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A kitchen update is a sure way to boost the value of your home. What’s more, a cabinet color refresh is inexpensive, while it also enhances the style and appeal of your kitchen. Depending on your color choice, the look can be uplifting, calming, or energizing. We look at the hottest kitchen cabinet colors for this year and how they can spruce up your interior. Read on to find out which colors are on-trend! 

Choosing Colors for Kitchen Cabinets 101

Two tone kitchen cabinets by decorilla designer lori d
Two tone kitchen cabinets by Decorilla designer, Lori D.

New colors for your kitchen cabinets can give your space a lovely lift. Your home just might feel brand new after the change. That said, there is more to perfecting a makeover than picking your favorite hue or kitchen design trend. Getting the look right goes beyond choosing colors for kitchen cabinets.

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Elements to Consider Before Painting Kitchen Cabinets 

Mood and Lighting

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Color all boils down to the mood you want and the light available in your kitchen. Keep in mind this space needs to be functional and have layers of light. Natural sunlight is great but artificial sources are very helpful in low-light layouts, like a galley kitchen. For these and small rooms, rather opt for light colors or kitchen cabinets with a glossy finish. 

Ideal and Existing Style 

White colors for kitchen cabinets and a kitchen backsplash - Amelia R
Painting kitchen cabinet ideas by Decorilla designer, Amelia R.

Your ideal style or current color scheme can guide the choice for kitchen cabinets. Let’s say you want a French country style look for your modern farmhouse interior. In this instance, pastel paint with a matte finish is better for cabinets than lustrous black or red. 

Sprayed or Hand-Painted

Burgundy kitchen cabinet colors 2021
Bold, burgundy kitchen cabinet color by Decorilla interior designer, Kristina B.

When updating your kitchen, you’ll have to choose between prefab cabinet doors and custom-made ones. The latter comes with the option of being sprayed or hand-painted.

Spray painted is great for contemporary glossy styles but chips and mistakes are tricky to repair. On the other hand, while hand painting takes longer, it is suitable for all styles and can be touched up easily. 


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Of course, changing your kitchen will take time. Set a realistic timeline and checklist to ensure everything stays on schedule. Breaking down the project per day is a good way to start. 

Trending Kitchen Cabinet Colors 

black kitchen cabinet color ideas - Amelia R
Charcoal grey kitchen cabinets by Decorilla designer, Amelia R.

After pinning what your home needs, it’s time to dive into the exciting bit – trending kitchen colors and styles! Some are thrilling while others put a spin on beloved classics. Here are some of the hottest kitchen color ideas for the year!

1. Two-Tone Kitchen Cabinets

Green-blue kitchen cabinets - Betsy M
Two-tone kitchen cabinets by Decorilla designer, Betsy M.

To experiment with different colors, consider two-tone kitchen cabinets. For instance, if you like your current hue but want to try something new, start with a few cupboards.

To keep a lightness about the room, opt for a lighter and brighter color on the upper cupboards. And if you want to make the upper half of the kitchen stand out more, choose a moody dark shade instead. Two-tone kitchen cabinets are also perfect for adding a potent pop of color without overwhelming the interior. 

2. Classic White Kitchen Cabinets 

Neutral colors for kitchen cabinets - Wanda P
White kitchen cabinets by Decorilla designer, Wanda P.

Crisp white is ever popular and the most timeless of all kitchen cabinet colors. Plus, it’s versatile! White kitchen cabinets can go with any color scheme and still look good. What’s more, the light tone will make any room feel bright and airy.

You can pair your white kitchen cabinets with wood and brass for neutral sophistication or as a balancing core of a colorful home. 

3. Bold Grey Kitchen Cabinets 

Contemporary grey kitchen cabinets by decorilla designer drew f.
Contemporary grey kitchen cabinets by Decorilla interior designer, Drew F.

Grey, can be a bold color choice and also balances out lighter colors for some added drama. However, if you prefer enduring elegance, grey kitchen cabinets are a good bet as they never go out of style.

There are also many shades with either a cool or warm undertone. This means it’s a flexible contemporary hue for the busiest room of the house. As with every painting project, try a sample first to ensure you have the correct tone for your space. 

4. Tranquil Blue Kitchen Cabinets 

Coastal blue kitchen cabinets by Decorilla designer, Sonia C.

Blue, the epitome of calm, can bring about a coastal air or a romantic moody ambiance. With hundreds of cool colors for kitchen cabinets to choose from, you can set the vibe you want. Keep in mind that blue kitchen cabinets pair well with white, sandy tones, and even coral pink. 

5. Lush Green Kitchen Cabinets 

Green kitchen cabinets in a mid century eclectic interior - Shofy D
Green kitchen cabinets in a mid century eclectic style, by Decorilla interior designer, Shofy D.

Fresh and serene, green is one of this season’s hottest hues. Not only great as an accent, but green can also invigorate your kitchen cabinets. The tropical tone pairs well with other vibrant colors, like orange and peach.

If you prefer toned-down and neutral interiors, you can opt for a subdued look with dark green and charcoal, olive and greige, or mint and off-white. 

6. Sunny Yellow Kitchen Cabinets 

Yellow kitchen cabinet colors - Lonika Chande

Like green, yellow is such a lively and jovial hue for a home. Mustardy or lemony kitchen cabinet paint colors are sure to make your home feel brighter while putting a smile on your face.

When selecting bold colors for kitchen cabinets, like yellow, take a few samples home before committing. The tone might look slightly different in your interior. Pair bright cupboards with grey, white, or a fun patterned backsplash. 

Painting Kitchen Cabinets Ideas

Two tone kitchen cabinets - Betsy M
Paint colors for kitchen cabinets by Decorilla designer, Betsy M.

Looking at kitchen cupboard colors can only get you so far. At some point, you’ll need guidance to make your ideal shade work and to get the look you really want. That’s where painting kitchen cabinet ideas come in! 

Be Prepared 

Spanish influenced blue kitchen cabinets
Paint colors for kitchen cabinets by Decorilla designer, Audrey P.

If you want to paint your cabinets yourself, stock up on all the supplies before starting your project. You can either get a cabinet painting kit, which includes most of what you need, or buy items separately. The latter is also often less costly. 

Supplies include:

  • Paint (water or oil-based)
  • High-quality brushes or paint rollers, and paint trays (or spray gun) 
  • Sander and sandpaper 
  • Tack cloth, sponges, and cleaning bucket
  • Cleaning solution 
  • Optional: Putty and putty knife

Hire a Professional or Follow a Fail-Proof Method 

Green kitchen cabinet colors - Old Brand New

Painting your kitchen cabinets in different colors is certainly hard work so it’s best to do it the right way the first time around. Follow the steps below or enlist the services of a reputable painter to do a flawless job.

  1. Prepare the cabinets with a de-glosser or sander.
  2. Wipe off access dust or old paint with a clean cloth.
  3. Apply a bonding coat or primer with a brush or roller. 
  4. Paint the kitchen cabinet colors. 
  5. Finish with a sealing top coat. 

Top Tip: Let each coat – from the primer to the top coat – dry completely before applying the next coat. 

Match Color to a Backsplash 

Backsplash with bold kitchen cabinet colors

If you have a beautiful backsplash, make the most of it! Use this pretty feature as inspiration for your kitchen cabinet color ideas. You can use a complementary or contrasting hue to bring the room together. 

Play with 3 Colors or More

Bold kitchen cabinet colors - AD

Why stick to one or two colors in a kitchen when you can have more? With a little planning, plenty of paint and patience, you can create a harmonious color symphony. To pull off the look, select one or two core tones and add smaller pops of complementary colors. 

Try Minimalist Matte

Matte kitchen cabinet color ideas

Tactile finishes, like matte, are great for a less-is-more or more organic style. They look even better in pastels or paired with wood countertops. Just be sure to seal the kitchen cupboard colors with a top coat to maximize their longevity.

Ready to try new kitchen cabinet colors?

Choosing the perfect kitchen cabinet color can be overwhelming. Not sure which color is right for your home? Then, schedule a Free Interior Design Consultation for expert assistance getting started today!

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