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Coming up with stylish, yet practical studio apartment decor can become quite the challenge. While, designing a studio home is an opportunity for creativity and ingenuity, it can be tricky to make the different functional zones work together in one space. However, the perfect studio apartment decor can make the transition from the kitchen to the lounge, and bedroom all the more seamless. Read on for the best space-saving tips to help you decorate your apartment!

How to Decorate a Studio Apartment – Quick Tips

When it comes to decorating and planning a studio apartment, there are a few things you need to keep in mind. First, there are things you can do to make the interior functional and attractive and, second, there are things you need to avoid. Here are the top do’s and don’ts to remember:

Do Think Resourcefully 

cozy basement studio apartment decor
Cozy basement studio apartment decor by Decorilla interior designer, Farzaneh K.

When designing a small studio apartment, making every inch count and being mindful of your decor choices are crucial. Be prepared before buying furniture or decor – know which sizes will work best, their placement, how you’ll style them, and if you have anything with a dual function at home. For instance, you can convert a balcony or extended window sills for extra storage or display areas for decoration. In addition, you can also cover radiators to transform the area into a cozy reading corner. 

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Do Size Down the Furniture 

Chic living room for studio apartment decor

While buying furniture for your studio apartment and decorating always keep the proportions in mind. A bulky couch might end up becoming the elephant in the room rather than a pretty statement. Instead, opt for a slender sofa with visible legs that will make the interior feel much more spacious than a Chesterfield. As a matter of fact, leggy furniture, like mid-century modern pieces, is always a good bet. It also happens to be one of our favorite tips for a small apartment design

Do Master the Art of Hiding Storage 

studio apartment decorating ideas with clever storage
Studio apartment decorating ideas with clever storage by Decorilla designer, Elizaveta L.

The most important tip on how to decorate a studio is to include enough storage – out of sight! It takes next-to-nothing for a minimally spaced apartment to look untidy. The best way to avoid the mess altogether is by having enough hidden storage. A bed with a storage unit, for example, offers ample storage for linens and knickknacks. In addition, accent tables in the living room can also have storage space for throws and other tidbits. 

Don’t Clutter 

Uncluttered small studio apartment decorating
Uncluttered small studio apartment decorating by Decorilla interior designer, Darya N.

Simply put, in a studio apartment, clutter is the enemy. An effective way of avoiding disorder is by assigning everything to a specific place. Make space for the tiniest things and make sure they stay in their place. Similarly, always be thoughtful of the studio apartment decor you add. Having too much furniture and accessories can be detrimental to the entire look of your apartment. 

Don’t Stick to a Traditional Layout

Smart layout for studio apartment decor

Experiment with a few floor plans for your studio before fixating on one. While working on studio apartment decorating ideas, there is no one-size-fits-all type layout. That’s why it is important to see different furniture plans before deciding what works best. 

Don’t Be Afraid to Try Something New 

how to decorate a studio apartment in mid century modern
Mid-century modern studio decor ideas by Decorilla designer, Sarah M.

Most small studio apartment decorating ideas focus on minimal and simplistic decor. However, it’s good to break some rules now and then, especially if you want a bold statement. For instance, you can paint your walls in a dark color or install patterned wallpaper. As long as you know how to create a healthy balance with decor, have fun with your options. 

Small Studio Apartment Decor Ideas

One or two studio apartment decorating ideas are all you need to freshen up your cozy den. Here are some awesome tips and tricks that will help you in setting up a stylish and compact sanctuary. 

Colors for Small Studio Apartment Decor

How to decorate a studio with golden yellow
Golden yellow small studio decor by Decorilla interior designer, Kristina B.

The most important rule for selecting a color palette for small studio decor is to have a good mix of complementary shades. Combining shades of cool and warm colors, like teal and ochre, for instance, will create an interesting ambiance. So, don’t shy away from vibrant shades. Also, make sure to include the same color accents in all rooms in your studio apartment through decor to achieve a cohesive look. 

Logical Layouts

Contemporary studio apartment decor
Contemporary studio apartment decor by Decorilla designer, Rachel H.

Creating a practical layout for your small space living is essential. Since studio apartments come in different shapes and sizes, there is no right or wrong way to set up the furniture. However, some layouts may benefit the space more than others. Test which works best in your home by placing the biggest pieces, like a central sofa, in different configurations first. In addition, think of where you want your television screen or console table. For extra floor space, opt for mounting items on the wall instead. 

Practice Minimalism 

Minimal studio apartment decor

All small studio apartment decorating ideas start and end with minimalism. Modern and sleek furniture can help to maximize every inch of space without compromising on aesthetics. However, having too many modern fitments can end up looking cluttered. The best way to live a happy life in a studio apartment is by having limited but useful furniture. Embrace the Marie Kondo method and keep only those things that are useful or have a purpose in your house.

Creative Storage Studio Decor Ideas

Innovative storage ideas can do wonders when you’re trying to figure out how to decorate a small studio apartment. Here are a few tips to help your process! 

Vertical Storage

Over the bed studio apartment decorating ideas
Over the bed studio apartment decorating ideas by Decorilla designer, Kristina B.

Embrace wall design when decorating your studio apartment. There is a myriad of ways on how you can utilize the walls. For instance, a wall-mounted media unit can provide you with extra space to store your DVDs, books, gadgets, and more. In addition, you can use floating shelves for accessories or plants. The goal is to maximize storage while using the least floor space. 

Multi-functional Furniture

Practical furniture for studio apartment decor

Double-duty furniture can go a long way in all studio apartments – be it nesting coffee tables or sofa beds. So, while shopping for the furniture of your apartment, choose items that are versatile and can be used in more than one way. For instance, an ottoman that doubles as a side table and hidden storage is the perfect piece. Additionally, a desk that doubles as a nightstand will also help you save a lot of space. 

Practical Partitions

Small studio apartment decor with a mezzanine
Small studio apartment decor with a mezzanine by Decorilla interior designer, Kristina B.

Creating separate zones for your studio apartment decor and furniture can ensure more efficient use of the room. For instance, you can use a sideboard or console behind a sofa to create visual zones. In addition, a vertical bookshelf or storage unit looks chic and can help you divide the interior sensibly. Furthermore, in studios with high ceilings, if you can loft your bed or create a mezzanine, you’ll add ample square footage. 

Tricks to Make a Studio Apartment Look Bigger

City dwellers are always on the lookout for studio apartment decor ideas that give an illusion of more space. These ideas might just do the trick in your home.  

Mirrors as Small Studio Decor

Studio apartment decor with mirrrored wardrobes

Interior designers love mirrors. These reflecting surfaces are great when it comes to hiding imperfections, bringing elegance, and giving an impression of a roomy home. A mirror in the living room, for example, can add an elegant look, while making it feel all the bigger. Go one step further with a tall freestanding mirror behind an armchair. Not only will it add visual depth, but it will also bring a touch of drama to the interior. In addition, you can also use a decorative mirror on the walls alongside other artworks. You can very safely go overboard with a mirror as your small apartment decor. 

Layered Lighting

Layered lighting as small studio apartment decor
Layered lighting as small studio apartment decor by Decorilla designer, Kristina B.

Lighting, in a word, is vital to your design. It can make small studio apartment decor pop or just make the room feel a bit dull. To make the most of your interior, always opt for more than one light source, as the alternative creates negative spaces in the room. First, start with ambient light, spread out evenly throughout the room. After that, depending on the space, add task lighting. Bedside lights hanging from the ceiling or sconces are perfect for reading and they save floor space. The final layer is decorative. Chandeliers or contemporary pendants, for instance, are perfect in a small home. 

Curtain Optical Illusions

High ceiling curtain for modern studio apartment decor

One of the biggest design blunders is installing your curtain rod just above the windowsill. Curtains shrugging the window give an illusion of a low ceiling, which in turn makes space look smaller. Therefore, always stick your curtain rod higher up, closer to the ceiling than you normally would, to give the room a more spacious look. Curtains can also be used in studio apartments to help divide the layout and create some privacy. 

Ready to Perfect Your Own Small Studio Decor? 

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