Serene modern farmhouse interior design
Decorilla modern farmhouse living room design

Delight in this enchanting journey of a home transformed by modern farmhouse interior design. Our designers embraced the harmonious blend of rustic simplicity and modern sophistication, featuring board and batten walls and farmhouse-inspired furnishings for a cozy yet elegant ambiance. Read on for a behind-the-scenes look into the transformation!

The Challenge: Modern Farmhouse Interior Design

A recent Decorilla client was excited to move into her new house that offered a blank canvas for interior design. What she wanted now were chic but functional design ideas for a living room, dining area, and home office. Having coastal, rustic, and modern farmhouse-style interiors in mind, the client felt ready to begin the space transformation. Consequently, she asked for a designer proficient in those styles who could also:

  • Stylishly incorporate a TV into the living room interior design
  • Consider replacing light fixtures with ones oozing more distinctive character
  • Assemble an elegant and comfortable dining zone inside a living room
  • Set up an inspiring and functional modern farmhouse-style home office 

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Modern Country House Inspiration

Contemporary farmhouse style inspiration board

The contemporary farmhouse aesthetic has become an all-American style of choice in recent years. The reasons were evident in the client’s modern country house inspiration gallery. From sleek, minimalist French country houses to cozy, cabin-like retreats, it displayed warm ambiances filled with chic blends of various elements. Accordingly, the gallery provided a valuable source of inspiration for numerous ways the modern farmhouse interior design can be implemented in her home. 

Modern Farmhouse Style Ideas & Moodboard

Modern French country house living room by Decorilla
Modern French country house living room by Decorilla

By completing the design questionnaire, the client provided vital information about her modern farmhouse ideas and lifestyle to the Decorilla team. Armed with this knowledge, the team presented two experienced designers, highly adept in the desired styles. Each designer put their spin on the client’s vision, presented as an initial concept moodboard.

The client was now faced with the daunting task of choosing between two equally impressive moodboards. Nevertheless, after careful consideration, Ryley B.’s solution was deemed the ideal choice for the client’s specific needs.

Modern farmhouse style moodboard by Decorilla
Modern farmhouse-style moodboard by Decorilla

Ryley’s moodboard was a stylish blend of classic provincial French design intermixed with American contemporary farmhouse and urban rustic-industrial coolness. This successful fusion of elegance and ruggedness became even more prominent on the background of a trendy neutral color scheme accentuated by warm pastel hues. At the same time, streamlined industrial cabinets created an attractive contrast to premium cushy seating providing the ultimate comfort for luxurious living.

Modern French Country House Living & Dining

Modern country house design by Decorilla
Modern country house design by Decorilla

The spacious and inviting living area boasts a charming pastoral flair. A neutral base, the staple of modern farmhouse interior design, is enriched with touches of light amber and azure accents. At the same time, black metal elements accentuate the layout with a dash of an edgy industrial vibe. The soft sage wooden paneling elegantly elevates the design, guiding the eye toward a chic beaded chandelier. 

Modern farmhouse interior design by Decorilla
Modern farmhouse interior design by Decorilla

In a characteristic modern farmhouse style, the generous living room layout boasts plenty of hosting-friendly, comfortable seating. The light grey sofa and chair and a half are complemented by two blue accent armchairs, creating a multi-layered atmosphere that adds to the overall allure. Lavishly cushioned seating is juxtaposed to sharp metal edges and rustic wooden textures of the coffee table, mirror, and media cabinet, conveying attractive visual dynamics as a result.

Modern farmhuse interior design of a dining room by Decorilla
Modern farmhouse interior design of a dining room by Decorilla

The modern country house design gets an even more intriguing twist in the dining room with a sleek and stylish Scandinavian-inspired dining set. Its light wood texture and elegant grey upholstery are perfectly complemented by an eclectic rug, creating a scene that oozes soft tactility. In the background, a darker display cabinet duo adds an unexpected edge with a modern rustic look. Meanwhile, a framed wall art set dominates the scene, defining its polished and sophisticated character. 

Contemporary Farmhouse Home Office

Modern farmhouse style ideas for a home office by Decorilla
Modern farmhouse style ideas for a home office by Decorilla

The contemporary farmhouse home office puts several interesting assets on display. Its stylish setup oozes a subtle, earthy tonality that follows the house’s overall rustic charm without compromising modern functionality. Ideally placed next to an ample window, the workspace makes the most out of natural light, promoting healthy focus in a serene and classic ambiance.

Home office in a contemporary farmhouse by Decorilla
Home office in a contemporary farmhouse by Decorilla

A solid yet sleek wooden desk’s silhouette makes an elegant foundation for a highly functional layout. The room’s centerpiece is skillfully paired with a contemporary desk chair and a mid-century modern armchair, all grounded by a washed-out antique rug. Behind the desk rises a practical set of built-in white bookshelves. Adorned by charming baskets, repurposed ladders, and rustic decor, it becomes a stunning visual feature, simultaneously expressing a distinctive character of a farmhouse-style interior.

 Before & After Modern Farmhouse Interior Design

Contemporary farmhouse before (left) and after (right) modern country house design by Decorilla
Contemporary farmhouse before and after by Decorilla

Set against a newly built grey backdrop, the contemporary farmhouse interior merges elegance with simplicity. Beautiful tones of light brown wood and soft textiles warm up the space, exuding old-world charm at the same time. As a result, emotive, soft-edged modern farmhouse interior design fills the rooms with functional beauty, perfectly complemented by carefully sourced lighting fixtures adding a flawless finishing touch. 

Contemporary Farmhouse Shopping List

Modern farmhouse interior design shopping list by Decorilla
Modern farmhouse interior design shopping list by Decorilla

With the power of 3D visualizations, the client was able to preview the finished product and make informed decisions with confidence. As a valued Decorilla client, exclusive access to substantial trade discounts and a personalized shopping list awaited, allowing the homeowner to curate a space that perfectly matched her style and budget. And to make the process even smoother, the dependable white glove concierge service took care of all logistics, from ordering to tracking and delivery, ensuring a stress-free experience from start to finish.

Top Picks for Farmhouse Style Interior

In love with modern French country house interior design? Then check out our top picks, including cozy furnishing, elaborate decor, and flattering lighting that will never fail to impress:

Top picks for a cozy modern country house by Decorilla
  1. Area Rug
  2. Cocooning Armchair
  3. Coffee Table
  4. Arched Cabinet 
  5. Beaded Chandelier
  6. Wall Art
  7. Linen Sofa

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