Modern contemporary living room by Decorilla

Is your living space ready for an upgrade? We invite you to explore the evolution of a modern contemporary living room and dining room, transcending from dull to chic. Read on as we reveal how empty areas can become stunning yet functional spaces tailored to today’s lifestyle.

The Challenge: Modern Contemporary Living & Dining Room Design

The client was already familiar with Decorilla’s skill for transforming spaces. Having the previous successful cooperation in mind, they now returned for design guidance on settling into their new Brooklyn abode. They needed a designer’s expertise to help:

  • Assess the current furniture arrangement and suggest a layout that optimizes the open space.
  • Select a modern, contemporary dining table and chairs that complement the living area.
  • Recommend a statement light fixture for the dining room to tie the distinct zones together.
  • Provide a cohesive design plan that ensures a smooth visual transition throughout the space.

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Design Inspiration: Contemporary Open Spaces With Scandi Vibes

Modern living room by Decorilla
Modern open-concept living room by Decorilla

The client’s pursuit of inspiration was clear-cut. They wanted a home where the simple, Scandi-driven aesthetic reigned with a stylish yet understated vibe. In addition, the spaciousness of their Brooklyn home called for modern, contemporary living and dining room furniture marrying comfort with a minimalist design. Their inspiration gallery also reflected the desire to blend utility and beauty, showcasing environments that facilitated easy living with a refined aesthetic.

Industrial contemporary living room by Decorilla
Industrial contemporary living room by Decorilla

The images were captivating, with their effortless elegance balancing sleek lines with welcoming warmth. The living room furnishings were curated to stand the test of time, in style as well as in function.

Meanwhile, modern contemporary dining table and chair sets simultaneously acted as visual centerpieces and vibrant hubs ready to host gatherings. A cohesive flow between areas was prominent, turning each piece into an atmosphere generator to make the residents feel truly at home.

Initial Concepts: Finding the Right Designer

Preliminary proposal by Decorilla designer Ibrahim H.
Preliminary proposal by Decorilla designer, Ibrahim H.

The client was familiar with Decorilla’s transformative design service: it already brought them an exciting rental apartment’s new look as a result. Their satisfaction was so profound that when it came time to revamp a new space, they bypassed the standard Decorilla process. Giving up the perks of two different design proposals, they went straight to the designer who had embodied their vision before.

Ibrahim H., the chosen designer, this time presented a thoughtful evolution of the client’s space. His vision maintained the essence of the existing arrangement, allowing for keeping and seamlessly integrating the client’s furniture and decor. At the same time, this budget-friendly approach introduced strategic tweaks to refresh and optimize the area for both daily use and special occasions. 

Results Revealed: Open-Space Modern Contemporary Living Room

Open-concept space by Decorilla featuring modern contemporary living room furniture
Open-concept space interior design by Decorilla

The client’s modern contemporary living room now breathes ease and sophistication. Each piece of furniture is both a functional entity and a contributor to the overall aesthetic. Streamlined yet plush seating areas set against the backdrop of expansive windows create a dialogue between indoors and the outdoors. Wood accents from the tables and bookshelves add another organic touch, harmonizing with the neutral palette and the hardwood floors.

Modern contemporary living room furniture in an open space layout by Decorilla
Living room furniture in an open space layout by Decorilla

The main relaxation area is thoughtfully populated with modern, contemporary living room furniture that balances scale and style. The sectional sofa’s generous proportions invite relaxation, while its U-shape configuration eliminates the need for additional seating options. Both of these assets work in favor of the room’s sleek, airy flair. Meanwhile, accent pieces like the floor lamp and the abstract artwork serve as subtle focal points without cluttering the visual landscape.

Different options in room design by Decorilla
Different options in room design by Decorilla

During the creative process, the client and designer engaged in a collaborative exchange, testing various furniture pieces and decor arrangements. This interaction ensured that each selected item resonated with both the client’s taste and the space’s dimensions. To aid in decision-making, the designer provided multiple visualizations, allowing the client to see the potential arrangements in the context of their actual space.

Open modern contemporary living room layout by Decorilla
Open modern contemporary living room layout by Decorilla

The living room effortlessly transitions into the adjacent areas, all spaces sharing a language of clean lines and sumptuous finishes. Richly textured rugs subtly define each zone, complementing the warm-toned hardwood flooring beneath. A small conversation area with plush armchairs guides movement through the area with their angular alignment, fostering an interconnected atmosphere and enhancing its fluidity.

Blending Function with Style  

Functional elements within the room were carefully chosen to enhance the space without overwhelming it. The designer focused on maximizing the area’s potential by selecting pieces that served multiple purposes. Therefore, the side table offers storage, the central lighting fixture doubles as art, and decorative objects bring personality without sacrificing space or flow.

Modern Dining Area

Modern contemporary dining table and chairs in a layout by Decorilla
Contemporary dining room layout by Decorilla

In the newly designed modern contemporary dining room, the table and chairs are the clear protagonists. The table, a substantial piece with a dark, stone-like finish, confidently dominates the space. At the same time, surrounding chairs with their sleek profiles and rich caramel tones invite diners to sit and linger. The addition of lucite chairs at either end of the table maximizes the seating potential, simultaneously avoiding visual clutter. 

Above, a sculptural chandelier with globed lights acts beyond a source of illumination. It’s also a central art piece, its form and function in perfect harmony with the dining set below. 

Modern layout with contemporary dining table and chairs by Decorilla
Modern layout with contemporary dining table and chairs, by Decorilla

The dining area’s connection to the neighboring spaces is seamless, with continuity in design elements that speak a common language. The clean lines of the cabinetry and the bar stools at the kitchen island echo the dining chairs’ simplicity, ensuring a cohesive look throughout. 

Finishing touches, such as the understated decor on the table and the strategically placed indoor plants, add personality without overwhelming the space. They provide a soft contrast to the room’s modern lines, ensuring every detail feels welcoming.

Design Details: Sourcing the Perfect Pieces

Shopping list for modern contemporary living and dining room by Decorilla
Shopping list by Decorilla

In summary, Ibrahim delivered a stunning yet cost-effective solution without compromising on style. His meticulous attention to detail ensured that each piece not only fit the client’s lifestyle but also echoed their taste for curated simplicity. In addition, the 3D renderings offered the client a tangible sense of the space’s potential, allowing for a truly collaborative and immersive planning experience. 

On top of it all was Decorilla’s unique shopping list with access to exclusive trade discounts. It supported all the creative ideas, allowing the designer to adhere the project to both the client’s desires and specific budget.

Get the Look: Modern Contemporary Living Room Furniture

Explore our curated selection of modern contemporary living room furniture, tailored to create a harmonious and spacious feel. Enhance the ensemble with select, tactile accessories that complement without overwhelming, ensuring your space is inviting and impeccably designed.

Modern contemporary living room top picks by Decorilla
  1. Area Rug
  2. Accent Chair
  3. Floor Lamp
  4. Dining Table
  5. Dining Chair
  6. Wall Art
  7. Sofa Sectional
  8. Coffee Table

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