Luxury contemporary interior design for a condo

Have you ever wondered what magic lies behind transforming a basic condo into a stylish yet cozy home? Today, we explore a luxury contemporary interior design project that aligns perfectly with the homeowner’s vision and lifestyle. It also challenges the norms of residential design: find out how!

The Challenge: Contemporary Luxury Living Room & Bedroom

When a dynamic couple in their mid-30s approached Decorilla needing luxury interior design help for their condo, they had a clear vision in mind. They wanted an interior that reflects contemporary luxury akin to a five-star hotel. Therefore, the key tasks for the designer were to:

  • Create a separate workspace for two, allowing privacy during work or calls.
  • Integrate a contemporary luxury style with modern and classic elements, reflecting a New York vibe in a Texas setting.
  • Ensure the furniture is not only stylish but also supremely comfortable.
  • Incorporate a color scheme that blends dark grey, brown, cream, and green.
  • Design a lighting plan that enhances ambiance, especially for evening relaxation.
  • Accommodate an upright piano in a way that aligns with the overall design concept.
  • Arrange the living spaces to support the couple’s hobbies and social gatherings.

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Design Inspiration: Luxurious Contemporary Interiors

Contemporary luxury living room design by Decorilla
Contemporary luxury living room design by Decorilla

The clients found their muse in the understated elegance of quietly luxurious contemporary interiors with organic flair. Drawing inspiration from such spaces, they envisioned their condo as a retreat blending style, comfort, and the spirit of nature. That also implied a palette of neutral tones, plenty of soft textures, and warm metallic finishes.

Elegant, luxurious contemporary interiors by Decorilla
Elegant, luxurious contemporary interiors by Decorilla

The essence of their vision, however, was a home that facilitates connection: a place to relax, host, and entertain. Their ideal layout would capture the balance of a well-designed aesthetic that serves multiple purposes, mirroring the couple’s dynamic lifestyle.

Initial Concepts: Finding the Right Designer

Preliminary proposal by Decorilla interior designer Rachel H.
Preliminary proposal by Decorilla interior designer, Rachel H.

The couple’s detailed instructions, accompanied by responses in the interactive design questionnaire, left little room for doubts. As a result, the Decorilla team easily identified two highly skilled designers to present their visions for the project. One was Rachel H., and the other was Dragana V., both recognized for their adeptness in crafting dapper yet profoundly livable spaces.

Rachel H.’s moodboard showcased a luxury contemporary interior design ensemble that feels approachable and timeless. It was an elevated concept, subtly surpassing the client’s expectations with a seamless blend of elegance and nature. The selection of elements was underscored by the allure of contemporary comforts and clever storage solutions.

Preliminary proposal by Decorilla designer Dragana V.
Preliminary proposal by Decorilla designer, Dragana V.

Dragana’s moodboard, on the other hand, showcased a design that promises relaxation and sociability as its centerpiece. Accentuated by richly textured cushions and complementary decor and accessories, her selection evoked a sense of tactile luxury. The concept also cleverly incorporated multifunctional pieces, marrying the client’s needs for musical expression, remote working, and casual entertainment. This minute understanding of the couple’s functional requirements and aesthetic preferences finally pulled the decision towards Dragana V.

Results Revealed: Luxury Contemporary Interior Design

Bright and airy, luxury contemporary interior design of a condo by Decorilla
Bright and airy interior design of a condo by Decorilla

Turning a moodboard into a tangible layout proved that the choice was right. The design solution materialized as functional as it is aesthetically pleasing, mirroring the couple’s vibrant lifestyle and modern tastes. The transformation from a bare space to a luxurious haven is marked by a thoughtful selection of pieces that meet both comfort and visual appeal.

Contemporary Luxury Living Room

Stylish luxurious contemporary interiors by Decorilla
Stylish living room interior by Decorilla

Set against the backdrop of the city skyline, the contemporary luxury living room design is a perfect blend of personal passion and urban chic. Above all, the design’s genius lies in its ability to balance the client’s desire for a New York-style luxury with the coziness and warmth of their Texas home. Eclectic elements work in harmony, showcasing the transformative power of thoughtful interior design.

Luxurious contemporary interior's transformation by Decorilla
Luxurious contemporary interior’s transformation by Decorilla

Upon entering the redesigned space, one is immediately struck by the airiness and the intelligent use of the area. The designer has maximized the natural light to enhance the room’s openness, complementing it with a minimalist approach to furnishings. The once-empty corner now boasts a sleek upright piano, a nod to the clients’ request.

Contemporary luxury living room design by Decorilla
Contemporary luxury living room design by Decorilla

The living area, designed for both relaxation and social gatherings, features a plush, L-shaped sofa in a soft cream hue. Surrounded by tactile throws and lush textures, it invites a sense of comfortable opulence—just like the client wanted. A unique coffee table anchors the conversation area, bringing an organic touch with its raw wood finish. Simultaneously, the modern, spherical chandelier completes the space as a sculptural element, illuminating the room with a warm, soft glow.

Clean & Elegant Dining Area

Luxury contemporary interior design of a dining room by Decorilla
Contemporary dining room by Decorilla

Functionality meets sophistication in the luxury, contemporary interior design of the dining area. The simplicity of the design also ensures that the view remains the room’s focal point. 

A round table flanked by sleek, green chairs offers an intimate setting for meals. The nearby kitchen bar, with its modern bar stools, extends the space, providing additional seating and also integrating the culinary zone seamlessly with the living experience. Meanwhile, the selected artwork and the inclusion of greenery breathe life into the layout, making it feel lived-in and loved. 

Striking the Perfect Balance

Contemporary luxury living room layout with a piano, by Decorilla
Luxury living room with a piano, by Decorilla

In this deftly transformed space, every detail contributes to a perfect harmony between sophisticated comfort and contemporary vogue. Each element is thoughtfully curated, from the cozy, cream-toned sectional that invites intimate gatherings to the tactical lighting and decor scheme. In addition, the subtle blend of rich textures with sleek modern lines reflects the client’s taste and lifestyle while making the most of the condo’s panoramic city views.

Luxury Contemporary Bedroom

Luxury contemporary bedroom layout by Decorilla
Luxury contemporary bedroom layout by Decorilla

Expectedly, the key focal point of the luxury contemporary bedroom is a chic bed with its plush headboard. It dominates the scene with a clean silhouette and crisp linens, inviting a restful escape from the bustling city outside. Flanked by minimalist side tables and globe pendant lights, the setup oozes modern elegance. Soft, ambient lighting elevates the room’s tranquil vibe, while the textural contrast between the sleek furnishings and the lush carpet enhances depth and interest.

Luxurious contemporary interior's bedroom design by Decorilla
Bedroom design transformation by Decorilla

The transformation of the plain empty bedroom into an example of a “quiet luxury” contemporary interior design reflects the designer’s distinctive skills. It is now a serene sanctuary that caters to both rest and productivity. The room’s shift is defined by a soothing palette, streamlined furnishings, and strategic lighting, working together to foster an atmosphere of sophisticated calm.

A cozy nook in a luxury contemporary bedroom by Decorilla
A cozy nook in a luxury contemporary bedroom by Decorilla

A bold artwork anchors the bedroom’s decor, its abstract, vibrant scheme making a statement without disturbing the overall vibe. It’s complemented by a richly hued, curvy armchair, creating a versatile spot for reading or relaxation. This nook further emphasizes the room’s dual function as a place for both unwinding and productivity. Meanwhile, the set’s vibrancy is juxtaposed with softer elements, like the olive green throw, bringing balance to the design.  

Luxury contemporary bedroom design by Decorilla
Modern bedroom design by Decorilla

The room’s layout, with its clear delineation of sleep and work zones, harmonizes beautifully with the couple’s lifestyle. The strategic furniture placement ensures that the bedroom remains a restful area while accommodating the demands of their professional lives. Such a solution not only meets the client’s specific requests but also elevates their everyday experience, providing a perfect blend of high-end utility and style.

Home Office Nook

Stylish home office in a luxury contemporary bedroom by Decorilla
Stylish home office in a luxury contemporary bedroom by Decorilla

On that matter, the mini home office area is a masterclass in functionality meeting design. Nestled in a cozy niche of the luxury contemporary bedroom, the compact desk and chair don’t detract from its spaciousness. Instead, they echo the style of the broader space while offering a quiet corner for focus and creativity, perfectly aligning with the client’s needs.

Design Details: Sourcing the Perfect Pieces

Luxury contemporary interior design shopping list by Decorilla
Luxury contemporary interior design shopping list by Decorilla

From the onset, Decorilla bridged the gap between concept and reality with detailed 3D renderings, allowing the client to visualize the transformation of their space. The images captured the proposed space’s organization, flow, and atmosphere, enabling the client to interact with the design intimately. Nevertheless, the culmination of meticulous planning and execution was the shopping list with exclusive trade discounts that further enhanced the value of the project, balancing opulence with economic savvy.

Dragana’s skillful execution of luxury contemporary interior design harmoniously blended with the client’s vision. Throughout the design process, they left several feedbacks, with expressions of delight like “Great stuff, thank you!” and “Great job on the bedroom, looks really great!” These affirmations underscored the synergy that conveyed great results in return. 

Get the Look: Luxury Contemporary Interior Design

Luxurious contemporary interiors are not just aesthetically pleasing but also mindful of the diverse lifestyle needs. So, check out some of our favorite elements: you might find something that resonates with your taste while providing tangible comfort and functionality.

Top picks for luxurious contemporary interiors by Decorilla
  1. Dining Chair
  2. Faux Plant
  3. Dining Table
  4. Area Rug
  5. Coffee Table
  6. Sofa Sectional
  7. Chandelier

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