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Effortless comfort is certainly the essence of Scandinavian design. Rooted in hygge (a feeling of coziness) the Nordic style is chic, calm and minimal. One recent client knew she wanted a beautifully balanced Scandinavian living room design, which is why she turned to Decorilla to transform her space. Keep reading to see how her space was transformed with a few Scandinavian design essentials or check out these Scandinavian interior design tips to start an update of your own!


The client tried to create a rustic Scandinavian living room but ended up disliking most of what she created. Luckily, the loft is spacious with a high ceiling, but seeing past her dark furniture was no easy task. The interior designer faced the following challenges:

  • Create a cozy Scandinavian design while keeping the design minimal
  • Take the lead on the aesthetics to create a calm environment
  • Lighten up the combined living and dining room
  • Incorporate modern desert style living room design ideas


online scandinavian interior design inspiration

White walls, light woods and earthy elements filled the client’s living room décor ideas. Her inspirational images feel open and spacious because of the predominantly white color palette. This particular client loved the Scandi sophistication of these interiors. In addition, she also liked the bohemian and modern desert touches.


Scandinavian living room design
Rustic Scandinavian living room design – Decorilla 3D rendering

Anna T. decided to give the space definition with an improved layout and modern furniture. The suggested plan kept the industrial wall but highlighted the dining area with a lighter hue. This Scandinavian design has an alternative twist – modern desert accents! Instead of adding plush and woolen elements, the interior designer chose to accessorize with sun-kissed colors like ocher and tan.

The interior designer worked closely with the client to achieve the space that the client truly wanted. Thanks to their collaboration, the online living room proposal was everything the client wanted from the design.

online living room design Scandinavian style mood board
Decorilla online living room design moodboard

The mood board incorporates living room décor ideas from Scandinavian, modern and bohemian styles, and the result is an inspirational arrangement with a well-traveled desert twist. The planned wall art is diverse with line prints and abstract patterned artwork.


living room decor ideas
Online living room design – Decorilla 3D rendering

Now the loft has heart with its bright and sunny living room. Warm tones and ample seating make the space as inviting as it is stylish. Antique chest and a rough woolen rug add a subdued rustic look to this Scandinavian living room.

Off-white wall color highlights the feature wall’s framed concrete. The expansive frame not only enhances the industrial style of the loft but also makes the room feel even larger than it is. Two slender leather chairs sit in front of the feature wall to increase the visual space while adding a welcome pop of color.

Even though the online living room design is Scandinavian, it’s also undoubtedly modern. Subtle hints of color, texture and pattern uncharacteristic of a Nordic style gives the room a bohemian warmth.

Abstract art in blue perfectly complements the tan and browns in the carpet and occasional chairs. The woolen rug, with its desert tones, grounds the furniture and adds sunny hues to the light living room.


Transform my room before Scandinavian design
BEFORE PHOTO, Scandinavian living room design

The online living room design has is balanced as a modern sofa mirrors the shape, size and color of the opposing media console. This mirrored effect helps to define the open-plan living and dining layout, and structures the Scandi living room.

Adding potted plants is always a good idea, and these are perfectly suited to a home with a higher ceiling. The refreshingly cool greens also complement the warmer off-whites and browns in the design.


online living room design
Rustic Scandinavian living room design – Decorilla 3D rendering

Thanks to a plush geometric rug, the dining area is ready for cozy get-togethers. A leather bench not only adds a unique visual twist to the dining table but also ensures the dining area is not cut off from the kitchen, enhancing the open plan look and feel. A clear table helps to make the space feel larger than it is, as it doesn’t take up much visual space. Anna made the most of every nook while keeping the design clean and uncluttered.


Before, the client’s living and dining areas had mostly black furniture that did not match her dream of a Scandinavian lounge. Even with a high ceiling and multiple light sources, the space felt unwelcoming, dark and boxed in. Luckily, Decorilla’s interior designer could incorporate living room décor ideas to recharge the loft.


  1. Abstract Art
  2. Line Art
  3. Vintage Modern Chandelier
  4. Wool Rug
  5. End Table
  6. Mid-century Sofa

In the end, Anna and the client created a modern Scandinavian interior fit for the sunny loft in America. Her finishing touches like the delicate wall hangings and beautiful upholstery gave the industrial style loft a feminine touch while providing eye-candy and Scandinavian design inspiration. Now the client can relax in a light and calm environment that is sophisticated and comfortable.

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