Eclectic screened porch design inspiration
Decorilla screened porch design

Step into a captivating interior design project showcasing a welcoming screened porch addition. This remarkable space features two distinct areas—an inviting living area and a charming dining spot—where the art of screened porch design seamlessly blends relaxation and culinary delights. Read on to see how our team created the perfect harmony of nature and design for the family to indulge in cherished moments and delightful gatherings.

The Challenge: Enclosed Porch Design

After deciding to invest in a new screened porch, the client asked Decorilla for creative patio design help. The new addition would feature vaulted ceilings offering a spacious area to enjoy indoor-outdoor living. In general, the client wanted the designer to:

  • Provide original enclosed porch ideas for flooring and wall painting
  • Source resilient furniture and decor suitable for a hot, humid climate 
  • Assist with a fireplace design, including finding a suitable match for the existing but discontinued bricks
  • Come up with a lighting and wiring plan and incorporate a commercial-style outdoor fan
  • Include a barn door inside the new enclosed porch design to cover the connection between different patio areas

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Screened Porch Inspiration

Enclosed porch ideas and inspiration

The screened porch design photo gallery provided by the client exhibited a diverse range of styles represented. From country chic to coastal to transitional, each shot sparked new ideas and excitement for the project ahead. Creative use of space and attention to detail distinguished many outdoor living room designs, whether by the cozy seating arrangements or thoughtful lighting and material choices. 

Enclosed Porch Ideas & Moodboard

Covered porch design by Decorilla
Covered porch design by Decorilla

Following the initial inspiration images, the next step was the Decorilla design questionnaire—a fun and interactive online quiz. To ensure maximum results from the process, the client provided insight into her lifestyle, design goals, and needs.

Armed with all vital information, the Decorilla team identified two top-tier professionals perfectly suited for the screened-in porch design project. While both designers demonstrated exceptional skills, Courtney B.’s moodboard ultimately stole the show and captivated the client completely. 

Screened porch design moodboard by Decorilla
Screened porch design moodboard by Decorilla

Courtney’s moodboard was a stunning blend of country and coastal charm. An eclectic mix of elements made its way into the design, with light chestnut and azure accents bringing a touch of the seaside to the southern countryside. At the same time, the rustic Americana elements made the enclosed porch design ideas personalized to the family. With every detail carefully considered, the overall result exceeded all expectations. 

Screened Porch Design Results

Screened porch design by Decorilla
Screened porch design by Decorilla

Stepping into the transformed screened porch evokes a uniquely familiar yet novel feeling. It’s not just the rustic charm that emanates from the space, but also the fresh yet slightly weathered overall effect. The intentional blend of old and new pays homage to the beloved cottage-core aesthetic, with diverse finishes like wood grains and streamlined iron adding to the ambiance. This covered porch becomes an idyllic sanctuary, inviting you to relax and immerse yourself in the serene embrace of nature.

Courtney ultimately crafted a comfortable and resilient living arrangement that seamlessly merges the boundaries of indoor and outdoor spaces. A rattan lounge set, adorned with vibrant accent pillows, beckons you to unwind and enjoy precious moments with loved ones. To combat the summer heat, an industrial fan provides a refreshing breeze, while a pristine white fireplace stands ready to warm cooler evenings. Accommodating even more guests, plush blue cube poufs offer extra seating. Grounding the space, a stylish graphic rug adds a touch of visual interest underfoot.

Enclosed Porch Ideas for a Dining Room

Enclosed porch ideas by Decorilla
Enclosed porch design by Decorilla

While the brick walls lend the screened porch a sense of history and character, the design elements and azure accents add a touch of modernity. The outdoors is brought inside through wood finishes, natural fibers, and layered textures—a blend particularly notable on the dining chairs. Combined with a light dining table and juxtaposed to iron light fixtures, these elements create a stylishly calming atmosphere, perfect for covered porch dining. 

Enclosed porch design by Decorilla
Enclosed porch ideas by Decorilla

The beige outdoor loveseat adorned with teal cushions, along with the coastal rug, creates a soothing seaside ambiance that enhances the overall relaxed atmosphere of the open-air dining room. The iron details add a touch of sleekness and contemporary style, harmoniously blending with the rustic Americana theme.

With its expansive screened walls, this dining room design offers stunning outdoor views, seamlessly integrating the space as a natural extension of the patio, despite being enclosed. The inclusion of a broiler and barbecue transforms this indoor/outdoor oasis into the focal point for entertaining guests and becoming the heart of the client’s home.

The Covered Porch Before the Transformation

Screened porch before (left) and after (right) design by Decorilla
Screened porch before (left) and after (right) design by Decorilla

The original enclosed porch design featured a brick knee wall blocking a part of the view toward the swimming pool. In addition, the room was more of a utilitarian passage than a real covered porch lounge. With a perfect blend of traditional and contemporary screened-in porch ideas, the designer turned the plain brick exterior into a true gem. The views are now expanded, and functionality and comfort are maximized, setting the stage for long hours of relaxation and entertainment. 

Screened-in Porch Ideas Shopping List

Enclosed porch design shopping list by Decorilla
Enclosed porch design shopping list by Decorilla

Decorilla’s design service helped make this family’s dream porch a reality, hassle-free. The process began with stunning photorealistic 3D renderings, accompanied by expert guidance to bring their vision to life. Along with that, they received a detailed shopping list that included unbeatable trade discounts. And to ease the burden of ordering and transportation, our white glove concierge service was available to handle all the details every step of the way.

Top Picks for Screened Porch Design

These enclosed porch design ideas are perfect for anyone who loves connecting with the outdoors in all seasons. If you appreciate the modern rustic simplicity of this makeover’s decor theme, check out our top furniture and accessory selections:

Screened-in porch ideas & top picks by Decorilla
  1. Indoor/Outdoor Rug
  2. Wicker Sofa
  3. Sideboard
  4. Table Lamp
  5. Decorative Cushion
  6. Lumbar Pillow
  7. Teak Armchair
  8. Coffee Table
  9. Wall Art

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