How to decorate for Christmas with chic ornaments in a living room

The most anticipated holiday is back again! Holidays give us a great excuse to delve into the latest festive decor trends and have fun incorporating them into our homes. To keep with the excitement of the season, we’ve put together our tips on how to decorate for Christmas. Read on for our pull-it-off-in-a-second guide to holiday decor!

Welcoming Christmas Decorating Ideas

Transitional christmas decorating ideas
Transitional Christmas decorating ideas by Decorilla interior designer, Eileen P.

Spark holiday cheer with indoor and outdoor decor alike. There is something special about a neighborhood dressed in Christmas ornaments and decorations. So, let the festive spirit emanate from your doorstep. And the coziness of elegant Christmas decor can’t be beat. Here are a few of our favorite Christmas decorating ideas:

  • The Color of Christmas

Outdoor sitting area with Christmas decorations

Want to know how to decorate for Christmas? Keep it simple. You can create a magical space by sticking to festive colors and the latest Christmas decor trends. Green, red, and gold are the most popular, but blue and purple are also associated with Christmas. One color, especially red, is enough to make a statement.

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  • Inviting Illumination

Elegant Christmas door decorations

The warm glow of fairy lights can give doorways an instant luxurious boost. You can use a string light wreath to adorn the front door or emit a welcoming glow from your home by placing soft lighting just inside the window.

  • Lush Naturals as Christmas Decorations

Stately red Christmas door decorations

Acorns, holly berries, pine or cedar branches, fir, and mistletoe all sing Christmas. Moreover, these greens double as naturally pleasing decor. Plus, they are hardy and will look great for the whole season. A welcoming doorway followed by a beautifully designed entryway will certainly give a lasting first impression.

How to Decorate for Christmas with Door Decorations

Christmas door decorations

Start your holiday decor journey by making the front of your home welcoming. You can create a lovely first impression by giving your doorway a little decor love.

Christmas Doorstep Decor Ideas

Your doorway will likely see many visitors come and go during the holidays. That’s why Christmas decorations in this high-traffic area must be durable and sturdy. Two great options include a colorful, patterned doormat with a dense pile and weighty potted cedar or pine trees. The former is not only decorative, but it can also absorb dirt and moisture from shoes, whereas the latter doubles as cute mini Christmas trees.

Christmas decorating ideas for the front door

Cheery Front Door

Decorating the front door for Christmas is simple. One item, such as a tried-and-tested wreath or enormous candy cane, is all you need to add a bit of festivity. But if you want to mix things up, try wrapping the front door with an oversized ribbon or attaching snowflake-like white pompoms to the front door.

How to Decorate a Christmas Wreath

How to decorate a wreath for Christmas outdoor and indoor

The humble Christmas wreath is key to sprucing up your home’s facade. Although these holiday spheres are near quintessential to Christmas decorations, they can cost next to nothing. Moreover, Christmas wreaths come in every style imaginable – colorful and metallic to natural and refined.

  • Select a Style

The list of styles is endless. Your home can be anything from traditional, light and bright, unique and eclectic, or colorful and modern. Pick your favorite and keep to it to create a chic and cohesive festive interior.

Different wreaths as Christmas decorating ideas
  • Getting the Christmas Wreath

You have two options: buy a wreath or make your own. If you choose the DIY route, follow our quick how-to below.

How to Decorate a Wreath for Christmas in 3 Steps

Christmas decorating ideas for wreaths
  1. Collect the Materials

You can use floral wire, tape pins, and craft glue to keep your wreath in place and fishing line for a no-show look or a cute ribbon. If your materials need more structure, use an embroidery hoop as a base. The decoration can range from pinecones, dried phalaris, Christmas ornaments, bells, oranges, and even to fairy lights. You’ll also need shears or scissors and work gloves to protect your hands.

  1. Form & Secure the Wreath

Create a circular shape with entwined twigs or use a hoop for other pods, flowers, or Christmas ornaments. Layer the items from the most voluminous (cedar branches) to the daintiest or feature pieces (holly or cranberry). Neaten the Christmas wreath by cutting off any excess foliage.

  1. Place and Enjoy!

Hang up your creation on the front door, foyer, above a bed, as part of a gallery wall, or in the window frame, and marvel.

Warming Christmas Home Décor

How to decorate for Christmas with elegant ornaments

Be sure to spread holiday cheer throughout your home with cheery Christmas decorating ideas. Bright colors, wacky Christmas ornaments, and prettiness in everything – even gifts double as décor this time around.

  • Jovial Pop Tones

how to decorate for Christmas with fun colors

Skip traditional with a colorful Christmas. Think pink, blue, green, yellow – whatever puts a smile on your face. But to avoid a circus, pick your colors before decorating. For instance, rich jewel tones of jade, amethyst, and ruby make an opulent combination, while pastels like duck egg, cotton candy, and soft yellow create a youthful and soft look.

  • Gifts as Christmas Decorating Ideas

Gifts as Christmas decorations

Match gift wrapping to the rest of your festive décor. There are so many Christmas gift wrapping ideas that are too beautiful not to put on display. Remember that minimal adornment can make just as big an impact as a maximalist one. Florals caught your eye this year? Then let it show in your décor.

  • Light-hearted Christmas Ornaments & Decor

How to decorate for christmas with festive cushions PB

Christmas decorations can be fun and quirky. Celebrate the season’s frivolity with cute Christmas ornaments: mini snowmen, Santa, pink unicorns, and fluffy gnome scatter pillows can be just what your interior needs.

How to Decorate a Christmas Tree

Neutral winter living room with Christmas decorations - EH

A Christmas tree is sort of a big deal but keep in mind that a tree with fewer decorations can be even more impactful than an extravagant one. Whichever style you prefer, modern Christmas tree ideas paired with perfect placement and décor tricks will certainly result in a pretty design you’ll want to share with loved ones.

  • Timeless Traditional Christmas Tree

Large and lush Christmas tree with Christmas tree decorations

A traditional Christmas tree is timeless, and for good reason: it provides an uplifting green base for sparkly, bold, or neutral decor. The peaceful hue provides balance to more elaborate Christmas tree decorations.

  • Wintery White Christmas Tree

White Christmas tree with beige Christmas decorations

A white Christmas tree has an ethereal beauty unlike any other and can seem almost otherworldly when decorated correctly. So, make the most of the unique tree with delicate Christmas tree decorations and add a contrasting topper for it to really stand out.

  • Bold Black Christmas Tree

Black christmas tree with minimal christmas ornaments

Nothing makes a statement quite as boldly as a black Christmas tree. Unlike its traditional and white counterparts, a noir tree can go without Christmas tree décor and still be impressive. But to make the most of the statement, pair the dark tree with delicate fairy lights or glossy décor that will stand out more.

8 Quick Tips on How to Decorate a Tree for Christmas 

How to decorate a Christmas tree for Christmas
  1. Fluff and shape the branches of the Christmas tree.
  2. Stick to a theme and use decor in line with the look you want.
  3. Drape lights over the tree first, then push them in slightly.
  4. Cluster different sized tree ornaments and space them equally from other clusters.
  5. Layer ribbons and drape them around the Christmas tree.
  6. Add tree sprigs or picks, like berry stems, for a fuller tree.
  7. Use a Christmas tree topper that fits your theme and the size of the tree.
  8. Finish the look with a tree skirt or place the tree in a shallow basket or pot to hide its trunk.

How to Decorate a Mantle for Christmas

How to decorate for Christmas in a maximalist style

A hearth is a perfect spot to decorate for Christmas. As luck would have it, turning a fireplace into a festive feature takes only a few minutes. Here are our favorite ways to decorate a mantel for Christmas:

  • Lush and Light-filled

Natural and lush Christmas decorations and how to decorate a mantel for christmas

As the simplest Christmas mantel decoration, a slightly wild winter foliage garland is also the most breathtaking. String together a few branches of fir, eucalyptus, or ivy and drape it over the mantelpiece. Secure fairy lights along the length of the garland and place two or three candles on the mantelpiece. For a touch of drama, add a large pot plant and ornate mirror pictured above.

  • How to Decorate an Alternative Mantel for Christmas

Alternative Christmas decorating ideas for a mantle

If you want to try something different this year, add color. Wrap a blue ribbon around the foliage garland, add a few metallic baubles, add swap the mirror with a misty azure artwork. Alternatively, add a delicate dried orange garland, beads, and large golden bells to minimal greenery for a sunny look.

Swoon-Worthy Christmas Table Decorations

Rustic Christmas table with feminine Christmas decorating ideas

A Christmas table is the heart of Christmas day. Around it, you get to share delicious meals and make memories. For this reason, it’s a good idea to make the backdrop a beautiful one. Be mindful that guests will need enough elbow room and that dishes will also need a space on the table. Keep decor minimal and not too high or wide to ensure everyone can see everyone else. Finally, mix crockery and cutlery and layer decoration to create a lovely tablescape.

Our Favorite Christmas Table Decoration Ideas

How to decorate for Christmas with natural elements on a table

WHAT WE LOVE: The small natural touches. Dried wildflowers, mini succulents, and a little bowl of nuts are all these Christmas tables need for a sophisticated farmhouse look.

Bold and black Christmas decorations for a tablescape

WHAT WE LOVE: The dramatic contrast of natural and metallic décor against black tables and crockery. The few green twigs also beautifully pair with such a dark canvas.

Romantic Christmas table with fairy lights and Christmas decorating ideas

WHAT WE LOVE: The romantic look of this simple bohemian table setting. Fairy lights and fluffy plants, like pampas grass, can give a table an ethereal and delicate quality.

Coastal-themed Christmas decorations for the table

WHAT WE LOVE: How a dash of blue can give these tables a coastal feel. Rough linen and pine give a lovely wintery look to the table on the right, whereas eucalyptus and white blooms add a summery air to the setting on the right.

How to Decorate for Christmas with Our Home Decor Picks

How to decorate for Christmas - Christmas decorating ideas

The question of how to decorate for Christmas is as good as answered with a guide and must-have decorations. With our top picks, your holiday interior will be ready in no time.

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  1. Themed Dinnerware: Hand-painted stoneware has a beautiful rustic shape that provides an artisanal look but paired with glamorous Christmas table decorations they can be just as luxurious.
  2. Festive Doormat: A familiar favorite, a festive pattern for a sweet doormat will certainly give guests a warm welcome to the season.
  3. Luminous Lights: Delicate loop or sphere string lights are timeless and can fit in with any interior design style. Hang a few of these fairy lights above the dining table or Christmas tree for a soft festive sparkle.
  4. Modern Ornaments: Architectural lines distinguish these glass globes from typical Christmas tree decorations. Add a few of these Christmas ornaments to your interior for a sophisticated modern look.
  5. Cozy Throws: A lounge needs extra coziness during December, and that’s where faux fur comes in. It’s luxurious, a tactile delight, and easy on the eye.
  6. Festive Stockings: Few things say Christmas quite as loudly as stockings dangling from a mantel. Step up your stocking game with personalized stockings – one for each guest.
  7. Serving Buffet: A wintery white serving buffet is a lovely base for Christmas decorations. What we love most is the sculptural quality of the mid-century inspired console.
  8. Festive Duvet: The bedroom can also get a merry yet sophisticated touch. A regal tartan duvet cover can just be the thing to inject a healthy dose of the season’s color into your interior.
How to decorate for Christmas with colorful decor on a mantel and christmas tree

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