Contemporary patio design before and after

Looking to create a chic and relaxing outdoor space? A contemporary patio design is the perfect style for an inviting exterior. You won’t want to miss this transformation of a dated patio with a plunge pool, creating the ultimate oasis for outdoor relaxation and entertainment. Get inspired to elevate your own outdoor living experience!

The Challenge: Contemporary Patio Design

Creating an outdoor oasis is a creative challenge that also requires careful thought and planning. When the client contacted Decorilla, requesting the designer to create an outdoor living space that merged seamlessly with the existing landscape, they wanted genuine expertise. Their vision encompassed skilled patio design ideas dedicated to relaxing but also able to accommodate small outdoor parties, dining, and entertaining. Therefore, they were look for a designer to: 

  • Incorporate serene water features, beautiful natural stones, and some vegetation to create a peaceful retreat 
  • Furnish a dining area for at least six persons, ideally extendable, with a large umbrella 
  • Design a lounge with an outdoor TV and comfortable furniture to hang out
  • Include an outdoor kitchen
  • Create an outdoor fireplace, if possible

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Contemporary Patio Decor Inspiration

Contemporary patio design inspiration board

The breathtaking image gallery the client provided showcased a variety of contemporary patio designs, most featuring full-size or plunge pools. Each image was carefully selected to highlight specific features, such as the use of natural materials, bold geometric shapes, and luxurious poolside lounging areas. Their sleek, stylish designs also perfectly complemented the modern architecture of the adjacent homes.

Contemporary Patio Ideas & Moodboard

Contemporary patio design by Decorilla
Contemporary patio design by Decorilla

Filling out the design questionnaire, the client provided even more details about their vision. Clearly, they were interested in characteristic, contemporary design ideas for the patio that complemented the overall concept of their property. To bring this vision to life, the Decorilla team presented two designers proficient in patio design who would each provide their take on the client’s wishes. After carefully reviewing their moodboards and ideas, the client selected Nathalie I. as the perfect match for the job.

Contemporary patio design moodboard by Decorilla
Contemporary patio design moodboard by Decorilla

Nathalie’s contemporary plunge pool patio ideas conveyed a space equally cozy, comfortable, and environmentally-conscious. She took into account not only the client’s wishes but also the factors such as sustainability, functionality, and multi-use. Ample seating, fire features, and eco-friendly materials aimed to enhance the quality of outdoor living in every aspect, from leisure to active entertaining.  

Patio With Plunge Pool: Design Solution

Contemporary patio ideas and design by Decorilla
Contemporary patio ideas and design by Decorilla

The final contemporary patio design makes the plunge pool the centerpiece of the layout, both visually and functionally. Such a solution required thoughtful planning, designing, and landscaping, creating a harmonious lounging area as a result. By dedicating ample space and attention to each zone, Nathalie created a relaxing oasis perfect for unwinding after a long day. 

Contemporary patio ideas by Decorilla
Contemporary patio ideas by Decorilla

A thoughtful, substantial layout adds value to the client’s home and impresses guests with its eye-catching design. Apart from a plunge pool, the patio also features a dedicated, clearly distinguished lounge area, dining area, and a covered outdoor kitchen. Each zone comprises comfortable, durable furnishing while incorporating aesthetic elements to create a coherent, visually appealing overall flow. 

Ideas for a patio with plunge pool by Decorilla
Ideas for a patio with a plunge pool by Decorilla

To improve the flow and atmosphere between the entrance and the swimming pool, the designer strategically incorporated a fire pit table as the conversation area centerpiece. Such a selection offers a warm and inviting aesthetic in return, stemming from the idea of a family sitting around the fire. In addition, it enhances the plunge pool patio functionality extending its usage into colder days as well. 

Contemporary Patio Ideas for Outdoor Kitchen & Dining

Contemporary patio decor and outdoor kitchen design by Decorilla
Contemporary patio decor and outdoor kitchen design by Decorilla

Tailoring the contemporary outdoor kitchen layout required meticulous planning and attention to detail. Consequently, the layout is not just about the grill, sink, or storage cabinets. It’s also a fully functional shaded lounge with a small outdoor home cinema. A TV lift allows the screen to swivel in multiple angles for optimal viewing, elevating the entire contemporary patio decor with a sleek and smart solution.

Patio with plunge pool lounge design by Decorilla
Patio with plunge pool lounge design by Decorilla

Considering the location, utility, and climate, Nathalie sourced each element to maximize its role in the overall design. The lounge setup consequently makes a natural extension of the house’s living area. Complementing the comfortable rattan sofas and armchairs, the green velvet throw pillows elevate the overall comfort while also adding a pop of color. Meanwhile, low planters arranged around the seating add an organic touch to accentuate the outdoor experience. 

Plunge pool patio with a dining area designed by Decorilla
Plunge pool patio with a dining area designed by Decorilla

As per the client’s desire, an extendable dining table can fit at least eight people. It’s paired with stylish woven dining chairs, all in durable, weathered gray teak. The setup ensures that everyone will have enough space to enjoy their meal and engage in conversation without feeling crowded or uncomfortable. Moreover, a large cantilever umbrella protects the area from the sun, guaranteeing a delightful backyard dining experience. 

Patio With Plunge Pool Before & After Contemporary Patio Decor

Before (left) and after (right) contemporary patio design by Decorilla
Before (left) and after (right) contemporary patio design by Decorilla

According to the client, the deck was not a very usable space before they started renovating. Nevertheless, with expert design assistance and some creative ideas, the patio with the plunge pool became an inviting, comfortable outdoor sanctuary for spending long summer days and nights. 

Plunge Pool Patio Design Shopping List

Plunge pool patio design shopping list by Decorilla
Plunge pool patio design shopping list by Decorilla

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Contemporary Patio Decor Top Picks

If you wish to spruce up your outdoor living area with some contemporary patio decor, check out a few of our favorite picks:

Plunge pool patio decor top picks by Decorilla
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  3. Gas Grill
  4. Patio Conversation Set
  5. Cantilever Umbrella
  6. Outdoor Dining Set
  7. Fire Pit

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