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Contemporary interior design is like a breath of fresh air. The style is current, chic, and clean. Add cool blue accents and you’re sure to have one of the sleekest properties around. A recent Decorilla client was going for precisely this vibe. Read on to see how the contemporary home interior turned out!

The Challenge: Contemporary Design Style New Build

From scope to budget and beyond – each interior decorating project is unique. It also means that designers need to overcome distinct challenges. For this covetable contemporary interior design to be successful, the decorator had to:

  • Ensure light, bright spaces throughout the home
  • Decorate the interior to complement the exterior and form a cohesive, contemporary design style
  • Use a black and white color palette with lots of blue accents across all rooms
  • Add an air of luxury to the master suite in particular

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Contemporary Decorating Ideas & Inspiration

Contemporary home interior inspiration

When wondering how to find an interior designer or style that’s ideal for you, browse through online portfolios. That’s what this client did and they found plenty of great contemporary home interior ideas. The inspirational images reflected their love of light and airy spaces. Pendant lighting, indoor plants, and smooth lines also kept reappearing. Overall, they wanted a fresh and sleek look.

Contemporary Home Interior Moodboard & Design

Contemporary kitchen design style
Decorilla kitchen and dining design in a contemporary home interior

The client was confident in their preferences and quickly completed the initial steps. After finishing an online quiz and design brief, they had their Decorilla consultation. Then the team used all information to identify two designers perfect for bringing the interior design ideas to life.

Contemporary home interior - moodboard
Decorilla mood board depicting a contemporary design style

Either designer presented a custom moodboard based on the client’s wishes. It was close, but ultimately they liked Wanda’s concept best. Her interpretation of a contemporary design style featured all the must-haves. Pendant lights, clean lines, and warm, neutral tones were present, among neutral palettes and luxe finishes.

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Contemporary Interior Design Results

Contemporary decorating ideas
Contemporary décor style result – Decorilla 3D rendering

Refined taste, skill, and an eye for detail transformed this once empty house into a vibrant home. The work was extensive since it spanned a main and secondary unit. However, the contemporary décor style turned out beautiful throughout. Today, both buildings, interiors, and exteriors form one harmonious entity.

Main House Reveal

Contemporary decorating ideas for an entryway
Contemporary style living room, hallway, and scullery – Decorilla 3D rendering

The main building makes an idyllic family home, as it’s equally fun and functional. It consists of a contemporary-style living room, office, kitchen, dining area, bedrooms, and bathrooms.

Contemporary Monochrome Exterior

Contemporary design style - exterior
Exterior that complements the contemporary home interior – Decorilla 3D rendering

Outside, the main house is a vision of black and white hues. Stacked stone wall cladding adds texture and makes the front entryway pop. All in all, the exterior complements the contemporary home interior well.

Contemporary Décor Style Entryway

Contemporary decorating ideas for a foyer
Contemporary decorating ideas for an entryway – Decorilla 3D rendering

In short, the interior style is clear right from the front door. A contemporary chandelier and carpet are the first décor encountered. These pieces create a sophisticated yet inviting atmosphere. Further down the hallway, a mirror adds depth. The console and indoor plants contribute visual appeal. This is also a practical addition for keys and handbags. 

Contemporary-Style Living Room

Contemporary style living room - Wanda P
Contemporary style living room in a corner – Decorilla 3D rendering

A sectional sofa zones off the contemporary-style living room from the wrap-around hallway. This creates a cozy wind-down area with ample seating, including a built-in bench that doubles as storage. The textured accent wall complements the sofa and picks up tones in the abstract artwork.

Monochrome Kitchen & Dining Room

Contemporary decorating ideas for a kitchen
Contemporary design style kitchen – Decorilla 3D rendering

Grand minimalism perfectly describes the combined kitchen and dining room. Its monochrome color scheme and simple yet elegant furniture have enduring appeal. In the kitchen, the black pendant lights hanging from the white cathedral ceiling certainly make a statement. However, the focal point is the vase with its leafy arrangement, which breathes life into the area.

Contemporary dining room decor style - Wanda P
Kitchen and dining area in a contemporary home interior – Decorilla 3D rendering

Opposite the kitchen is the dining area. Its black marble table ties in with the kitchen’s white marble island, while padded chairs bring a welcome softness. Here, the focal point is the contemporary design style chandelier. It also anchors the contrasting dark furniture below.

Sophisticated Home Office

Contemporary home office interior
Contemporary design style as seen in a home office – Decorilla 3D rendering

The home office is a serene space, ideal for working from home. An indoor plant imbues the room with a pop of color and a sense of liveliness. The area rug fits snugly and brings warmth while also offering texture.

Contemporary decorating ideas for a home office
Contemporary decorating ideas for a home office – Decorilla 3D rendering

A sleek desk stands across from what appears to be a chic but typical cabinet. Its exposed shelves can display books and decorative pieces. Once open, the cabinet reveals a Murphy bed. Having the office double as a contemporary-style guest bedroom is a great space-saver.

Bespoke Bedrooms & Bathrooms

Contemporary home interior
Contemporary style bedrooms and bathrooms – Decorilla 3D rendering

The home features four contemporary-style bedrooms, two en-suites, and two shared bathrooms. These see to residents’ needs while also contributing to the interior’s style.

Master Bedroom Suite

Contemporary style bedroom
Contemporary bedroom decorating for a master suite – Decorilla 3D rendering

In a word, the master bedroom is contemporary bedroom decorating at its finest. A chandelier sparkles above while a textured area rug anchors the plush bed and luxe sitting area below. Other notable touches include an indoor plant and fireplace that make the room come alive.

Contemporary style bathroom - Wanda P
Contemporary style bathroom in a master suite – Decorilla 3D rendering

The en-suite features a symmetric basin set up against a stunning accent wall. However, the highlight of the space is the waterfall shower beneath the skylight.

Coastal Bedroom & En-Suite

Contemporary bedroom decorating - Wanda P
Beach-contemporary style bedroom – Decorilla 3D rendering

Beachy vibes and feminine energy define this bedroom. Its soft wall color is reminiscent of coastal mist and complements the delicate watercolor and gradient artwork. The window bench features nautical striped and palm leaf pillows that add a sense of fun.

Contemporary style bathroom accessories
Beach-style contemporary bathroom accessories – Decorilla 3D rendering

In the en-suite, the contemporary bathroom accessories and colors create a serene ambiance. The wavy tiles and sea foam-like floor stand out. Plenty of textures certainly define the compact bathroom, giving it loads of personality. 

Whimsical Bedroom & Contemporary-Style Bathroom

Contemporary style bedroom decor
Contemporary bedroom decorating for a young boy’s bedroom – Decorilla 3D rendering

By and large, this is any child’s dream bedroom. Together, contemporary bedroom decorating and a robot motif create a whimsical space. It’s also practical with storage for toys and seating for playtime. Moreover, the bed is nice and low for ease of access and spacious enough for the little one to roll around. 

Contemporary style bathroom decorating
Contemporary bathroom accessories and décor – Decorilla 3D rendering

With a separate entrance, the third bathroom is guest-accessible too. However, the presence of a tub makes it ideal for young children. That said, the space is still sleek and stylish as pendant lights and artwork pop against the waterproof wallpaper.

Masculine Beachy Bed & Bath

Contemporary masculine bedroom decorating
Contemporary design style bedroom for a teenager – Decorilla 3D rendering

The final bedroom also has a beach-themed contemporary design style, although more masculine. Darker hues and rough, driftwood-like accents set it apart. The stripes of the accent wall and bedding pair especially well too.

Contemporary bathroom accessories
Masculine contemporary style bathroom – Decorilla 3D rendering

In the accompanying bathroom, the masculine energy and stripe motif continues. Grey-blue tiles give depth while a wooden slat floor and sink base cabinet further increase visual interest.

Contemporary Design Style Cottage

Contemporary cottage home interior - Wanda P
Open-plan contemporary style living room and kitchen – Decorilla 3D rendering

Just because the cottage stands apart from the main home doesn’t mean it’s any less incredible. In fact, its contemporary-style living room, kitchen, bedroom, and bathroom are equally attractive.

Contemporary-Style Living Room & Kitchen

Contemporary decor style for a cottage - Wanda P
Chic contemporary style living room – Decorilla 3D rendering

The living room features a sleek sofa and swivel chair standing opposite each other. Striped throw pillows and abstract art add visual appeal, while a black console pops against the white wall. A distressed blue area rug centers the space.

Contemporary decorating ideas for a cottage kitchen - Wanda P
Kitchen featuring a contemporary décor style – Decorilla 3D rendering

Although compact, the kitchen features all the necessities. Its exposed shelving turns essentials like crockery into display pieces. Additionally, slate grey tiles and an indoor plant create an organic vibe.

Contemporary-Style Bedroom & Bathroom

Contemporary design style for a cottage bedroom - Wanda P
Compact contemporary style bedroom – Decorilla 3D rendering

Like in the contemporary home, the cottage bedroom is comfy and elegant, just smaller. The symmetric layout is pleasing, as are the lighting and colors – all ideal for a good night’s rest.

Contemporary style cottage bathroom
Contemporary bathroom decorating in a compact space – Decorilla 3D rendering

The bathroom design is fresh with plenty of texture due to the tiling. By positioning the shower in the corner, by the window, it also feels roomier than it truly is.

Online Shopping List

Contemporary home interior shopping list
Decorilla contemporary décor style online shopping list

Contemporary home interior design with Decorilla means benefitting from plenty of perks. Furthermore, it also includes detailed shopping lists and exclusive trade discounts. No matter what the style, updating homes has never been easier!

Top Picks for a Contemporary Home Interior

Establishing a new look only requires a few new items. If you liked the look of the project above, consider our top picks for an equally chic contemporary design style.

Contemporary home interior top picks
  1. Table Lamp 
  2. Lounge Cushion 
  3. Photographic Art 
  4. Denim Rug 
  5. Side Table 
  6. Corner Sofa

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