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Before & After: Modern Glam Living Room and Dining Room

Modern glam living room - Houzz

Redesigning your living area can be an exciting project, allowing you to bring more sophistication and elegance into your home. A modern glam living room, for instance, brightens up any space with contemporary appeal while elevating it with stylish touches. An elaborate composition will certainly deliver a luxurious finish. So, if you’re considering giving your… Read more »

Before & After: Relaxing Green Bedroom Design

Green bedroom design theme - My Domaine

A vibrant color palette and simple yet functional design convey an effortlessly inviting feel. Moreover, such simplicity works well in many settings and styles. This green bedroom design story, for example, embraces contrasts to craft a harmonious yet unique interior. Read on to see how one client’s interior makeover culminated with Decorilla’s chic design!

Before & After: Upscale Men’s Bedroom Design

Before & after upscale men's bedroom design

Men’s bedroom design can exude luxurious relaxation – when done right. In search of such an upscale look, a recent Decorilla client sought help in finding the perfect balance between modern comfort and elegant refinement. Read on to see how this bedroom was transformed into a refined masculine retreat away from everyday stress! 

Before & After: Backyard Porch Ideas for Outdoor Living

Porch design - The Spruce

Spending time outdoors is a fantastic way to decompress. Therefore, if you can create a beautiful backyard, you must! Recent clients bought their first home and required expertise to bring their backyard porch ideas to life. So, they turned to Decorilla for help. Fortunately, with the right designer, these clients found decorating a small porch… Read more »

Before & After: Transitional Home Transformation

Transitional home transformation - One Kindesign

The first step to a home makeover is picking an interior style to set the tone for the transformation. One client knew what they wanted but needed help designing their interior. So, they turned to Decorilla – read on to discover the striking transitional home transformation!

Before & After: Refined Minimal Bedroom Design

Minimal bedroom design - article

The minimal bedroom design trend shows no signs of slowing down. In fact, it’s often perceived as one of the most natural extensions of contemporary living spaces. It’s no wonder that many designers and clients celebrate this style as an effective way to create a serene haven within a busy home. One such client recently… Read more »

Before & After: Eclectic Design Style Family Home 


Redesigning your home is an exciting task – especially when you have a particular style in mind. A recent client saw the need for a redesign after expanding their family home. With an eclectic design style in mind, she reached out to Decorilla for help. Read on to learn how their space transformed into a… Read more »

Before & After: Modern Country Bathroom Design

bright and airy Modern country bathroom

Designing a bathroom can be a daunting task, but that’s not always the case. In fact, it often takes just a drop of inspiration and a skilled designer to easily achieve the look you’ve been dreaming of. Not convinced? Check out this modern country bathroom transformations story to see for yourself!

Before & After: Transitional Design for a Welcoming Home

Transitional interior design - HGTV

Moving into a newly constructed home is notoriously stressful. Plus, with endless interior design possibilities, deciding where to start can be overwhelming. For one client, a transitional design was their vision, but they needed help. So they called on Decorilla to reach this goal – read on to see the result!

Before & After: Japandi Style Bedroom, Home Office & Nursery

Japandi style bedroom - andor willow

Japandi style holds the best of Scandinavian and Japanese interior design. Minimalism, neutral colors, and sustainability reign in these graceful spaces. One Decorilla client loved this look and wanted its tranquillity for their home. And so, they turned to Decorilla for help – see the stunning transformation below!