Luxury NYC Condo before & after

How can the power of design elevate a living space? Let’s find it out in the stunning transformation of a luxury NYC condo, where thoughtful interior choices created a sophisticated urban oasis. Join us as we reveal how each detail contributes to the overall allure.

The Challenge: Luxury NYC Condo Interior Design

Looking to refine their luxury living space, the New York luxury condo owners turned to Decorilla for an expert solution. They were looking for a designer to help infuse luxury into their home without straining their budget, as well as:

  • Harmoniously blend existing furniture and decor pieces with new purchases.
  • Select a rectangular dining table that accommodates at least eight guests.
  • Develop a layout that includes a dedicated space for a baby grand piano.
  • Choose neutral paint colors that enhance the feeling of space and light.
  • Source from favorite stores like Restoration Hardware and Kathy Kuo, ensuring the selection complements the existing decor.

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Design Inspiration: Luxurious, Curvy, Organic Spaces

Inspiration for luxury NYC condo design by Decorilla
Contemporary transitional interior design by Decorilla

Browsing living room inspiration, the clients were drawn to sophisticated blends of classic and contemporary design elements. They curated a gallery of images to illustrate a space that captures the essence of New York City’s grandeur without forgoing the welcoming embrace of a home. Their metropolitan sanctuary should be telling its own story, feeling lived-in yet luxurious, while also promising respite from the bustling city below.

New York luxury condo inspiration in Decorilla designs
Quiet luxury living room interior design by Decorilla

Functionality was as important as appearance, with a focus on crafting an environment conducive to both private leisure and entertaining guests. The luxury was in the details: thoughtful color choices, strategically placed furniture, and a collection of personal items, all set against the backdrop of New York City’s skyline. In other words, a luxury interior design that reflects not just a place to live but a way to live.

Initial Concepts: Finding the Right Designer

Preliminary proposal by Decorilla designer Selma A.
Preliminary proposal by Decorilla designer, Selma A.

The client was already aware of the benefits that come with working with Decorilla, therefore eager to see two creative proposals tailored only for them. 

This time, it was Selma A. and Erika F. who presented their visions. Selma’s moodboard reflected her keen eye for harmonizing function and sophistication. An intriguing perspective mingled comfort with luxury, ensuring that the space would not only look magnificent but also function seamlessly with the client’s lifestyle.

Preliminary proposal by Decorilla designer Erika F.
Preliminary proposal by Decorilla designer, Erika F.

Erika’s blueprint promised a subtle yet significant evolution of the luxury NYC condo, upholding the essence of the client’s home while infusing it with new life. The selected scheme balanced familiarity and innovation, striking a note of budget-conscious elegance. This design was tailored to elevate everyday living as well as to accommodate the grander moments. And that was a pivotal point that influenced the client’s decision.

Results Revealed: Luxury NYC Condo Living Room

Luxury NYC condo living room transformation by Decorilla
Luxurious room makeover by Decorilla

The new interior design of the luxury NYC condo oozes contemporary transitional harmony between elements. The living area, anchored by the expansive white sectional sofa with a left-arm chaise, invites relaxation and social connection. On the opposite side, plush velvet chairs in warm copper convey a dynamic yet cohesive look. Reflecting the client’s preference for neutral walls, the earthy tones provide a subtle backdrop that amplifies the natural mid-day light and the spectacular city views beyond the generous windows.

New York luxury condo before (left) and after (right) design by Decorilla
New York luxury condo before (left) and after (right) design by Decorilla

The transformation from the original space to the newly designed area is marked by the client’s personality infused into every corner. Before, the stark emptiness of the room called for warmth, function, and character. Now, it brims with all three, thanks to a sophisticated blend of textures and the rich, inviting color palette.  

Keeping an Eye for Detail

In terms of style, Erika has curated a visual feast. Each element, from the contemporary light fixtures to art and decor, contributes to a narrative of chic refinement. The strategic incorporation of the baby grand piano as a statement piece fulfills a functional need, simultaneously adding an air of cultured grace. Together, these individual components compose a space that is effortlessly stylish while ensuring the overall flair remains warmly accessible.

Luxury NYC living room interior design by Decorilla
Living room interior design by Decorilla

Visual synergy defines this luxury living room interior design, speaking about how each pattern, texture, and form was meticulously considered. Artistically molded white walls act as a canvas, drawing in the assortment of burnt orange and charcoal details that juxtapose them with modern vibrancy. This interplay is particularly evident in cushions and artwork, creating a visual echo that reverberates around the room. The spherical chandelier also engages in a dance of curves, while the pampas grass softens the geometry and enhances tactility.

Luxury NYC condo dining room makeover by Decorilla
Luxury NYC condo dining room makeover by Decorilla

Turning to the dining area, the setup mirrors the client’s request for a space suited to both intimate family meals and larger gatherings. A substantial table is ready to accommodate eight diners, contentedly poised onto the sculptural dining chairs. The furniture, with its clean lines and complementary color palette, reinforces the room’s modern aesthetic. The sideboard is elegantly understated, and the ambient lighting carefully considered for evening ambiance.

Design Details: Sourcing the Perfect Pieces

Decorilla shopping list for luxury living room interior design
Decorilla shopping list

Weaving together the threads of the client’s vision, Erika offered a design that married cost-consciousness with elegance. Each chosen element resonated with the client’s preference for understated sophistication. Meanwhile, realistic 3D renderings brought the future of the space to life, facilitating a profoundly interactive and engaging design process.

A customized shopping list with exclusive trade discounts complemented the designer’s creative expertise. This asset matched the client’s financial considerations with their aesthetic goals, ensuring the design did not stray from the allocated budget. 

This harmonious combination of service, support, and savings underscored the project’s triumph, prompting the client’s heartfelt feedback: “Thanks so much, Erika. We loved working with you! Thank you, Decorilla, for making this possible!”  

Get the Look: New York Luxury Condo

Embrace the upscale NYC essence with our curated selection of pieces for luxury living room interior design. Use them to infuse your space with the chic elegance and comfortable functionality emblematic of the Big Apple’s refined residences. 

Decorilla's top picks for luxury living room interior design
  1. Area Rug
  2. Side Table
  3. Decorative Vase
  4. Wall Art
  5. Sectional Sofa
  6. Floor Lamp
  7. Coffee Table

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