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New Yorkers don’t shy away from making a statement. It’s no wonder homes in the Big Apple follow suit. Although they may be on the small side, these interiors come alive with a bold personality! Here are the 4 home decor styles NYC has made its own, plus tips on getting started with your own interior!

1. Contemporary New York Home Decor Style

Contemporary bedroom in New York with blue and gold home decor accents
Asian-inspired bedroom design by Decorilla designer, Joseph G.

Contemporary interior design, though ever-changing, borrows from and reinterprets styles from various periods. These interiors are exciting and daring – especially in New York City, where wall art, decor, and all things visual are celebrated. Whatever top NYC designers come up with could be yours – and one or two should – if you’re a collector!

Contemporary industrial bedroom with monochromatic home decor in NYC

Architectural features, like those in Art Deco buildings, are integral to contemporary design. Furniture must work with a building’s structure to double the aesthetic value. Neutral walls make the perfect backdrop for contemporary artwork and pops of interesting NYC decor. But even a humble sofa can be a work of art thanks to textile design.

Slender sofa legs and minimal window dressing make these interiors feel airy and open. And reflective materials (like glass, metals, and mirrored surfaces) make a New York apartment interior seem even more light-filled than it is.

Choosing Decor for a Contemporary Home

Contemporary dining room in New York with functional wall decor

So many established and up and coming designers create inspiring home decor in NYC every day. Finding that picture-perfect piece is as easy as browsing for “art decor NYC”. Keep in mind that you are supporting the local economy and helping those creatives stay in business when you buy products from local artists and furniture stores.

Trends come and go, but you can be sure that good taste never goes out of style. So pick contemporary designs, like art, that will increase its value over time.

2. Eclectic Decorating Style in Home Decor NYC

Eclectic New York apartment bedroom interior with bohemian finishes
Eclectic bedroom by Decorilla interior designer, Michelle B.

Layered, collected, and culture-rich are words that describe many New York City apartments. The high energy of the lively hub certainly translates to their interiors. Often the result is an eclectic wonderworld. These eclectic interiors tell a story. They are vibrant, colorful, and arty.

Eclectic New York City wall decor
New York apartment interior design by Decorilla designers, Peti L. (left) and Christine M. (right)

Curating your own eclectic home can be challenging as there is a fine line between creating a layered look and an overwhelming one. With so many home decor stores in NYC, like Chapter Two, it’s easy to fall in love with one too many items. But practice restraint. A little visual excitement can do more for an interior than too many elements.

The creative blend of decor works best in a neutral color palette with only a few selected accent tones. Ideally, an eclectic home balances color and texture to perfectly blend old and new.

Choosing Decor for an Eclectic Home

Eclectic Home Decor NYC Designer Apartment

You can choose to make a statement just like those envy-worthy New York apartments with your furniture or decor. But if you go wild on both fronts, your eclectic interior can turn into a hot mess. Stick to one or two accent tones you choose before heading to the best home decor stores in NYC. Being prepared will save you interior design regret later in your decorating journey.

Small eclectic home near the best home decor stores in NYC

Eclectic interiors can become busy rather quickly. So start with one vignette at a time. Firstly, pick a room – kitchen, lounge, bedroom, etc. – and systematically work through the area. Begin with walls, surfaces, or soft furnishings and move on once you’re happy with the look.

Want to incorporate one of these iconic New York Home Decor styles into your space, but not sure where to start? Schedule your Free Online Interior Design Consultation to learn more today!

3. NYC Mid-Century Modern Apartment Decor Style

Mid-century modern living and dining room in NYC with apartment decor
Mid-century modern design by Decorilla interior designer, Sarah M.

Mid-century modern has won the hearts of many interior lovers. So much so, that New York has claimed it as its own. At its origins, mid-century interiors softened the sometimes-stark simplicity of modern design. And now this home decor style is back from the ‘60s to tone down and balance the 21st-century design.

These interiors often pair rich jewel tones with clean lines and the result is in an understated elegance we love. Open plan layouts encourage a free-flow lifestyle while large windows and a select few art and decor items turn the focus from the artificial and towards the natural in NYC.

New York apartment interior with mid century modern decor
Mid-century dining room design by Decorilla interior designer, Sarah M.

Pieces like the iconic Eames Chair are right at home in an edgy, slightly masculine New York apartment interior. Whereas the Wegner Wishbone Chair, by a Danish designer, is still a favorite in Scandinavian lofts.

Natural woods, like rosewood, walnut, and teak, give homes and decor in NYC a richly luxurious feel. As we lean towards fuss-free living, mid-century interior design is gaining more and more popularity.

Choosing Decor for a Mid-Century Modern Home

Mid Century Modern Home Decor NYC

Home decor in NYC can complement your chosen design style. But it’s easy to get caught up in the wide variety. So keep your head up by sticking to what you know you’ll like and what will best suit your home. If you want a neat mid-century modern home, take the less-is-more approach. Straight-lined, matter-of-factly and practical items will be best. Think carefully selected open shelving, line art, elegant lighting, and planters!

Get what you need from the best home decor stores in NYC or get thrifty online! To find the best (and most affordable) New York City decor, you only need to grab your smartphone and get browsing. Many helpful decor apps let you visualize your chosen piece before you buy anything.

4. Modern Industrial Decor Style

Industrial bedroom with wall art decor in NYC
Industrial interior design by Decorilla designer, Tijana Z.

When you think about a New York apartment interior, industrial design jumps to the top of the list. Here the structure of a building is celebrated more than in any other style. The more exposed beams, brick, and concrete, the better. These homes are full of character and tend to be more masculine.

Scandi industrial dining and kitchen room in an New York apartment interior
Industrial interior decor design in NYC by Decorilla designer, Kate S.

But what makes them so memorable is the play of opposites. On one side of the spectrum, there is the rough, unfinished building frame, and on the other, there is polished soft or refined furnishing. Warm tone leathers, wood, and linen balance the cool aesthetic of concrete and steel – such a pleasing mix!

Choosing Decor for an Industrial Home

Soften the unrefined look with plenty of texture and flowy fabrics. The roughness of an industrial loft acts as the perfect playground for you to experiment with oversized artwork and wild textiles. Plus, those vintage pieces you adore will have the best backdrop.

A living room with exposed beams, white painted brick and contemporary home decor in NYC

Choose steel as a basis to complement a red brick wall or copper for cement walls. As building materials often are cooler in hue, balance your interior with warm New York city decor. Think red, burnt sienna, orange, or even a pop of yellow.

Recreate an industrial New York apartment interior with neatly upholstered modern furniture, reclaimed wood or vintage tables, and metal decor.

Which of these iconic NYC interior design styles is your favorite? If you need help deciding which best fits your taste, we’re here to help. Schedule a free interior design consultation with one of our interior design experts today!

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