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A well-designed patio is a valuable addition to any home. Apart from being great entertainment areas, patios let us enjoy time close to nature. Other benefits include the beautification of a yard and even increased property value. If you’re considering an outdoor living area, you may be wondering: how do I find the best patio designers near me? Fortunately, we’ve got the answer! Read on for our quick guide.

Finding Patio Designers Near Me

Patio designers near me decorilla
Decorilla contemporary patio by one of the best patio designers near me, Stella P.

Wherever you live, you’re sure to find quality results for ‘outdoor patio designers near me’. All it takes is some research to identify the perfect match. But it’ll help to consider factors like patio design pricing ahead of reaching out to contractors. First, start the process with a clear idea of your wants and needs. In this way, you’ll manage expectations and pick the right designer easily. Familiarize yourself with the details below before learning where to look for the top local and online patio design services.

What is patio design & what does a patio designer do?

Rooftop patio design by design companies near me Ibrahim H
Rooftop patio design by Decorilla designer near me, Ibrahim H.

Coming up with patio designs and backyard patio ideas may seem simple but can be a complex process. The designers not only create new and revamp existing patios, but they also come up with custom solutions for every project.

Poolside by backyard patio design companies near me
Poolside patio design near me by Decorilla designer, Amelia R.

When looking up ‘patio design near me’, remember that designers are problem solvers. They consider and overcome various challenges, including:

  • Raising or sloping the ground-level elevation for a perfectly even patio finish.
  • Determining how to make the patio enjoyable during all hours. For example: recommending a pergola for coverage during the day and solar-powered lighting for nighttime use.
  • Recommending local contractors for significant architectural changes before decorating the patio itself.

Not sure how to find the best patio designers near you? Schedule your Free Interior Design Consultation for expert assistance selecting the best designer!

The Price of Patio Design Companies Near Me

Stylish patio design near me - Benning

Search ‘outdoor patio designers near me’ and the costs will vary depending on where you live and the level of service. Different billing methods, like flat and per hour rates, influence project costs too. Hourly interior design rates typically range between $50 and $500, based on experience, with an average cost of $100-$200. On the other hand, the average flat rate per space is around $450-$1,500.

Casual patio design by Decorilla designer near me - Casey H
Garden living space by one of the top outdoor patio designers near me, Decorilla designer Casey H.

Online interior design services tend to be more affordable. For instance: Decorilla offers custom design packages from only $75 per hour and flat rate patio packages starting at just $549. There’s a solution out there fit for every pocket.

Questions to Ask Patio Designers Near Me

Tranquil backyard design by outdoor patio designers near me - By Colossus

Before deciding on a specific patio designer near you, ask some insightful questions. It’ll help you determine whether they’ll be a good fit for the project. Be sure to ask questions like:

  • What are your rates and how does payment work?
  • What does the package include?
  • How long does a project typically take, and is the timeline adjustable according to personal needs?
  • How do we proceed if unsatisfied with the initial design concept?
Lori D's stylish patio design near me
Decorilla contemporary house patio design near me

While researching ‘patio design near me’, look for portfolios, client reviews, and testimonials. Together, these elements can show a complete body of work as well as their level of service. 

5 Top Ways for Finding Outdoor Patio Designers Near You

Huge backyard patio design near me - Wanda P
Pool patio area by one of the top Decorilla backyard patio designers near me, Wanda P.

It’s always nice when someone you know can recommend a product or service. However, doing research yourself is crucial to ensure the best possible value for the money. We’ll now explore the top online sources for finding quality ‘outdoor patio designers near me’.

1. Yelp

Rooftop by patio design companies near me
Rooftop patio by Decorilla – one of the leading patio design companies near me

SUMMARY: You can find the best local patio designers with Yelp’s help. Just type ‘outdoor patio designers near me’ in the search bar, using your current location, and wait a few seconds for the results. The designers’ contact information, websites, and other details are quick and easy to navigate. The 5-star rating system also makes narrowing down options simple.

Backyard patio designers near me - Corbin Reeves

PRO: Apart from requesting quotes via Yelp, you can also see a business’ average response time.

CON: Although trust and safety measures exist, inaccurate or fake reviews slip through and can sway decisions.

2. Decorilla Patio Design Near Me

Contemporary Hampton's style backyard patio design near me
Poolside pavilion by one of the top patio designers near me, Decorilla designer, Drew F.

SUMMARY: Online interior design services like Decorilla are convenient and user-friendly. The patio design process starts with a free consultation. It’s followed by completing a fun questionnaire and then a design brief. Using this information, the team matches clients with two interior designers best suited to the project.

Patio design companies near me
Spacious patio area by Selma A. – one of Decorilla‘s best outdoor patio designers near me

The designers each create a moodboard based on the details provided. After going over their concepts, clients get to choose a favorite and continue working with that designer. Having a choice between designers and initial concepts helps ensure you’ll end up with a design you love. 

Rooftop deck by patio design companies near me - Sarah M.
Trendy rooftop patio by Decorilla, one of the top patio design companies near me

Clients get 3D renderings of their patio-to-be, layout instructions, exclusive discounts on furniture and décor, and more. It’s all part of the Decorilla experience.

Ocean front patio by designers near me
Stylish patio by one of Decorilla‘s best backyard patio designers near me, Anna C.

PRO: Affordable flat rate design fees ensure you get an amazing design for a fraction of the cost of other patio design services.

CON: In-person help isn’t available in all locations across the US – yet.

3. Thumbtack

Outdoor patio designers near me - Salt House Collective

SUMMARY: Working with Thumbtack is as easy as counting as can be. The home management platform helps customers find service providers and vice versa. First, search for ‘patio design near me’ using your zip code and go over the list of company profiles that pop up. Second, reach out to profiles that stand out to discuss project needs and details. Third and last – check available slots, then book the right patio designer directly through the platform.

Contemporary patio deck by one of the top online designers - Drew F
Backyard patio design by Decorilla designer near me, Drew F.

PRO: Adding several filters can further refine search results.

CON: Anyone outside of large metro areas may have limited patio designer options listed on the app.

4. Angi Outdoor Patio Designers Near Me

Modern patio design near me - Decorilla
Decorilla modern patio design near me

SUMMARY: Homecare has never been simpler, thanks to Angi. Like Yelp and Thumbtack, you start searching for ‘patio designers near me’ by typing the request into the homepage search bar. Next, select the option most closely related to the inquiry from the ‘select a project’ list. Finally, it’s time to enter a location and reveal the results. Then, all that’s left is reviewing prices and booking with the most suitable service provider.

Covered blue and gray backyard patio by Arlington designers near me

PRO: Services listed on Angi come with their Happiness Guarantee, which helps to protect clients.

CON: You need to create an account and sign up for membership to access all the features.

5. HomeAdvisor

Moroccan patio design near me by Sarah M
Moroccan patio by Decorilla designer, Sarah M. – one of the top patio designers near me

SUMMARY: HomeAdvisor helps clients find the right contractors. It also features patio designers. The platform has quite a large pool of affiliates and allows clients to request bids in minutes. It’s free to use and gives access to valuable reviews. Overall, this makes HomeAdvisor a top platform for ‘patio design near me’ searches.

Backyard patio designers near me KDLandscape

PRO: Their TrueCost Guides are handy when researching real-life project costs.

CON: HomeAdvisor might screen affiliates, but that still doesn’t guarantee high-quality service.

Work with the Best Backyard Patio Designers Near Me

Decorilla can help put together the patio of your dreams and so much more. Turn home improvement visions into reality – schedule a Free Interior Design Consultation to learn more today!

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