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Before & After: Modern Contemporary Home Interior

Modern contemporary home interior - Real Estate

Modern contemporary design is perfect for a new home interior. You can bend it to your exact taste, yet it can also be challenging. For a recent client, the prospect was exciting! After purchasing a condo, he turned to Decorilla to make it his own. Read on to see its breathtaking result!  

Before & After: Dining Room to a Home Office Transformation

Convert dining room to home office - kirkendall design

Turning a dining room to a home office might be just the solution for a suitable workspace at home – especially if you don’t need the dining space. That was the case for a recent Decorilla client who needed a new, separate space for working and gaming. Read on to see how our designer smartly… Read more »

Before & After: Contemporary Design Style with Pops of Color

Contemporary interior design style - Happily Inspired

A contemporary design style is not only covetable, but it’s also versatile. One recent client wanted their new construction to overflow in style and comfort. So, they turned to Decorilla to make it a reality. And soon they boasted a striking interior worthy of an editorial cover! Read on to see the stunning result.

Before & After: Masculine Basement Home Office

Masculine basement home office

Sometimes a lack of square footage calls for a basement home office. However, that doesn’t mean the room can’t have style and comfort. And a recent Decorilla client needed help accomplishing just that – a sleek office space that didn’t feel like a basement dungeon. Read on to see how this masculine home office took… Read more »

Before & After: Stunning New Home Interior Design

New home interiors - Luxe Source

New home, new design opportunities. In fact, with a fresh build, you can experiment all you like. One recent client couple wanted two worlds. One part transitional and part eclectic Scandinavian. As a result, their new home interior design is tailored to a T. Read on to see the unbelievable result!

8 Office Guest Room Ideas for a Versatile Space

Home office guest room ideas

Nothing is better than getting two uses out of one room in your house. Especially now with the popularity of working remotely, incorporating a home office calls for getting creative with square footage. And a lot of people are making the most of their space by using a guest room for dual purposes. So, check… Read more »

Before & After: Amazing Interior Remodeling Results


Architecture drenched in history has a way of inspiring awe without fail. Old buildings not only evoke a sense of romanticism but also provide a striking backdrop for contemporary interiors. With this in mind, one recent client wanted to honor their neoclassical home with an update. Read on to see what skilled interior remodeling could… Read more »

Before & After: Contemporary Home Interior with Blue Accents

Contemporary home interior - Smart Stone

Contemporary interior design is like a breath of fresh air. The style is current, chic, and clean. Add cool blue accents and you’re sure to have one of the sleekest properties around. A recent Decorilla client was going for precisely this vibe. Read on to see how the contemporary home interior turned out!

Before & After: Feminine Backyard Home Office Shed Design

Working from home is a reality to many, as well as the challenges that come along with it. Lacking adequate space to focus on productivity is just one of them. Which is exactly why a recent Decorilla client reached out for help with a backyard home office. A clever she shed design provided the multi-use… Read more »

Before & After: Masculine and Feminine Home Office Designs

Masculine and feminine home office decor

When a home provides enough space for two home offices why not tailor each to its occupant? That’s exactly what recent Decorilla clients were after when they reached out for design help. They wanted one masculine and one feminine home office to fit each of their styles. Read on for the stunningly chic result perfect… Read more »