images of foreign lands, like Spanish Revival architecture. Painted tiles, arches, chic ironwork, and dark wood transport you to beautiful Spain. One Decorilla client wanted their Spanish Revival home’s inside to match the outside. But, with an eclectic twist. Read on to explore the Spanish revival interior results!

Before & After: Luxury Vacation Rental Interior Design

Vacation rental interior design - Mountain Living

Dreamy accommodation can make a beautiful trip even more remarkable. That said, a lackluster space can detract from someone’s holiday. That’s why one rental owner turned to Decorilla – they wanted their rental to attract more holidaymakers and be a space for them to enjoy as well. Read on for their comfy yet luxe vacation… Read more »

Before & After: Luxury Living and Dining Room Design

Luxury living room design

Grand architecture in a spacious great room calls for luxury living room design. And for a recent Decorilla client, the open living space in her new villa presented such a design challenge for her. She needed help getting the proportions right in the room’s double height while adding a high-end touch. Read on to discover… Read more »

Before & After: Modern Interior Design for a New Construction Home

Modern interior design - Apartment Therapy

Always fresh, sleek, and effortlessly chic – modern interior design has enduring appeal. A recent Decorilla client was especially enamored with the iconic style. So much so that they wanted their entire new build to reflect it. Read on to learn all about the project and its timeless results!

Before & After: French Country Interior Design

French Country interior design - gayle lee

Do you long for the rustic elegance of a classy French cottage? Decorilla’s recent clients wanted just that look for their new house. They dreamed about giving their home an instant facelift with a bright and chic twist on traditional French country interior design. With their designer’s vision the results were a success. Read on… Read more »

Before and After: Sophisticated Black and White Living Room

Few other color palettes are as iconic as black and white. Perhaps the appeal lies in the sharp contrast between the two tones, or maybe it’s their timeless air. Whatever the case may be, the combination is stunning. One recent Decorilla client wanted to update their living area to be just as memorable. Read on… Read more »

Before & After: Modern Balinese-Style Interior Design

Open living modern Balinese style interior design

By embracing the right interior design style, every day can feel like a luxury vacation. One recent Decorilla client set her heart on that feeling. She was rehoming and wanted her new coastal apartment to give off tropical resort vibes. Read on for a closer look at this stunning transformation. Today, it’s the epitome of… Read more »

Before & After: Transitional New York Apartment Style

New York apartment style

New York apartment style is covetable in all of its various forms. However, stylish comfort, edgy art, and sophistication are common themes among these interiors. And this is exactly what one recent Decorilla client was in search of for her newly acquired city home. Read on to see how this tasteful transitional NYC apartment design… Read more »

Before & After: Zen Japandi Living Room & Dining Room

Japandi style living room - Hackrea

Simplistic yet warm – Japandi interiors have been growing in popularity for a reason. And one family recently finished building a forever home. That said, they still needed help putting together the perfect open-plan space. With Decorilla’s expertise, they could achieve the interior look of their dreams. Read on for the breathtaking Japandi living room… Read more »

Before & After: Rustic Lodge-Style Living & Dining Room

Lodge style living room - habitually chic

Lakeside vacations are idyllic – especially when staying at an atmospheric cabin! And it’s good to keep the interior of a rental property updated. Not only to ensure guests feel comfortable but satisfied with their choice too. A recent Decorilla client wanted to upgrade his rental cabin. He needed a warm and inviting lodge-style living… Read more »