Studio Apartment Layout Ideas: Your Ultimate Guide to Efficiency Apartment Floor Plans


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Dealing with a studio apartment floor plan often feels overwhelming and confusing. If you’re like the majority of people you’re probably thinking there won’t be enough space for your stuff and you’ll be confined into uncomfortable living quarters with no privacy. But we’re here to help! With our designer studio apartment layout ideas, you’ll learn the essentials to make the most of your square footage! So, if you’ve already checked out our strategies to organize your home like a pro, let’s jump into the top small apartment floor plan ideas!

To get started, what is a studio apartment floor plan? A studio is a one-room apartment where only the bathroom is separated by closed doors. All the rest (kitchen, living, bedroom, office….) needs to fit into one single space. Which usually doesn’t go beyond 500 square feet! Next, what is an efficiency apartment? It’s very similar to a studio apartment, however, an efficiency apartment is even smaller. Typically you will find more condensed kitchens and bathrooms as they are typically meant for one person. The challenge is real and many people think they could never live in a studio or efficiency apartment. But we promise that with our tips, your studio apartment design will become a real pleasure to live in!

Apartment Design 101: Consider Your Living Habits

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Eclectic apartment design by Decorilla interior designer, Sarah O.

Let’s be realistic; when living in 500 square feet you can’t fit all you could fit in a villa. So the first thing to do is deciding what you need the most. Do you entertain often? Then you’ll need plenty of seating. Do you work or study at home? Then you’ll need a desk or a place to concentrate on your work. Do you use your studio practically only to sleep? Then the bed will be the most important thing. Ask yourself these questions to decide what you’re going to prioritize when filling in your studio apartment floor plan.

studio apartment layout ideas for bedroom decorilla rendering

Studio apartment layout ideas for bedroom by Decorilla interior designer, Mladen C.

Separate Your Studio Apartment Floor Plan

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Modern industrial studio apartment 3D rendering and design by Decorilla online interior designer, Laura A.

Even if a studio is one single room, it doesn’t mean it needs to feel like one single space. In fact, the number one studio apartment design idea is creating separate areas. This will make the space feel more spacious and way more livable too. The first strategy to achieve that are huge area rugs, which also take up zero vertical space! If you need some more separation (say to divide the sleeping area from the rest), you can use room dividers and low cabinets. And for full-height partitions, go for a tall bookshelf or even curtains!

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Studio apartment floor plan design by Decorilla online interior designer, Laura A.

Be Thoughtful About Color Choices

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Modern apartment design by Decorilla online interior designer, Darya N.

A color palette can always make or break a design. In particular, when working with a studio apartment floor plan it can really help with size! Light colors make a space feel larger; you’ve certainly heard this before but it’s so true that it’s worth restating! But what if you like dark colors? You can still use them, but with caution. Maybe go for one single feature wall and leave the rest lighter, or choose dark accessories sticking to lighter colors for the biggest pieces in the room.

studio apartment color palette ideas

Studio apartment color palette ideas

Studio Apartment Layout Ideas: Maximize Light!

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Efficiency apartment floor plan idea by Decorilla designer Francis D.

If there’s one thing that makes a space look big and airy it’s light. So, for your studio apartment interior design, be sure you maximize natural light! Choose thin curtains that let in plenty of sunlight throughout the day. Then – if you need them – you can add blackout curtains on top or use blinds to darken the space at night. When it comes to light, a real pro tip is using mirrors! Mirrors reflect light, multiplying the brightness of the space. So choose well how to orient and where to put your mirrors, and that little dark corner will be a thing of the past! If natural light isn’t always available, you can supplement it with artificial light. Remember to use light in layers, floor lamps, table lamps, ceiling lights, etc.

black and white studio apartment design

Light and airy studio apartment interior design ideas

Consider See-Through Furniture For Your Apartment Layout

apartment layout tips decorilla interior designer lauren a

Studio apartment layout ideas and design by Decorilla interior designer, Lauren A.

Another pro tip for your 500-square-feet apartment floor plan is see-through furniture. Using lucite or glass products in your small apartment layout help the space feel much airier. When there is a lot of large, bulky furniture in a room it can start to feel cluttered and closed in. You don’t have to worry about that with see-through furniture! Not to mention how gorgeous it looks with any Interior Design Style!

apartment interior design tips

Studio apartment furniture ideas

Size Matters For Your Studio Apartment Layout

modern studio apartment layout ideas

Studio apartment design by Decorilla online interior designer, Darya N.

Working with such a small space, you might be tempted to choose teeny-tiny furniture. But that’s not always the best idea! A lot of small pieces will add visual clutter, whereas one single piece of the right size can maximize how big your space looks! So check all dimensions carefully and sketch your furniture on a plan. It doesn’t have to be perfect, but having everything drawn in proportion will be the perfect studio apartment layout planner to decide how things look before purchasing anything!

small apartment design ideas

Studio apartment layout ideas

Always Think Multifunctional With Apartment Design

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Small apartment floor plan idea by Decorilla designer Lindsay B.

Retractable beds, coffee tables that transform into dining tables, foldable chairs… these days there are plenty of studio apartment layout ideas. These pieces will help you make the absolute most of your 500 sq ft apartment. Plus, they’ll give you the flexibility of having a few extra chairs or a dining table that sits 6 people only when you need it!

apartment design ideas

Studio apartment layout ideas

So here we go! With these tips, you’re fully equipped to transform your small studio apartment or efficiency apartment! But if you feel you need some more guidance to plan your space or some help with sourcing the perfect furniture,

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