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Before & After: Contemporary Home Interior with Blue Accents

Contemporary home interior - Smart Stone

Contemporary interior design is like a breath of fresh air. The style is current, chic, and clean. Add cool blue accents and you’re sure to have one of the sleekest properties around. A recent Decorilla client was going for precisely this vibe. Read on to see how the contemporary home interior turned out!

Before & After: Feminine Backyard Home Office Shed Design

Working from home is a reality to many, as well as the challenges that come along with it. Lacking adequate space to focus on productivity is just one of them. Which is exactly why a recent Decorilla client reached out for help with a backyard home office. A clever she shed design provided the multi-use… Read more »

Before & After: Masculine and Feminine Home Office Designs

Masculine and feminine home office decor

When a home provides enough space for two home offices why not tailor each to its occupant? That’s exactly what recent Decorilla clients were after when they reached out for design help. They wanted one masculine and one feminine home office to fit each of their styles. Read on for the stunningly chic result perfect… Read more »

Before & After: Beautifully Functional Craft Room Design

Transitional craft room design

Every keen crafter deserves a space where they can let their creativity flow. After all, self-expression is vital to enjoying a fulfilling life. One recent client wanted to transform her home office into a place of work and play. However, she needed help turning her practical yet pretty vision into reality. And that’s where Decorilla… Read more »

Before & After: Trendy Masculine Apartment Decor

Contemporary masculine apartment decor dk decor

Contrary to popular belief, masculine apartment decor is not all about cold interiors defined by rigid lines and minimalism. In fact, by playing with textures, materials, and colors, a skillful designer will effortlessly convey stylish and comfortable vibes in any modern male apartment design. And since a recent client sought a similar look for his… Read more »

Before & After: Transitional Contemporary Style Living and Dining

Transitional contemporary style

With a transitional contemporary style, it’s possible to create beautiful, timeless compositions that blend modern and traditional elements. And a recent Decorilla client wanted just this look for her open living space. Read on for a behind the scenes look into this contemporary transitional interior design makeover!

Before & After: Swanky Home Office Lounge Ideas

Cozy home office lounge - EH

Who says work and play can’t go together? Not us. A recent client’s new addition promised to double as an office space as well as an entertainment center. But to get there, the homeowner needed help. So he turned to Decorilla to make his dream home office lounge ideas a marvelous reality. See the stylish… Read more »

Before & After: Traditional Home Office Interior Design

Traditional home office

Traditional home office interior design offers an air of refinement and sophistication that can be just the vibe you need for a productive day’s work. In order to pull off this look, a recent client reached out to Decorilla for help creating a place to focus with a warm and inviting appeal to it. And… Read more »

Before & After: Glam Dining Room and Modern Home Office Design

Modern glam dining room and living space

All things glitz and glamor make interiors gleam with luxury. And with a blank canvas of a newly constructed home, nothing says luxe as loudly as a custom interior. That’s why new homeowners turned to Decorilla’s team to make their dream come true, starting with a glam dining room and modern home office. In the… Read more »

Before & After: Masculine Interior Design and Décor

masculine interior design - Dichotomy

Today’s masculine interiors go far beyond a blue color selection and leather sofas. As a matter of fact, their sophisticated lines and plenty of open space promote a life of style. With this in mind, a bachelor looking to up his home’s interior approached Decorilla to help him achieve this. Read on to see his… Read more »