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Neoclassical interior design is rooted in history and draws you in with visual appeal. It’s undeniable: we gravitate to classical architecture and design elements time and time again. There is something irresistible about their symmetry, precision, and scale. That’s why modern neoclassical interior design is quickly gaining popularity. Here’s how to bring the covetable style into your home!     

What is Neoclassical Interior Design?

Neoclassical decor in a living room - Aida A
Neoclassical living room by Decorilla designer, Aida A.

One of the best-loved trends of our time is modern neoclassical interior design. Yet, its striking beauty has roots in the Age of Reason of the 18th century. During this period, artists and philosophers turned to the classical tradition of rational thinking and moderation. The reason was that they wanted to move away from the superficial and fleeting nature of Rococo design.

Neoclassical style interior design - Elle decor

As a result, interiors moved from excessive ornamentation to symmetry and toned-down schemes. That’s why minimal decorating and architectural details, like columns, and detailed cornices, took center stage instead. Modern neoclassical design transformations also feature contemporary touches that make spaces feel luxurious. 

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The Characteristics of Neoclassical Design

Neoclassical bedroom interior
Neoclassical house interior by Decorilla designer, Laura A.

The first step to creating a covetable neoclassical interior design is learning its characteristics. It certainly has an elegant air similar to traditional interior design. Plus, the style also explores timeless architecture and luxurious contemporary design. 

Neoclassical Interior Design Elements

Neoclassical style living room interior design - Home Deigning

Modern and original neoclassical interior designs share the same elements. But the main difference comes in our contemporary use of slim-line furniture and the slightly minimalist approach to the look. Nevertheless, here are the main elements neoclassical interiors share:

  • Emphasized horizontal and vertical lines
  • Timeless furniture and artwork
  • Symmetric layouts and geometric decorative elements
  • Classical architectural detail, like Greek columns and high ceilings
  • Spacious layouts with selective furniture, leaning to thoughtful minimalism
  • Large windows and mirrors that allow plenty of light to flood the rooms

9 Best Tips for a Neoclassical Interior

Modern neoclassical interior design - Mladen C.
Modern neoclassical interior design by Decorilla designer, Mladen C.

Incorporating a neoclassical decorating style into a home, from the living room to bathrooms, is certainly easy with know-how. Here is a quick breakdown of the basics. 

1.  Consider Color

Glam neoclassical interior design style - Aida A
Neoclassical bedroom decorating style by Decorilla designer, Aida A.

Modern neoclassical interior design reflects the original color palettes. Muted and soft grays, blues, greens, and yellow often accompany white and cream hues. The schemes are low contrast but can feature accent shades, like black, silver, or gold to emphasize design elements and finishes. The result is luxurious yet refined. 

2.  Dress Windows 

Modern neoclassical interior design - Basma E
Modern neoclassical interior by Decorilla designer, Basma E.

Neoclassical interior design has strong architectural features. And at times, softening these aspects is a good way to balance the look. That’s why curtains are a must for the expansive windows and high ceilings. Not only will drapes add warmth, but when done correctly, they can also emphasize the scale of neoclassical proportions. 

Neoclassical house interior - Paper City Mag

To get it right, be sure to install floor-to-ceiling curtains so that they hang just off the floor or puddle slightly. Also, opt for weighty materials like linen, velvet, silk, or faux silk that fall the best. You can also use window dressing to strengthen symmetry in your neoclassical interior. 

3.  Include Neoclassical Décor

Neoclassical house interior

Although neoclassical interior design has a luxurious ambiance, it practices restraint in decorating. As a style in favor of moderation, neoclassical interior design balances rooms by only adding pieces that bring value. After all, the key is to offset luxury and subtlety to create an elegant and relaxed atmosphere. 

Minimal neoclassic decor by Decorilla designer Nathalie I.
Minimal neoclassic decor by Decorilla designer, Nathalie I.

Wedgwood china, statues, detailed vases, and mirrors work well as neoclassical decor in living rooms and beyond. But when decorating your home, be thoughtful in selecting decor. Pick items that not only enhance the space but are also worth appreciating by themselves. For example, a stunning vase with a lush bouquet works better by itself than in a cluttered arrangement. The same applies to statement artwork or standout decor. 

4.  Contain Neoclassical Decor Motifs 

Neoclassical interior design elements for a bedroom - Aida A
Neoclassical decorating style by Decorilla designer, Aida A.

The neoclassical decorating style is modest and poised, and it certainly shows in its decorative motifs and patterns. Walls are often bare apart from the paneling with floral or step detailing. Up high, cornice molding can also add the finishing touch to the room’s structure. 

Neoclassical interior design elements - Basma
Dining room with neoclassical decor by Decorilla designer, Basma E.

When decorating your interior, add pattern as an accent feature. Pillows or rugs, for instance, are excellent vessels for neoclassical décor motifs, like a meander or paired floral pattern.

5.  Add Architectural Details 

Neoclassical style dining room interior design - Aida A
Neoclassical style interior design by Decorilla designer, Aida A.

If you’re designing your home from scratch, add neoclassical architectural features. Including tall walls, large windows, columns, and grand spaces certainly creates an ideal canvas. What’s more, also consider blonde wood or marble-clad floors to support a high-end but unfussy look even more.

6.  Go Big with Mirrors

Neoclassical design elements - Nathalie I
Neoclassical living room by Decorilla designer, Nathalie I.

Mirrors have a dual function in neoclassical style interior design. On the one hand, it works as an excellent decoration, equally subtle and sophisticated. Besides, using numerous mirrors can enhance symmetry as well as multiply the light within the room. In addition, a mirror’s decorative frame also serves to soften the straight-lined look of a neoclassical design. 

7.  Bring Coziness Underfoot 

Neoclassical decorating style for a dining room - Klea B
Modern neoclassical interior design by Decorilla designer, Klea B.

A cozy rug underfoot is just what you need to round off a neoclassical house interior. It will not only be pretty, but it will also absorb the possible echo typical of large rooms with hard floors. Besides, a modern plush area rug can add warmth and enhance whatever atmosphere you want in your elegant space. 

8.  Amplify Scale 

Neoclassical interior design elements

One of the most beautiful aspects of a modern neoclassical style interior design is its grandeur. So, why not show it off? You can use visual tools to increase the room’s spaciousness.

Neoclassical living room - Nathalie I
Neoclassical living room by Decorilla designer, Nathalie I.

For instance, light color schemes can make the design feel even bigger, especially when paired with a pale floor. On the other hand, vertical objects, lines, or pillars can make the room feel tall and stately. You can also maximize the feel of spaciousness with the correct lighting. 

9.  Play with Symmetry 

Neoclassical living room interior decorating style - Laura A
Modern neoclassical house interior Decorilla designer, Laura A.

Symmetry is one of the main elements of both 18th century and modern neoclassical interior designs. Such structure in design can certainly be formal yet relaxing as the mind rests on logical grouping.

Neoclassical decorating style - Archello

Try a symmetric furniture layout with two opposing roll-arm couches and a pair of lounge chairs set around a fireplace. Alternatively, show balance via neoclassical structural details, like wall molding, windows, or lighting. 

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