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Festive or chic? You can have both with elegant Christmas decorating ideas! Plus, adding a little seasonal spice to your interior will make your home feel more celebratory too! Here’s how to get into the holiday spirit the stylish way. 

Elegant Christmas Decorating Dos and Don’ts

Elegant Christmas fireplace decorations - Nathalie I
Classy Christmas tree in an interior by Decorilla designer, Nathalie I.

Tasteful decorating is easy when you’re mindful of a few key points. In fact, combined with festive decorating ideas for winter, you can create quite an impressive abode!

  • Don’t bypass the little things. They can make a big difference when creating a festive atmosphere. At times, a small touch has more impact than something overtly festive. 
  • Do use traditional holiday colors sparingly. A little red and green can go a long way in creating an elegant Christmas decorating scheme.
  • Don’t forget natural greenery. In addition to a statement tree, you can pop a few sprigs of fir, juniper, cedar, or rosemary in vases. Create vignettes with an acorn or set them on shelves and nooks.

For an ultra-styled look, match your Christmas decor to the aesthetic of your home. Not sure what that is? Then, take our Free Interior Design Style Quiz to discover your unique decorating style today!

Classy and elegant holiday décor
  • Do brighten your home with twinkling lights and candles. That said, keep moderation in focus. Keep the overall effect warm and inviting, not overly bright and loud. 
  • Don’t forget safety. From elegant plants to Christmas fireplace decorations, ensure they are family and pet-friendly. 
  • Do put your spin on decorating and enjoy the holidays! Explore what makes you feel good, it’s sure to inject happy vibes into your interior. 

Enticingly Elegant Christmas Decorating Ideas

Elegant Christmas tree ornaments and mantel ideas

When it comes to elegant holiday decor, think outside the box. Christmas decorating goes beyond traditional favorites, like garlands and gold globes. Here are a few of our best-loved decorating ideas to inspire you. 

Classy Christmas Lights

Classy Christmas lights

Glimmering, glowing lights are a must for the season. From delicate string lights to chandeliers, there’s something for everyone. And if you want to get creative, mix up placement, shape, and type for a unique look. But remember, less is more when it comes to classy Christmas lights. As a rule of thumb, choose one or two accent spots for lighting per room. 

Easy but Elegant Christmas Tree Décor


With elegant Christmas tree decorating ideas, there is no wrong style. Big or small, simple or creative – your options are limitless. However, it’s a good practice to match your festive decor to your home’s look. That said, contrast can also be pleasant. For instance, an elegant white Christmas tree will make an unmissable feature in a moody eclectic interior.

Elegant Christmas tree decorations - CB2

You can skip garlands and big baubles in favor of a contemporary look. Instead, opt for elegant black and white Christmas tree ornaments and delicate ribbon decor. These subtle touches can add just the right amount of refinement to a tree, sapling, or alternative mount. On the other hand, if bold is what you prefer, embrace a few oversized (but lightweight) baubles for your tree. 

Tasteful Gift Wrapping 

Classy Christmas tree ornaments

Take some time to wrap your presents in style. With a little extra care, you can have gifts that double as decor in no time. They will certainly be an elegant addition to your classy Christmas tree decorating ideas. 

Classy Christmas tree presents - Country Living
  • First, pick your paper. Metallic or foil-based paper can give a luxurious appearance, while neutral matte wrapping gives an organic look. Monochrome or solid color is best for a refined result. 
  • Next, incorporate greenery. Place one or two leaves of holly or blue spruce on top of your gift. You can secure it with tape, but a ribbon tie is your best bet.
  • Finally, use unexpected materials, like velvet or satin ribbons, for texture. 

Elegant Christmas Fireplace Decorations

Elegant Christmas fireplace decorations - Melbean Interior

Balance is key to a stylish festive interior. Whatever your pick of elegant Christmas fireplace decorations, vary item height, size, and number. If you like high drama in your yuletide decor, opt for grand scale and contrast.

Elegant and sleek Christmas mantel ideas

Drape a great garland over your mantel or add a big vase with lush foliage. Complement the setting with chic and delicate lighting or candles and one or two pops of red decor. Be sure to use safe candles that won’t catch alight easily.

Decorative Dinnerware

Elegant Christmas table decorations

If you’re cooking a traditional feast, it’ll be more enjoyable at a festive tablescape. First, set your table with merry-looking plates or cutlery to foster a Christmas spirit. Skip elaborately themed crockery and opt for colors of the season – red, gold, or dark green are always good options. But do it a little differently. Focus on one hue in particular, and have others as subtle supporting acts in the background. 

Festive Color Scheme

Elegant Christmas fireplace decorations - Finding Lovely & Francois et Moi

Pick a festive but subtle scheme that could last for years to come. Monochromatic is a safe bet as you can spruce it up eventually with color. Alternatively, you can go for a hint of shimmer with silver, white, and muted blue. Earthy browns, gentle golds, and green work so well together and suit a nature-rich environment. And finally, red, dark gray, and bronze also make a beautiful pair for the holidays. 

Swoony-Worthy Staircases

Elegant Christmas decorating ideas for the staircase - Monika Hibbs

Bring seasonal sophistication by decorating your stairway with garlands or wreaths. It’s an elegant alternative for those who want more than Christmas tree decorating ideas. Add lights to create a warm and inviting ambiance – string them along the banisters or wrap them around stair posts. You can also place chic bows at the bottom of each railing or a mini present on every second step.

Elegant Christmas Table Decorations

Elegant Christmas table decorations - John Mcclain & Nordic Design

A luxurious table is sure to set the air for refined festivities. It’s also rather crucial as a holiday feast is bound to grace the room. When it comes to elegant Christmas table decorations and centerpiece ideas, think of the entire setting first. 

Elegant Christmas centerpiece ideas
  1. Pick your tablecloth, crockery, cutlery, glasses, and napkins.
  2. Are you dishing up elsewhere or will the courses be on the table? You’ll need enough space in the center of your table for share-style meals. 
  3. Now layer elegant holiday decor. Place a few slender foliage branches. Then add a bit of color – orange slices and dried red berries can do just the trick. You can include these on each napkin per plate or dot them on the leafy center. 
  4. Then add candles, mini string lights, or lanterns to create a cozy atmosphere. 

Awesome Alternative Christmas Trees

Elegant alternative Christmas tree ideas

Add fun to your festive interior with an alternative yet elegant Christmas tree. From a potted mini fir to a stick-on-the-wall tree, the world is full of options. The dozens of alternatives available give you the freedom to decorate according to your style and space. 

Elegant Christmas Mantel Ideas

Elegant Christmas fireplace decorations - Lindy Galloway Studio + Shop

From creating a mini yet elegant Christmas bar to showing off marble pine trees – the mantel is just the place for great ideas. It’s not only fantastic for decorating, but also practical for placing something you’d need later on.

Elegant Christmas mantel decorating ideas

Color accents in florals or wreaths and sleek candles can make your mantel stand out. But so too can a well-placed Christmas wall decor. Something eclectic might just be the kick your festive fireplace needs! 

Glamorous Garlands & Wreaths

Elegant holiday décor - The Merry Thought & Emily Henderson

Traditional but oh-so-pretty, wreaths are here to stay. We love them, not only for the seasonal cheer they bring but also for their beautiful designs. Nowadays, you can opt for minimal or maximalist with contemporary wreath styles. Whatever your favorite, make it noticeable.

Elegant holiday décor - Emily Henderson & Francois et Moi

You can incorporate a wreath as part of other Christmas decorations in the living room or have it as the focal point in the bedroom. If you have a round mirror in the bathroom, you can also stick eucalyptus branches on the top arch for a half-wreath look.  

Stylish Stocking Displays


Stockings are a nifty decoration. You can hang them on the banister or wall or use them as elegant Christmas fireplace decorations. Our favorite for this season is a great stocking wall. It puts a spin on a beloved classic and creates a cute feature too! 

Do you need help with your elegant Christmas decorating?

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