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Ready to give your home a professional makeover but not sure where to start? Finding the right interior designer is crucial to transform your living space to reflect your personality and lifestyle. We’ve simplified the process with a quick guide, crafted by our talented design team, to help you choose the perfect designer or decorator that fits your style and budget. Let’s get started!

How to Find and Choose an Interior Designer – Quick Tips Before Searching

transitional living room - how to find an interior designer
Transitional living room by Decorilla

Before jumping headfirst into finding the right interior designer for your home, there are a few pieces of information you can gather to narrow down your search:

  • Take an interior design style quiz to have a general sense of your preferred style.
  • Know the scope of your project. Not all designers handle all room types.
  • Set an anticipated timeline. This will help you find an interior designer that has the availability to meet your needs.
  • Calculate a budget that you’re comfortable with. An interior designer’s cost can vary greatly, so choose one that works within your price range.

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5 Easy Steps to Find an Interior Designer

How to find an interior designer results - Modern traditional home decor with blue details Lane B
Contemporary home result after finding an interior designer by Decorilla designer, Lane B.

With your list of requirements in hand, you’re now ready to begin your search. Simply follow our easy guide on how to find and choose an interior designer or decorator and you’ll have the home of your dreams in no time!

1. Be Inspired to Find an Interior Designer

Transitional living room design after finding the right interior designer - Decorilla
Contemporary living room design by Decorilla

These days there are so many places to get great design inspiration, such as Pinterest and other social media sites. Not only does gathering inspiration help give a sense of your style, doing so can even lead to you connecting with interior designers near you that create inspiring spaces. In addition online magazines, like Freshome, Apartment Therapy, and Country Living can also help you find incredibly talented interior design leads. However, it is important to remember that many of the names in these publications may charge a premium.

2. Get Matched with Multiple Interior Designers

How to find an interior designer and decorator result of a living room - Michelle B
Mid-century Modern living room design by Decorilla interior designer, Michelle B.

Design is visual. What better way, then, to help determine how to find and choose an interior designer than to see multiple visual proposals beforehand? Having concepts from different designers makes the decision process easier and saves you time since you know you’re both on the same page from the start. A great example of an innovative interior design service is Decorilla. Clients receive multiple design concepts from top interior designers at an affordable flat rate price and designers work with clients who match their style – it’s a win-win situation.

Online interior design services - how it works
find the best interior designer Decorilla proposals
Multiple proposals by Decorilla help clients find the right interior designer
After following a guide on how to choose-an-interior designer it led to stunning bedroom design by Decorilla designer
Contemporary bedroom design by Decorilla designer, Anna Y.
find interior designer near me shopping list
Decorilla color palette & online shipping list

3. Do a Price Check

Traditional glam home office result after finding an interior designer - Decorilla
Traditional glam home office by Decorilla

Find out how the designer charges beforehand. It is good to know what’s behind interior design service prices and understand how fees for interior design services are determined. Getting one flat price helps set expectations and saves money in the long run. Bundled packages of design services often produce the best outcome since it enables the designer to offer all elements that follow a complete design plan based on a client’s needs. A flat rate compared to hourly charges is also helpful in budgeting for your project expenses.

4. Compare Designer Portfolios on Houzz

Find an interior decorator dining room results
Bold dining room design by Decorilla

One of the best tools to find interior design help is Houzz. It’s an online interior design resource focused on decorating and home design, landscape design, and architecture. Houzz allows people to view professional portfolios and find some great inspirational photos for their projects as well.

You can narrow down your search by location and project type, in addition to seeing the types of projects the interior designer has done and the typical budget they work with so you can find an affordable interior designer too.

5. Read Up on Referrals & Reviews to Find Your Ideal Interior Designer

Find a decorator bedroom results - Decorilla
Elegant bedroom design by Decorilla

Last, but most certainty not least, we can’t stress how important it is to do your research. On most interior design websites you can find a section with client reviews. Take a gander at those and see how they make you feel. If you’re left feeling unsure, maybe it’s not the right fit for you. While reviews are great, referrals are even better because they remove the guesswork. You can rest assured you will be working with a professional when someone you know had a great experience with that designer.

Lounge result after finding an interior designer Renata P
Black and white lounge result by Decorilla designer, Renata P.

Finding an interior designer does not have to be an overwhelming and stressful process. Use the pro tips in this how-to guide to help you find the right interior designer and decorator to create the dream home you so deserve.

Need a little help to find the right interior designer or decorator?

Our team of experts can help match you with two perfect interior designers for your space. Schedule a  Free Interior Design Consultation to learn more today!

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