Modern neoclassical interior design style by Decorilla

Is your living space longing for a makeover; perhaps one involving the timeless elegance of neoclassical style? Our latest project showcases a stunning transformation, blending classic beauty with modern comforts and aesthetics. Discover how our designer revitalized a charming residence, infusing every corner with grace and sophistication.

The Challenge: Modern Neoclassical-Style Interior Design

The client approached Decorilla seeking fresh interior design ideas for their rental home in a new city. With a fresh start in mind, they wished to merge their existing mid-century modern furniture into a blend of vintage rugs, contemporary decor pieces, and a dash of glam. The idea revolved around a space that exudes warmth and luxury, ideally in the shape of modern neoclassical interior design. To achieve a cohesive finished look in their living/dining area and two bedrooms, the designer had to fulfill several key tasks:

  • Create a slightly moody, earthy, neoclassical decor style scheme with a modern twist.
  • Integrate existing mid-century modern pieces into the guest bedroom.
  • Incorporate vintage rugs and antique furniture.
  • Combine dark and accent walls with molding and wallpaper to add depth and character.
  • Strategically curate and place art.
  • Ensure the overall design promotes a sense of warmth, making the space feel complete.

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Design Inspiration: Neoclassical Style With Moody Neutral Vibes

Classic decor and curvy, cocooning forms in a living room by Decorilla
Elegant neoclassical living room by Decorilla

The client found a wealth of inspiration in the timeless allure of the neoclassical style. Its staples perfectly aligned with their vision for a living space harmonizing classic elegance with comfort. The refined symmetry and graceful proportions inherent in neoclassical interiors spoke to their desire for a home that feels warm yet cohesive, curated, and balanced. This fascination was deepened by modern neoclassical interior design elements that blend traditional motifs with contemporary sensibilities, offering a fresh take on historic charm. 

Wall molding and metallic accents sprucing up a moody home office by Decorilla
Moody home office by Decorilla

Moreover, the client’s selection of neoclassical living rooms emphasized the thoughtful mixing of furniture styles. Alongside the strategic use of color and pattern, it brought forward a setting that was equally grand and approachable. The blending of the old and the new in the images also oozed functionality, meeting the client’s needs for a practical home. 

Initial Concepts: Finding the Right Designer

Preliminary proposal by Decorilla designer Casey H.
Preliminary proposal by Decorilla designer, Casey H.

The next step was to engage with Decorilla’s comprehensive design questionnaire, after which the client encountered a defining moment. The team introduced them to the creative prowess of two Decorilla designers, Erika F., and Casey H., each presenting a distinct vision of a modern neoclassical living space. 

Casey successfully interpreted the client’s needs into a design that spoke to a seamless fusion of comfort and panache. Meanwhile, Erika proposed a space where dark, sumptuous tones met the golden warmth of accent pieces, creating a neoclassical style that was as inviting as it was stately. The considered placement of antique and burled furniture pieces alongside contemporary accents ensured the room was not just a place of elegance but one of storytelling.

Preliminary proposal by Decorilla designer Erika F.
Preliminary proposal by Decorilla designer, Erika F.

Articulating a blend of eclectic and neoclassical decor style elements, Erika F.’s moodboard emerged as a clear favorite. It shone through with a deep understanding of modern neoclassical interior design, offering a sophisticated scheme that balances the artistic with the intimate.

Results Revealed: Moody, Modern Neoclassical Style Interior

A lavish neoclassical style formal living room design by Decorilla
Neoclassical living room design by Decorilla

The newly designed landscape reveals a harmonious blend of neutral tones and classic elegance, artfully threaded with modernity. But above all, it embodies the client’s desire for a home that balances neoclassical style with everyday comfort.

Artfully Assembled Living Room

Modern interpretation of neoclassical interior design by Decorilla
Modern traditional interior design by Decorilla

The transformation of the living room is palpable. Its backdrop presented a typical modern format: high ceilings, tall windows, and clean lines. Intricate molding elevated the atmosphere with a touch of collected neoclassical elegance. Similarly, the strong yet calm color scheme injected life into the bareness without overshadowing the room’s innate architectural beauty.

The interplay between the old and the new is deftly managed. The furniture and decor shapes mirror the lines and the refined nature of neoclassical design. At the same time, the dark wood and the metal accents juxtapose them with a contemporary edge.  

Before and after design by Decorilla
Before and after design by Decorilla

Upon entering the space before the redesign, one was met with a simple canvas—a room with a potential yet untouched by personality or design intent. In contrast, the masterfully transitioned “after” space exudes a refined and composed ambiance. Once unadorned, the fireplace now anchors a TV and is flanked by a symmetrical design that underscores a sense of purpose.

Chic neoclassical style layout by Decorilla
Chic living room layout with classic accents by Decorilla

The room design embraces a rich, layered look, replacing starkness with a curated selection of furniture. Plush chairs invite lengthy conversations, while the pair of sofas, strategically positioned opposite the fireplace, anchor the relaxation area. Due to the clever integration of the elements, the TV above the fireplace fulfills the purpose without disrupting the neoclassical decor style. The matching art piece in the vignette around the console conveys balance, attracting attention as the focal point while adding a dapper narrative to the space.

Blending Function with Style 

Functional elements merge fashion with intention: a sleek bar cabinet stands ready for entertaining, and barstools at the counter promise casual seating. The workspace is cleverly integrated, steering clear of a conventional office look and bridging the gap between daily life and design. Finally, the client’s four-legged companion hasn’t been forgotten. A small, stylish dog bed finds its place within the room, just like the client wanted.

Moody Master Bedroom

Moody neoclassical style bedroom by Decorilla
Moody bedroom with glam accents by Decorilla

The master bedroom is envisioned as a sanctuary of grace and comfort. The client’s openness to wall treatments gave way to a sophisticated backdrop—a delicate balance between paint and texture. Hence, the designer suggested a palette and materials that capture and enhance the glow of morning light the room receives. The walls wear a soft, muted navy hue, exuding gentle femininity that pairs well with ample sunlight. 

Dark neoclassical bedroom design style by Decorilla
Dark bedroom design style by Decorilla

The room’s layout emphasizes luxury and repose, with a seating area that invites both relaxation and introspection. Meanwhile, the bold yet elegant neoclassical influences come through in different forms. A sculptural chaise provides a spot for rest or reading, nestled against the molded yet streamlined backdrop. A large floor mirror breaks the stark geometry with an ornate frame, rounding out the curated flair that is as functional as it is beautiful. Gold accents in the hardware and light fixtures continue the story, emphasizing the flair of quiet luxury.

Trendy neoclassical bedroom with dark walls by Decorilla
Trendy bedroom design with dark walls by Decorilla

A stately bed with clean lines and an imposing headboard dominates the setup. Accentuated by plush textiles and a canopy frame, it honors neoclassical decor’s traditional roots, simultaneously refreshing them with vogue touches. A statement chandelier, sleek side tables, and a mix of textures all play off each other to create a dynamic yet harmonious environment. Storage pieces’ sleek design delivers on the client’s need for practicality, while the curated selection of artwork infuses the room with personality and color.

Bright & Eclectic Second Bedroom

Eclectic bedroom with neoclassical style elements by Decorilla
Eclectic bedroom design by Decorilla

The guest bedroom also encapsulates the harmonious balance inherent in neoclassical interiors but in a slightly different manner. It embraces a warmer palette and selection of the client’s existing furnishings, simultaneously speaking to the style’s origins and modern lifestyle needs.

With a queen bed as a new addition, the creative solution married functionality with understated elegance. It now strikes a middle ground between a neutral aesthetic and the rich undertones of mid-century modern elements. The existing grey and beige scheme serves as a muted backdrop, allowing the shift in dimension the client desired.

Bedroom design blending mid-century modern and neoclassic style elements, by Decorilla
Chic bedroom design with mid-century influences, by Decorilla

The deep, contrasting backdrop set the stage for a bold, arched bedframe. The metallic bed is now a central focal point that celebrates neoclassical style while making a contemporary statement. The strategic employment of daylight enhances both the wood’s warmth and the metallic sheen of the lighting fixtures, fostering a sophisticated yet serene ambiance.

Overall, the furnishings in the new space are a thoughtful mix of modern lines and classic materials. The sleek forms of the client’s existing pieces are seamlessly integrated. Their simplicity is daintily complemented by the plush comfort of the bed linens and the tactile appeal of a luxurious throw.

Eclectic mix of organic and neoclassical decor styles in a bedroom by Decorilla
Eclectic decor in a bedroom by Decorilla

Each piece serves its purpose without sacrificing the room’s cohesive design narrative. Practicality remains at the forefront, with ample storage provided by wood-grained wardrobes and dresser. At the same time, the large, organically shaped mirror reflects both natural light and the thoughtful room composition. Even the contemporary wall art in gilded frames blends right into this personalized take on neoclassical decor style.

Design Details: Sourcing the Perfect Pieces

Shopping list by Decorilla
Shopping list by Decorilla

Erika’s expertise in navigating the nuances of neoclassical design transformed the client’s empty rental into the epitome of style. Her approach emphasized accuracy, ensuring every decor element resonated with the client’s vision. Utilizing Decorilla’s exclusive resources, such as trade discounts, the designer also deftly aligned cost-efficiency with the desired aesthetic, bringing the project to completion within the client’s budget. The 3D visualizations meanwhile provided a realistic preview of the room, allowing the client to truly feel and connect with the space before the transformation began.

The client’s feedback on the overhaul was simple yet expressive. They shared their pleasure with the outcome, succinctly expressing their gratitude, “This is fantastic. I am so happy with the final results! Thank you so much, Erika!” This acknowledgment was a clear indication not only of the design’s success but also of the smooth and effective collaboration throughout the process.

Get the Look: Modern Neoclassical Decor Style

Embrace the fusion of past and present by blending streamlined silhouettes and classic motifs. To help you start, we curated a selection of diverse yet complementary elements. Incorporate them into your home’s design to achieve a modern neoclassical style with a balanced aesthetic:

Top picks for eclectic neoclassical style by Decorilla
  1. Area Rug
  2. Coffee Table
  3. Leather Sofa
  4. Wall Art
  5. Console Table
  6. Floor Lamp
  7. Accent Chair

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